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How not to indulge in all seriousness and survive May without harming the figure

The elite trainer of the World Class fitness club chain Anton Kotov says:

Russian people love to relax. No sooner had the New Year holidays ended than on February 23, and then on March 8, which marked the long-awaited onset of the spring thaw after a long frosty winter. Spring, however, this year was quite cold and it was not possible to feel it fully, because suddenly, towards the end of April, summer came. So the next vacation has crept up ... May! Long lasting! Almost 2 weeks.

To be honest, there was very little time. For those who go to fitness 2-3 times a week, between the March epic and the May Day I had a chance to visit ... Hmm ... 15-20 workouts. All these short hours - compared to the total length of the period - people worked in fitness clubs to get themselves in order for the onset of the warm season. Everyone wants to look great. We need to post juicy photos on Instagram, Facebook and other social networks so that friends and colleagues admirely like and leave flattering comments that nourish their sense of self-importance, like “Macho!”, “Wow!”, “What a beauty you are!”. For their sake, actually everything is done. Confession. We all wish it so passionately.

How not to indulge in all seriousness and survive May without harming the figure


Follow figure: what to do if kebabs and alcohol still do not pass you by?

Therefore, in the next two weeks, be sure to keep an eye on the figure. After all, danger lies in wait for us at every step. Danger # 1: kebabs are fatty, juicy meat, marinated in some unknown way. All these designer sauces, mayonnaise and other marinade delights contain a burst of calories that will not hesitate to leave an imprint on your sides and stomach. Danger # 2: alcohol is our main enemy of health and beauty ...

Calorie table:

Product Kcal per 100 g / ml
Beer 4,5% 45 kcal
Champagne dry 85 kcal
Red wine 12% 76 kcal
Dry white wine 66 kcal
Cognac 239 kcal
Vodka 235 kcal
Pork kebab without marinade 218 kcal

It doesn't sound so scary, but it's only 100 grams and 100 milliliters, and now calculate how much an average person eats and consumes in good company in nature by the barbecue ...

  • A balanced approach

So, now I’ll tell you what to do in order to prevent temptations from hurting you and blocking all the efforts made during the agonizing movement towards the dream body. So, the most important thing: counting all the calories. It is important to weigh all the foods you eat. In its original form! I recommend carrying your kitchen scale with you. If desired, they can easily fit into a jacket pocket, andwhat bag - for sure. After you have weighed the products, you must immediately write them down to the power meter on your smartphone.

How not to indulge in all seriousness and survive May without harming the figure


  • Workout for fun

And, of course, you have to do it! It's warm outside, so we'll replace the gym with jogging in the park and cycling. I think that every day it will be just right to run ten kilometers, and ride a bike somewhere three times more. Yes, thirty will do ... So stop! Are you serious? In general, it would be nice, I am telling you this as a coach. See how many alternatives.

You can take part in an amateur race, test your strength and combine training and travel in one bottle. We leave for Rosa Khutor and take part in Rosa Run . Details.

Calorie consumption table:

Activity How much can you burn in kcal per hour (average weight is taken - 70 kg)
Running (8 km / h) 485 kcal / hour
Hiking (3.2 km / h) 150 kcal / hour
Walking (4 km / h) 180 kcal / hour
Stroller Walk 151 kcal / hour
Volleyball 255 kcal / hour
Football 450 kcal / hour
Swimming (0.4 km / h) 210 kcal / hour
Jumping rope 540 kcal / hour
Stretch 126 kcal / hour
Table tennis doubles 205 kcal / hour
Badminton (at a moderate pace) 255 kcal / hour
Cycling (9 km / h) 185 kcal / hour
Rollers 310 kcal / hour
How not to indulge in all seriousness and survive May without harming the figure


Motivation. Do I really need these kebabs?

Let's go back to recognition and ideals. Do we really need this? It seems to me that sometimes we forget about why we go to fitness. Beauty is undoubtedly a good reason to start exercising, but you should remember about cause and effect relationships. We try to “fight the symptoms” instead of “cure the disease”. After all, a harmonious figure is primarily associated with a healthy, fully functioning organism. And external forms are only a bonus to the fact that you are in order: both physically and emotionally.

To live so that the body serves you as a confident assistant in moving along your path. That is why there are fitness clubs, stadiums near the house, swimming pools, and in the end, elementary equipment, such as a rope or a hoop, available for everyone to buy. In order to improve the quality of life. Think about how you want to be in terms of your inner aspirations, not external manifestations. And ifand you will really understand that it is important for you to look 10 out of 10, you will find an opportunity to form the lifestyle that will lead to the desired results. And fitness trainers, thanks to their professional knowledge, will help you achieve them in a safe and effective way.

How not to indulge in all seriousness and survive May without harming the figure


An active weekend instead of a bottle of strong and morning hangover

The long-awaited weekend is coming. Such a wonderful time! It's time to take a break from everyday worries and enjoy communication with friends, go for a walk in picturesque parks or along the central streets of the city. Or you can take a small trip to some new place, experience new sensations, inspired by the views and landscapes, and realize that we ourselves are able to expand our horizons. Why not go out of town, to nature, where in the company of loved ones cook meat on the grill, play volleyball on the green lawn and sit by the fire with a guitar after sunset, warming up with the warmth of human feelings.

Do fitness. But let him be a pleasant companion. A means, but not an end. Everything should fit into the schedule easily and naturally, in line with personal values ​​and priorities. Start by imagining who you want to be, and confidently, at a comfortable pace, move towards your goals. Burn damn fat, build muscle, run faster, get stronger, jump higher! And let it be fun. Rejoice as you move towards a better, harmonious life. Fill your world with bright events and emotions, rather than thoughts of how not to gain extra pounds while relaxing.

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