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How I lost 45 kg and what to do if you also want to lose weight

Losing weight so that it does not come back is often difficult. The author of the YouTube channel Workin 'Things Out knows this firsthand.

Over the years, the man has already managed to lose a considerable amount of kilograms several times, but they always came back. In August 2016, he decided to start a new life and try a new diet - proper nutrition and sports.

He documented his entire journey in vlogs, which only added motivation. You can also watch this almost personal diary on YouTube .


Weight - 112 kg

I don't have a specific plan for where to start. I decided to control my diet and exercise using the app. I'll start with hiking and cycling. I can't run yet - problems with my back begin. But I think if I drop a little, I will continue jogging.

My daily diet includes yogurt, fruits, lean meat, eggs. The portions, however, are still not modest, and the sauces - ketchup and mayonnaise - have not gone anywhere. Vitamins and protein biscuits / bars are plugged into the diet.

Day 10

I decided to try a jog. Not very long, but it looks like I ran a marathon.

Life hack: Most dishes, be it turkey sausages or chicken steaks, are grilled. So oil is not added to them, respectively, the calorie content is reduced.

Gradually, training is also introduced into daily activity. For example, with weights.

One month later

Weight - 103 kg

I have lost more than 20 pounds and am incredibly happy. I'm going to keep doing the same things and eating the same food because it works. I already stopped checking everything in the app because I eat the same thing, but I still check the calories in new foods through it.

I even managed to make a pizza with the right ingredients and get myself a cheat day. Sports nutrition has been added to the diet and to improve training results.

100 days later

Weight - 88 kg

I'm trying to give up coffee. I have a headache and I'm sure it's because of him. But it's hard for me. One part of me says something like: Today is bad weather, you can afford a cup, and the other shouts: No! You're not addicted to caffeine.

The menu contains the same yoghurts, chicken and vegetables. For snacks - protein bars. Take daily walks as cardio.

One Year Later

Prepare to be amazed by incredible transformation and tenacity. For a year of an intensive weight loss program - the minimum number of disruptions, the maximum of hiking and training.

The result was not long in coming. On the scales - minus 45 kilograms. The muscles were clearly visible on the body. The skin, of course, after such transformations, it will not be easy to bring it into a decent look. But we are sure that this can be dealt with. We will follow the updates on the channel.

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