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How do eggs for breakfast help you lose weight? Research scientists

Eggs for breakfast are a fairly popular dish in many countries around the world. This is due to the availability, and the price, and the speed of preparation. Such a small product has a huge number of valuable properties. Moreover, eggs are actively used to lose weight. How it works? Let's tell you now.

How do eggs for breakfast help you lose weight? Research scientists

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How are eggs good for you?

For a long time people worried about the effect of eggs on health. Disputes between adherents and opponents of the product do not subside to this day. Like any other component of the diet, eggs have useful and harmful properties.

The egg is considered the standard of a natural product: it contains the most balanced combination of vitamins, nutrients and trace elements. This entire list of properties brings undeniable benefits to the body. The product provides a number of benefits for our health.

How do eggs for breakfast help you lose weight? Research scientists

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Scientific opinion: eggs really help you lose weight

Eggs are an easily digestible product, therefore they are often recommended for dietary nutrition. They really help you lose weight. The thesis is confirmed by multiple studies of their dietary characteristics. An article by American scientists published in the International Journal of Obesity helps to understand the benefits of eggs. The researchers wondered if overweight people could lose weight twice as fast by combining a low-calorie diet with chicken eggs for breakfast?

How do eggs for breakfast help you lose weight? Research scientists

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152 volunteers took part in the experiment: men and women from 25 to 60 years old with slight overweight or obesity. The people were divided into groups. The first was put on a diet in which breakfast consisted of only two eggs. The second one ate donuts in the mornings, similar in calorie content to two eggs.

The experiment lasted eight weeks, and its results will certainly delight lovers of a protein breakfast. The first group, who ate the egg-based diet, lost 65% more weight than the second. Scientists have shown that eating this product in the morning promotes weight loss when combined with a low-calorie diet. We also learned that breakfast with an egg caused a lot of satiety and significantly reduced the desire to snack between meals.

Pure protein

Egg white is superior to fish and meat. 100 grams of the product contains a whopping 13 grams of pure protein. It helps build muscle, strengthen bones, cope with obesity and improve brain functionand. Thanks to its high content of nutrients,
protein neutralizes inflammation and regulates acid-base balance.

How do eggs for breakfast help you lose weight? Research scientists

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Eggs have increased nutritional value, which makes them an irreplaceable source of energy. Eating them raw helps with recovery from vocal cord injuries. Also, the product normalizes the work of the nervous and cardiovascular systems. The components of eggs help fight external irritants, including the development of cancerous pathologies. And eggs are also good for pregnant women: the high content of vitamins contributes to the normal development of the fetus.

The product is also rich in polyunsaturated fatty acids Omega-3. They help improve brain activity and vision.

How do eggs for breakfast help you lose weight? Research scientists

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The negative effects of eggs on the body

Eggs become harmful when they are consumed in large quantities and without heat treatment. Eating raw eggs increases the risk of contracting salmonella. These are bacteria that cause very real harm to health, they are pathogenic for humans. You can also develop dehydration or kidney failure.

Another extreme of the love of protein foods is the egg diet. She gained popularity due to the fact that it brings fairly quick results in weight loss. In a week, such a diet will help you lose up to five kilograms, but it will bring even more negative consequences, like any other protein diet. Nutritionist and nutritionist Anna Berseneva shared her opinion about their harm to the body on her Instagram:

Anna: Yes, such diets give an external quick result, but to Unfortunately, the price for this effect is too high! Here are some of the very likely effects of diets that are predominantly protein-based. The risk of developing cardiovascular diseases increases, and women are more susceptible to this situation. Dysbacteriosis and disorders of the gastrointestinal tract, because a protein diet limits the intake of foods containing fiber. Metabolic disorders: metabolic processes slow down due to intoxication of the body. The acid-base balance is disturbed, since the decay products poison the environment in the body, creating intoxication, which leads to cell death. The liver tissue is destroyed and the kidneys are seriously affected. This is an additional risk for women! An overload of toxins and decay products, namely nitrogen, which tends to be deposited in the genital tract, creates a risk in the fertilization process. ⠀

How do eggs for breakfast help you lose weight? Research scientists

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It is important to minimize the possibility of bacterial contamination, therefore doctors recommend eating boiled product. It also coststake into account that egg white causes an allergic reaction. This is a fairly common occurrence among children. For example, in the United States, this type of allergy is in second place after the corresponding reaction to peanuts. The main allergen in egg white is albumin. As soon as it enters the digestive system, the body begins to produce antibodies.

How often can you eat eggs?

It is believed that you should not eat eggs regularly, as it harms the cardiovascular system due to the high amount of cholesterol. Indeed, the yolks contain from 200 mg of cholesterol, but numerous studies have not confirmed an increase in its level in the blood of people who regularly ate three whole eggs per day.

Cholesterol in eggs can hardly be called bad. The so-called trans fats are much more harmful in this product. An adult can regularly consume up to two whole eggs a day, but more protein in general can be eaten.

How do eggs for breakfast help you lose weight? Research scientists

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Traditional Medicine Use

Since ancient times, patients with psoriasis, asthma and stomach ulcers have been advised to treat with eggs. The product was recommended as a remedy for dandruff and brittle hair. What are the benefits of eggs for the human body? The fact that he receives all the necessary substances. There are a lot of recipes on the net for both external and internal use. Also, ointments and balms are made from a protein product, and the most inventive - a face mask. Its applications are endless. But we recommend using proven means to fight diseases and be sure to consult with specialists.

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