How not to gain weight during pregnancy? Safe workout for expectant mothers

The vast majority of girls care about their appearance and, of course, their figure. But sometimes in life there are moments when it is physically impossible to keep the former figure on the scales: for example, during pregnancy. In this case, weight gain is quite natural, because every day the female body changes and intelligently adjusts to the child. But even during this special period, you can stay in good shape through proper nutrition and exercise. In order to find out how to do it correctly and, most importantly, safely, we talked with the future mother and fitness lover Alisa Borisik .

Alice came to sports not so long ago, about year and a half ago. She did not always follow the figure, and at 20 she weighed 93 kilograms. Then the girl realized that it was necessary to work on her own body, and by the age of 25 she was able to gradually lose weight up to 63 kg. Since then, her active passion for fitness began: Alice could go to the gym five times a week, do cardio and yoga, and also join group programs. At the same time, as progress became visible, she wanted to try more and more new. But eight months ago, Alice and her husband found out that they were waiting for a replenishment in the family. Therefore, the usual way - from diet to training plan - had to be carefully adjusted.

How not to gain weight during pregnancy? Safe workout for expectant mothers


How not to gain weight during pregnancy? Safe workout for expectant mothers

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Nutrition: most girls take these nine months as much as possible

With the onset of pregnancy, many expectant mothers begin to feel changes in their eating habits , since now their body requires food for two. But this does not mean that from now on you can eat everything your heart desires, and even in doubled quantities. According to Alice, in order not to get better during this period, you need to try to follow the principles of proper nutrition and monitor the daily calorie intake.

Alice: Of course, everything is very individual: a lot depends on the body and hormonal levels. There are times when the body itself under stress gains excess water during pregnancy. But most girls take these nine months as everything they can and begin to eat a lot. Because of this, kilograms are gained quickly. It is important to know that the diet should consist of the concept of eating for two, not for two. Even before pregnancy, I followed the diet, so it was easy for me not to leave the regime and eat right. Now I am eight months old and my weight gain is 6.5 kg, which is normal.

How not to gain weight during pregnancy? Safe workout for expectant mothers

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From the very beginning of pregnancy, Alice determined for herself the limits of calories consumed per day. Her body has enough 1500 kcal in order to fit into these numbersboth tasty for yourself and useful for the child. In addition, the girl tries not to eat after 17:00 - such a food schedule can be called intermittent fasting. As Alice herself admits, her favorite meal is breakfast, because during it she can afford whatever she wants: sweet and starchy foods.

The diet of our heroine has changed from the inside. If earlier she preferred to eat protein products (meat, fish, cottage cheese and eggs), now she added more vegetables and soups to the daily menu. True, according to Alice, due to toxicosis in the first three months, it is difficult to understand what the body really wants, so tastes and preferences change throughout pregnancy. Including, there may be a desire to try junk food, and sometimes it is better to follow this addiction in order to pamper yourself.

Alice: If I really wanted to, then I allowed myself to eat fast food , and sweet, but only in the morning and in small amounts: up to 300 grams at a time. Pregnant cheat meal, so to speak! But of course the appointment time and quantity were limited.

How not to gain weight during pregnancy? Safe workout for expectant mothers

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Workout: if you are played sports before pregnancy, you cannot do without it during

There is an opinion that it is better for expectant mothers not to strain at all and give up all kinds of stress, which includes sports. Indeed, doctors strongly recommend eliminating any stress up to 15 weeks. Therefore, in the first trimester, one of the main ones, it is better to devote time only to light walking, so as not to harm the child. And then you can gradually return to your usual, albeit less intense workouts.

Alice: If you played sports before pregnancy, you cannot do without it and during, because the body gets used to to activity. Of course, if there was no physical activity before pregnancy, then it is dangerous to start actively exercising during it. In general, pregnancy is a crucial time in a woman's life, you need to listen to the body and do everything only with the permission of the doctor. Yoga for pregnant women and walking in the fresh air are very useful.

