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How old are these girls? Ageless Taiwan Family Reveals Secret of Eternal Youth

Many women have been looking for the secret of eternal youth for thousands of years. Some find it in folk remedies, others in surgical interventions. And a family from Taiwan, where daughters look 20 years old when in fact they are over 35, and their mother is 30 at 65, have their own rules for maintaining glowing, toned skin.

How the family came to the girls popularity?

The first of the sisters to gain popularity was 43-year-old Luer Xu - an interior designer and blogger. Now the girl's life is closely watched by more than 800 thousand subscribers on Instagram. She just has perfect skin!

After Luer became popular, subscribers found out that the girl has two sisters. It turned out that both they and their mother look as young as Luer. Feifei , for example, is only one year younger, she is 42.

How old are these girls? Ageless Taiwan Family Reveals Secret of Eternal Youth

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The girls have another sister, Sharon , who is 38. It was she who convinced Xu to take part in an entertainment show, which later brought the family fame.

And the girls' mom, who is in the center of the photo, is 65. No wonder no one gives her more than 40.

How old are these girls? Ageless Taiwan Family Reveals Secret of Eternal Youth

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What is the secret of girls' eternal youth?

It may be a matter of genetics, but interior designer Luer does not rely only on her. She sticks to a diet and sports so as not to lose her charming appearance. In addition, according to the girl, most skin problems can be solved by frequent moisturizing.

Luer starts every morning with a cup of coffee without sugar. The girl is sure that by doing so she helps the skin to awaken. The entire Xu family tries to avoid sugar and fatty foods. Luer is a vegetarian and chooses foods high in fiber and protein in her diet. He tries to replace harmful food with fruits and vegetables.

The girl's skin suggests that she doesn't spend much time in the sun. Is it so? To this question in an interview, Xu replied that the sun really dries the skin and accelerates the aging process. And people, livepeople in eternally sunny countries should pay attention to good protection. Luer, for example, puts a special cream on his face before every exit.

How old are these girls? Ageless Taiwan Family Reveals Secret of Eternal Youth

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In Taiwan, women have been called the family of frozen years. Thanks to her older sister, all members of the Xu family became popular. Now they share with their subscribers the secrets of beauty and youth.

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