How MMA Fighters Lose 30 Pounds in 5 Days - How to Cut Weight FAST

How do boxers lose 20 kilograms in a week and why do they do it?

In early April, it became known that the Russian boxer Murat Gassiev is moving into the heavyweight division. According to the coach, the former WBA and IBF world champion in the first heavyweight division will be ready to enter the ring in June this year. The transition occurred not only because of the signed contract with the promotion company Matchroom Boxing, but also because of problems with weight reduction before the last fight.

The fight took place last summer, won by Alexander Usik and became the undisputed world champion in the first heavyweight division. According to the Russian, it was the most difficult weight cut in his career for him, shortly before weighing in, he needed to lose one and a half kilograms. We have collected the cutting methods that martial artists use to make weight.

Why do you need to cut weight?

Representatives of many martial arts do not compete in their weight category. This means that during combat, they can weigh more than the rules allow. Most often, weigh-in takes place no later than a day before the fight, so many fighters lose weight during the week to enter the necessary limits, and then gain weight back in the time remaining before the fight. Already during the fight, the athlete becomes more powerful than his opponent, which allows him to gain an advantage. Considering that some fighters cut up to 20 kilograms, the advantage can be very impressive, but it is important to remember that such shenanigans have a strong effect on health.

How does weight cut work?

To weight cut usually they start a week before weighing, first of all, the athlete goes on a rigid diet, begins to drink a large amount of water. It is necessary to exclude salt and sugar from the diet, since they retain fluid in the body, and during this period, the athlete must minimize the intake of carbohydrates, for the same reason. As the athletes themselves note, during this period they eat mainly salads and fruits, completely exclude meat from the diet. It is important to eat something that is quickly digested, so that the excess does not linger in the body, which will make it heavier. The amount of water consumed during the week also gradually decreases, and on the day of weigh-in, the fighter does not use anything at all. During this week, excess fluid leaves the body, but muscle mass is completely preserved. The number of training sessions during this period is reduced to a minimum.

In cases of more aggressive weight races, athletes use diuretics, exercise in thermal suits, remove excess fluid in a sauna or in a bath with salt.

Usually, after such procedures, droppers with saline are used to replenish the water-salt balance.

As with are fighting organizations fighting this?

Due to the fact that weight manipulation is harmful to the health of thertsmen, some promotions began to fight aggressive weight races. For several years now, UFC fighters have been banned from using saline droppers, including because they can be used to hide traces of doping. Anti-doping agencies have included many diuretics on the list of prohibited drugs.

While the UFC periodically talks about intermediate weighings, other organizations are already actively introducing them. For example, the Singaporean promotion of One Championship obliged fighters to be weighed two months before the fight, then every next week, also several times during the week before the fight and directly on the day of the fight. The changes were adopted after one of the athletes went to the hospital from the weigh-in ceremony, where he later died.

The WBC and IBF boxing organizations obliged the fighters to weigh themselves on the day of signing the contract for the fight, one month before the fight, for two weeks, a week before the fight. Thus, they showed the rest of the organizations that for such innovations it is not at all necessary to wait until a tragedy occurs.

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