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How does Dwayne Scala Johnson make his millions?

Last week it became known that in 2019 the highest paid actor was Dwayne Scala Johnson, who became famous for his role as Luke Hobbs in the Fast and the Furious franchise. A huge part of the income, which at the end of the year amounted to $ 89.4 million, Johnson brought filming in the films Fast and Furious: Show and Hobbs, Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle and the series Football Players.

We learned what else, besides exhausting work on the set, the life of the Rock Man consists.

Professional wrestling

Not going to wrestling in the case of Dwayne Johnson was almost impossible, because he was born into a family where absolutely everything was dedicated yourself to this sport. His father and grandfather, Rocky Johnson and Peter Maivia, are professional wrestlers, his mother, Ata Maivia, is the promoter of her husband, and his grandmother made a career as a manager in the Polynesian Pacific Pro Wrestling promotion.

Father always took little Duane with him to trainings and competitions. Already from the age of 12, the boy began serious studies under the guidance of Rocky Johnson. However, Dwayne made his debut on the WWF arena only in 1996, when he was 24, and performed under the pseudonym Rocky Maivia.

Not everyone knows that the career of a young wrestler was very difficult at first. By 1997, the audience was tired of the image of the right fighter, and instead of applause, Johnson heard the screams Die, Rocky, die! and Rocky sucks !. A couple of weeks later, he tore his knee tendon and was forced to retire for a while.

How does Dwayne Scala Johnson make his millions?

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How does Dwayne Scala Johnson make his millions?

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When you return, we can make them accept you as Rocky again, or we can make a bad guy out of you. They hate you anyway, is what Johnson heard during a phone call with promoter Vince McMahon. The decision was taken. Returning to the ring, Dwayne picked up the microphone and, amid the rumble of the crowd, addressed the audience: In rings all over the country I heard Rocky shouting - sucks !. I may have many characteristics, but crap isn't one of them.

From that moment on he became Skala and later won the titles of eight-time WWF champion, two-time WCW champion, two-time intercontinental WWF champion and five-time WWF Tag Team Champion. In addition, he became the sixth Triple Crown champion and winner of the Battle Royale in 2000.

Seven Bucks

Johnson has recounted how he once arrived in Florida as a young man andon the way to Tampa, he decided to check how much money was left in his wallet. He could only count $ 7.

Now, in addition to a brilliant acting career and success in wrestling, Dwayne Johnson has a production company with the symbolic name Seven Bucks, which he owns together with his ex-wife Dani Garcia. The company is mainly engaged in the production of films and other television products. Seven Bucks also produces a line of clothing, headphones and other goods - all this in partnership with major market players such as Apple and Ford.

To date, the company has shot 8 films, including the rating pictures Rescuers Malibu, Skyscraper and Rampage, as well as 8 TV series.

The Rock Says ...

By the beginning of the XXI century, Dwayne Johnson managed to plunge into literature. In 2000, he co-authored the autobiographical book The Rock Says ... with journalist Joe Leyden, which became a bestseller according to The New York Times and stayed on the first line of the rankings for several weeks.

Interestingly, the title of the book directly associated with Johnson's manner of communication. During his performances in the ring, Skala always spoke of himself in the third person - Skala speaks….

How does Dwayne Scala Johnson make his millions?

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Once the fate brought Duane to a boy with cancer. Johnson was so impressed by his story that in 2006 he created his own charity, The Rock Foundation, which helps children and teenagers to join a healthy lifestyle.

In addition to actively participating in the work of its own foundation, Scala is the coordinator of the early detection of diabetes program, the ambassador of the American Red Cross organization and the ambassador of the international charity fund Make-A-Wish. The latter organization helps terminally ill children fulfill their desires and dreams.

In addition, the actor himself often visits children's hospitals to communicate with children.


Like anyone, Dwayne Johnson loves to devote time to his hobbies. The Rock does not hide the fact that he is a big fan of cars and can spend a lot of money on them.

Duane bought his first Ford car at the age of 15 for only $ 40, and now his car fleet already has 10 luxury cars. These include the Chevrolet Chevelle, the exclusive Ferrari LaFerrari, the bespoke Ford F-150, the Cadillac Escalade, and more.

Besides, Dwayne is a big animal lover. You can often find pictures of Johnson with dogs or horses on the Internet. He even owns a small livestock breedera food farm located in Virginia. And at home he brings up two French bulldogs - Brutus and Hobbs.

3 More Things You May Not Know About Dwayne Johnson

  • A generic Polynesian tattoo in the traditions of Samoan culture flaunts on the body of the Rock, which contains a life story and personal values.
  • Dwayne Johnson holds a BS in Criminology and Physiology.
  • The Rock is a good friend of Arnold Schwarzenegger.
How does Dwayne Scala Johnson make his millions?

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Rocky Johnson, Legendary Wrestler and Dwayne Johnson's Father, Dead at 75

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