How not to gain weight during pregnancy? Safe workout for expectant mothers


Currently, Alice has completely ruled out heavy strength training with weights. Her desire is aimed at maintaining weight and keeping the body in good shape. The girl tries to devote time every day to cardio training on an ellipse, a treadmill or a bicycle simulator. In addition, she does yoga a couple of times a week and works out with a fitness elastic band, working out the muscles of her arms and legs.

Now Alice does all the exercises at home, but up to self-isolation she continued to go to the gym. And in order to control the level of activity, she monitors the indicators on a special watch. ByAccording to the girl, on average, she burns about 2100 kcal for the whole day.

How not to gain weight during pregnancy? Safe workout for expectant mothers

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Motivation and rest: the main thing is to find your source of energy

For Alice, the strongest motivation is her appearance. Like any girl, she wants to be toned and look good. In addition, on Instagram, she follows athletes who also share their training programs during pregnancy. But still, Alice advises every expectant mother to find her incentive, carefully listening to her own body, and in no case exhaust herself with stress.

Alice: You should always listen to yourself and to the body! To each his own: for some, yoga is suitable, for someone - a pool, for someone - walking in the park. If sports cause pain and discomfort, then I think you shouldn't exhaust yourself. The most important thing during pregnancy is a positive attitude and a good mood. The main thing is to find your energy source.

How not to gain weight during pregnancy? Safe workout for expectant mothers


Safe Workout to Keep Fit During Pregnancy

Alice shared with us a set of effective and safe exercises to help you stay active during pregnancy. To complete the set, you will need a mat, light dumbbells and a fitness band.

Squats with dumbbells and a fitness band

Starting position : standing, legs slightly wider than shoulders, toes slightly apart. Hands hold dumbbells in front of chest, back maintains proper curves.

While inhaling, gently squat down, slightly not bringing the hips to parallel with the floor. At the exit, we return to the starting position. We monitor the position of the back and try to direct the knees towards the toes of the feet.

Oblique lunges with a dumbbell

Starting position: standing, feet slightly shoulder-width apart, hands holding a dumbbell in front of the chest.

Shift your weight to one leg, and the other step back and diagonally towards the supporting leg. At the same time, sit down and straighten your arms with a dumbbell over your head. Return to the starting position and repeat the movements, changing the supporting leg.

Knee push-ups

Starting position: Plank on straight arms leaning on your knees.

Bend your arms in the elbows, keeping them close to the body, lower down, and then return to the starting position. Pregnant women should not do deep push-ups and strive to touch the floor with their breasts - it is enough to do the floor exerciseinu amplitude.

Extending arms to the sides with a fitness elastic band

Starting position: sitting on your knees, arms bent at the elbows at an angle of 90 degrees, palms in front of you.

Having put on a fitness band on both wrists, try to spread your arms to the sides as much as possible and stretch the expander. Work with your forearms first, not your elbows.

How not to gain weight during pregnancy? Safe workout for expectant mothers

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Alternate kneeling arm and leg lifts

Starting position: kneeling, straight arms resting palms on the floor, back keeps the correct curves.

At the same time, lift off the floor and extend your right arm in front of you and your left leg behind. Then return to the starting position and perform the same movements, only with the opposite arm and leg.

Circular movements of the arms with dumbbells

Starting position: standing, feet shoulder-width apart, arms down and holding dumbbells.

Raise the dumbbells in front of your chest, and then spread your arms to the sides and lower them down again. Repeat the circular motion. All this time, the arms should remain straight.

Squats with alternate raising of the knees to the chest

Starting position: standing, legs slightly wider than shoulders, socks are slightly apart. Hands hold a dumbbell in front of chest, back maintains proper curves.

Slowly squat, not bringing the hips to parallel with the floor, and raise the dumbbell overhead. As you come out of the squat, bend your knee and lift it in front of you. Then return to starting position and repeat the same movements using the other leg.

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