Does Protein Powder Work? (Spoiler: YES, but there's a catch)

How protein shakes work and is it worth drinking at all

In the modern world, the popularity of protein shakes has gone beyond professional sports and bodybuilding. If you work out in the gym or just strive for a dream figure, then at least once thought about preparing a protein drink. Of course, it has a number of benefits for improving the quality of the body, but there are nuances that clearly cannot be called positive. Let's figure out what this elixir is for muscle growth and whether it is worth including it in the diet.

How protein shakes work and is it worth drinking at all

Test. What do you know about protein?

Try to distinguish common myths from real facts.

What are protein shakes?

They can be roughly divided into two types. The former is based on protein powder and is sold in sports nutrition stores. It is a water-soluble protein made from soybeans, egg white and whey. Drinks made with commercially available protein are low in calories. Of course, unless you add a heap of sugar and a handful of ground nuts to them.

The second type is cocktails that can be prepared from the products we are used to that contain a lot of protein. For example, the combination of milk, cottage cheese, eggs and bananas has long been known to fitness enthusiasts.

How protein shakes work and is it worth drinking at all


Benefits of a protein drink for the body

Protein shakes have won the trust of athletes for a reason. It doesn't matter which of the two types you prefer - both bring benefits.

Promote muscle gain

It's no secret that protein is a building material, without which muscle building is impossible. Therefore, protein shakes are usually recommended to drink before and after training. In the first case, along with carbohydrates, in order to stock up on energy before class and make it more effective. And in the second - to quickly restore muscles after physical activity, contributing to their growth.

How protein shakes work and is it worth drinking at all

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Help you lose weight

Many studies have shown that protein drinks boost metabolism. With a fast metabolism, unwanted body fat leaves you more quickly. Of course, it is important to take into account both daily activity and total calorie intake. But in a competent combination, all factors will definitely give a positive result in losing weight.

Give a long feeling of satiety

Protein is absorbed by the body for a longer time than carbohydrates, and lowers blood sugar levels. Therefore, the feeling of fullness after it lasts longer, and the appetite fades. At the same time, protein is not deposited in adipose tissue, which is also good news for those who are losing weight.

How protein shakes work and is it worth drinking at all


Serves as a substitute for unhealthy snacks

When at work or school you suddenly want to eat something It is much more useful to make it with a protein shake, rather than cookies and chocolate bars. However, here the advantage is on the side of powdered drinks. You can always take the purchased protein with you, mix it with water or milk, and the protein snack will be ready. for the shelf life: unlike cottage cheese and milk, powder does not belong to perishable food.

Suitable for vegetarians

Some people simply do not like meat and fish, others take the vegetarian side. In both cases, protein shakes can help you gain your daily protein intake. And if a person considers himself a strict vegan who does not eat all animal products, protein powder is a worthy alternative.

How protein shakes work and is it worth drinking at all

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The main disadvantages of protein

It would seem that the benefits of protein shakes are obvious and undeniable, but it's not so simple. Protein should be taken very carefully, otherwise you can face unpleasant consequences.

Negative effects on liver and kidney function

Protein drinks can replace only one a full meal per day, and at one time you can not consume more than 30 grams of protein. Exceeding the norm puts a lot of stress on the liver and kidneys. If you initially suffer from diseases of these organs, then it is better to refuse purchased sports nutrition altogether.

How protein shakes work and is it worth drinking at all


Risk of eating disorders and allergies

Drinks can cause eating disorders or allergies, as both all-natural shakes and powders contain lactose. If you have an individual intolerance to this component, you should carefully look for supplements that do not contain it.

All the disadvantages that we list below refer to protein powder shakes.

Empty product with flavor enhancers

Pure protein is not the most pleasant product to taste, therefore sweeteners, flavor enhancers and colors are added to it. But the powder is not rich in useful substances: it does not contain vitamins and minerals. Although certain manufacturers still enrich dry protein with useful substances.

High cost

The cost of cans with protein reaches 5 thousand rubles, so the purchase can be far away not every. The only excuse for overpricing is that the product can last for a long time.

How protein shakes work and is it worth drinking at all

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How to choose a quality protein?

If you do If you prefer cocktails based on protein powder, then another important task is to choose the right product. An expert in fitness and nutrition, blogger Tatiana Fedorishcheva , better known as Tanya TGYM , on her instagram recommended to start with a goal, and then make a purchase.

The girl divided the protein into groups according to the processing method:

  • isolate - the purest and most expensive form, which is quickly absorbed and contains maximum protein;
  • concentrate is an inexpensive and less valuable form, but the most popular. It may contain impurities of lactose, carbohydrates and fats up to 60%;
  • hydrolyzate is a form of purified and partially fermented protein. With continued use, the body will reduce the production of enzymes that break down proteins.

The fitness blogger also spoke in detail about the types of protein and explained who each of them is suitable for.

Tatiana: Whey protein is the richest in BCAA amino acids. Ideal for post workout and morning intake as a protein source. Casein protein has a complex structure that takes a long time to digest. Suitable for taking at night to nourish the body with everything it needs. Soy protein is suitable for people with dairy intolerances, for vegans.

How protein shakes work and is it worth drinking at all

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And at the end of the publication, the fitness blogger gave some practical tips to help you not to make a mistake when buying.

  1. Read what is written on the package.
  2. Compare how many grams of protein and how many amino acids are in a serving.
  3. Avoid foods that contain aspartame (E951), acesulfame potassium (E950), sodium cyclamate (E952).

Protein Powder: How to Best Use It For Muscle Growth (4 Things You Need to Know)

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