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How did the singer Adele manage to lose 40 kg? She did it for her son

Fans love the British singer Adele for her enchanting strong voice that penetrates to the core. And now, in addition, everyone began to admire her new fit figure. The girl has been in the body all her life, and it seems that this did not bother her at all. But a few months ago, she decided to change and began to lose weight. We tell you what was the reason and how the artist was able to get rid of 40 kilograms.

Why did Adele decide to lose weight?

Glory came to the singer in 2008, and she almost immediately became categorical protect their non-standard forms. Even when the contracts were signed, everyone in the music business knew that if someone dared to say that I needed to lose weight, they would definitely not work with me. I am not a product, no one will turn me into it. My weight has nothing to do with my career, - Adele boldly declared.

However, last fall, she still drastically changed her life, and recently put the result of colossal work on public display. The last photo on Instagram shows how the singer's figure has been greatly transformed. What made her change her mind?

How did the singer Adele manage to lose 40 kg? She did it for her son

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Naturally, it has nothing to do with a career. To anyone, but Adele does not have to complain about the lack of demand, popularity and recognition. The singer did not have any complexes about extra pounds. Adele herself has not yet spoken publicly on the topic of losing weight, but the British press has already found out through sources that pushed the girl to such a step.

Now the most important thing in the singer's life is her seven-year-old son Angelo, and for his sake Adele changed her image life. Everyone sees only the transformation of the figure, but, in fact, everything is much more complicated there. Her health worsened, and she realized that something needed to be changed. She wants to stay healthy for her son. Adele focuses on improving her health, treating her body more correctly. It was not at all about losing weight, it was only an additional effect after she cut down on alcohol and began to eat right. But she is also pleased with the transformation of her figure. She has become more confident, began to dress differently and generally looks happier than before, ”The People quoted an anonymous source as saying.

It can be assumed that the new appearance helps Adele to cope with the experiences in her personal life: a year ago she broke up with her husband. They say that now the artist has already overcome this difficult stage and found harmony. As always, music helps her in this: soonthe vice should present new songs to the public.

How did the singer Adele manage to lose 40 kg? She did it for her son

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How did Adele manage to lose 40 kilograms?

The first reports that Adele changed her diet plan and began to train hard appeared in the summer 2019. She did it before, but the simulators made her bored. Basically, I just grunt, training does not give me pleasure, '' she said in 2016. But even then, the star was ready for a lot for the sake of her son: she reduced sugar consumption, quit smoking. I loved to smoke, but if I died of an illness caused by smoking, it would break my son's heart. Not cool at all.

Around the same time, Adele met a fashionable sirtfood diet, which we have already described in detail at the Championship. It is a nutritional program that focuses on foods that activate the body's production of sirtuins. They regulate the aging process, speed up metabolism, burn fat and suppress appetite. You don't have to starve on such a diet, you can even drink red wine and eat dark chocolate, and it has a positive effect on the state of the nervous system.

How did the singer Adele manage to lose 40 kg? She did it for her son

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Adele has really lost some weight in previous years, because in 2008- m she was a real plump! But, obviously, she got down to business seriously only in 2019, and now the total weight loss has already reached 40 kg.

I don't think she really likes to work out, but she changed her lifestyle. She works out, but 90% of her weight loss is a diet that helps her lose weight. The first week was especially tense, when you have to drink green juices and consume only 1000 calories per day. Now she looks not thin, but gorgeous! - says former trainer Adele Camila Goudis.

In addition to proper nutrition, Adele began to train hard. She met Goodies a couple of years ago in Los Angeles, when she was studying with the wife of Robin Williams and the singer's best friend Aida. The girl joined the classes and gradually got involved.

When she first came to the training, I didn't know who she was. Later I thought that she looked like Adele. She completely changed her lifestyle, - says Camila.

Adele bypasses gyms, preferring to work out at home. According to rumors, famous trainers help her in this: Joe Weeks and Dalton Wong. The first is famous for its 15-minute workouts and the fact that during the epidemic, it conducts daily online classes for everyone on YouTube. Dalton also works with another friend of Adele, Jennifer Lawrence. Adele works in secret with these two coaches. She has made impressive progress over the past six months, and this cannot be overlooked, - quotes the source Cosmopolitain.

How did the singer Adele manage to lose 40 kg? She did it for her son

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US Weekly reports that Adele works out three hours per hour in Week. Classes include cardio, circuit training, and Pilates. She also likes to pull dumbbells. She found a program that suits her, and she enjoys working more and more, ”the source says.

Adele's transformation was first noticed in the fall, when she posted a photo with the caption: I used to cry, but now I sweat. It seems that now the artist's life has sparkled with new colors and she became ready for new achievements. She has already achieved one thing - she has shown that it is never too late to start taking care of yourself, and that with proper motivation, you can achieve a lot.

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