71 year-old Grandmother Jeannie Rice Just Broke A Half-marathon World Record (Inspirational)!

How did a 71-year-old grandmother break the world record in a half marathon?

Are you saying that you are too old for sports? What do you say if we say that a 71-year-old grandmother recently broke the world record in a half marathon? But that's not all - she is now preparing for Berlin, where she hopes to improve the world record for her age group.

What you need to know about a runner?

  • 71-year-old Ginny Rice finished 1:37:07 am in the Akron Half Marathon on August 10, setting a world record for her age group.
  • Rice already holds the world record for her age group in the marathon, which she set last October in Chicago. Then she covered the distance in 3:27:50.
How did a 71-year-old grandmother break the world record in a half marathon?

Ginny Rice at the Chicago Marathon

Photo: chicagomarathon.com

With this current result, Rice surpasses the previous world record for women 70+ - 1:37:38, set by Lavinia Petri of Australia in 2014. Ginny realized that she had a chance to cross that line when she saw on her watch that she ran the 11th mile in 7:01. Thanks to this lightning-fast acceleration, the average time per mile over the entire distance (13.1 miles) was 7:25, which gave her a more than 30 seconds improvement in the record.

For the runner, finishing with a record time was the climax several months of hard training and repeated attempts close in time. Running 50-60 miles a week, she tried to reach the finish line faster than anyone else in January in a half marathon in Naples, Florida, where she lived for six months. The moisture on the coast of the Bay affected Ginny, and she finished with a time of 1:38:42. She lacked more than a minute to reach the world record, nevertheless, it was the best result in America.

In February, Rice competed in the Fort Myers half marathon, where she crossed the line in 1:36:16, but, by Unfortunately, records on this non-certified track cannot be recorded. Just weeks after finishing second in her age group at the Boston Marathon, Rice made her third attempt to break the half marathon record, covering the distance in 1:39:41 on the hilly course of the Pittsburgh Half Marathon. The day before the race in Akron, the woman was driving along the track and was worried that the hills would significantly slow her down.

Her maximum capacity was more than enough, since it was this fourth attempt by Rice that was the most successful. For days, Ginny stared at the previous world record numbers written on a piece of paper taped to her refrigerator, and now she can finally be proud to beat it.

How did a 71-year-old grandmother break the world record in a half marathon?

Ginny Rice

Photo: http://facebook.com/gulfcoastrunners

Ginny's there are those who are truly proud of their grandmother - two teenage granddaughters. At the age of 35, she mastered running to lose weight. is heand explains her success by the fact that she never had an injury, and recent achievements - long training, which increased her average speed to the mile in 8: 10-15.

Now she works as a realtor, and already the day after the marathon, she went to the service in heels.

With two world records, Ginny Rice focuses her efforts on improving her results. Her first attempt to break her own record will take place at the Berlin Marathon on September 29. She also plans to run a marathon in Thailand, as well as the Tokyo and Boston marathons in 2020.

71-Year-Old Runner Proves Age Is Just a Number at Half Marathon

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