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How Khabib loses weight before the fight. Is the victory worth the exhaustion of the body?

On Friday morning, the official weigh-in ceremony took place before UFC 242 in Abu Dhabi. Khabib Nurmagomedov and Dustin Poirier met the 70.3 kg limit and now can not think about weight race. It is known that 2 days before weighing, Khabib needed to lose 6 kg. The fighter managed to cope with this task, he even had 100 g left in stock.

Why should Khabib lose weight?

Before battles, a Dagestani constantly has to lose 8-10 kg, as his weight during the training camp is usually 78-80 kg, in the off-season - 84-88 kg. The maximum weight of Nurmagomedov was recorded in the summer of 2017 - 90 kg.

The trick is that in the 36 hours that pass from weigh-in to the fight, Khabib is gaining his usual weight and due to this he often becomes larger than his opponent and therefore can use this advantage in a duel. For example, during the fight with McGregor, Khabib weighed 79 kg. Conor, on the contrary, had to gain weight in order to get into the Khabib category of featherweight (61 - 66 kg). Nurmagomedov could have competed in another category, but then he would have to compete with larger fighters, otherwise he feels quite comfortable in the status of a lightweight champion and is unlikely to want to change anything.

How it happens. weight loss for Khabib?

2 months before the fight, Khabib gets into shape, trains in the morning, at lunch and in the evening. So he drops the first 4 kg. 20 days before the fight, he goes on a diet, observing the same loads as before. Thus, another 4-5 kg ​​go away.

Khabib's diet: more salad, fruit and water, refusal from carbonated drinks and flour after 7 pm. Meat is excluded from the diet. Preference is given to chicken in small quantities for lunch, as it is quickly digested, and fish.

As the weighing approaches, the amount of water consumed per day increases from 4 to 8 liters. Three days before weighing, Khabib's weight is approximately 76 kg. For each next workout, he tries to lose 1.5 kg. In recent workouts, the emphasis is on physical activity. The Dagestani begins to eat and drink less and less.

36 hours before weighing, Khabib's weight is 74-75 kg. This is where the hardest part of the weight extraction begins - drying. To remove all water from the body, Khabib completely stops eating and drinking.

Khabib is constantly being weighed to control the numbers. Before the fight with McGregor, Nurmagomedov achieved the required parameters only 7 hours before weighing. His condition was terrible, he was vomiting, but by the evening he felt normal.

On Friday, Khabib stood on the scales naked and shook his fists from behind the screen that covered the bottom of his emaciated torso. He's not the first time. INIn 2013, during the weigh-in before the fight with Pat Healy, the Dagestani had to strip naked in order to fit gram in gram in the category and not pay a fine for non-compliance with the limit, which is 20 percent of the fee.

Has Khabib had a bad experience weight races?

In 2017, Khabib was unable to take part in the title fight of UFC 209 with Tony Ferguson due to poor health. A few minutes before the weigh-in, it became clear that Khabib was unable not only to fight, but, in principle, to function normally. When the Dagestani still had a couple of kilograms left to drive, the liquid stopped leaving his body. Khabib said that he was so bad that he does not remember how he drove weight on the last night. As a result, the Dagestani was taken to the hospital. Khabib restored health over the next 7 months.

Is it possible to tighten the rules and not allow fighters to cheat with weight?

Demands to tighten the rules of weight control have been put forward more than once. One way is to have an official weigh-in on the day of the fight so that the weight of the fighter is not so different. This idea is opposed by doctors, who believe that athletes, weakened by the weight racer, can receive serious injuries during the fight.

In addition, such an innovation is unprofitable for the organizers, because if the athlete does not fit into the weight limit a day before the fight , then it can be replaced or agreed to hold a fight in the intermediate weight. In this case, the fight takes place without weight limitation, and no official titles are played. And if a fighter does not fit into the regulations an hour before the fight, it will be too late to change it, and the tournament organizers will lose a lot of money.

This morning, Khabib's father and coach Abdulamanap Nurmagomedov said that his son had already gained 8 kg since the weigh-in. Thus, as expected, at the time of the battle, Khabib will weigh 78-80 kg. We'll find out tonight whether this will help the Dagestani defend his champion title.

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