How Beckham bought Inter Miami and what awaits fans after his MLS debut

When the world did not yet know about the abilities of Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi, David Beckham caused a standing ovation in large stadiums. This man not only transformed football with technical play, but also gave him style. Beckham became the first footballer to make his name a celebrity in show business. And recently his own club, Inter Miami, made its debut in the MLS. Here's how the Englishman managed to make a name for himself in the American Football League and what awaits the fans of the club in the near future.

What did Beckham do before buying Inter Miami?

In addition to playing on the field, David always interested in show business. According to most football fans, it was the marriage to Victoria Adams, vocalist of the pop group Spice Girls, that paved the way for Beckham to the carpet of social events.

The happy union also had opponents. For example, the head coach of Manchester United Alex Ferguson.

After moving to Real Madrid in 2003, the name of the ex-footballer became a brand. The Englishman began appearing in commercials, taking pictures for magazine covers and building a reputation as a real star. In the same year, Beckham signed a $ 160.8 million lifetime deal with adidas.

In 2007, David flew to the US to represent the Los Angeles Galaxy. Then the athlete came to grips with advertising. On it, he could earn $ 2 thousand every hour. What brands Beckham did not advertise: from Samsung and The Walt Disney Company to Pepsi and Burger King. By the way, within the framework of cooperation with the H&M brand, David launched his own clothing line.

Many might think that the ex-footballer saw nothing but money around him. But this is not the case. He still spends a lot of money on charity. And speaking for the French PSG, the Englishman refused to pay royalties at all.

How Beckham bought Inter Miami and what awaits fans after his MLS debut

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How Beckham bought Inter Miami and what awaits fans after his MLS debut

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Introducing an athlete to the MLS

When a football player ends his career, he almost always tries himself in the profession of a coach. However, David went even further. He became the owner of the American club Inter Miami.

When the Englishman announced his retirement in 2013 year, MLS held talks with Beckham's advisors about a potential acquisition of the franchise. OutThe athlete's initial contract, signed with the league in 2007, included an option to purchase a new league franchise at a discounted price of $ 25 million.

Miami Beckham United's grand plans

In February 2014, MLS announced that Beckham had used an option contract. Bolivian billionaire Marcelo Klaure and British producer Simon Fuller became the business partners of the ex-football player. Their investment group is named Miami Beckham United.

The company is already making ambitious plans for the future ... She is going to build a state-of-the-art complex Miami Freedom Park. The entrepreneurs want to create dozens of natural academy fields there that will be accessible to all residents and visitors of the state. In addition, the park will house a hotel, restaurants, cafes, a shopping center and a new stadium.

The approximate cost of everything planned is about a billion dollars. And this is without counting on the Inter Miami team itself: players, coaching staff and managers. It seems that Beckham's club in pink and black is doomed to become the most fashionable in the league.

By the way, at Inter's debut match, Beckham was in a suit made to order by the Purple Label. This is the prestigious line of Ralph Lauren. The designer sewed a black suit from Italian gabardine with the club logo for Bex. The letter M also flaunts on the tie

How Beckham bought Inter Miami and what awaits fans after his MLS debut

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How Beckham bought Inter Miami and what awaits fans after his MLS debut

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Sky-high transfers: who can join the club Beckham? ” Despite the fact that the team will start performing only next season, Inter Miami already has more than 250 thousand subscribers on Instagram.

There are a lot of rumors about future transfers. On the short list are such powerful players as Antoine Griezmann, Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi. By the way, the Juventus striker has already spoken out about a possible career overseas.

Just imagine what kind of story awaits all football fans if Messi and Ronaldo become teammates in the near future.

How the new one will look like Inter Miami stadium?

Now David Beckham's team has already played several matches in the championship. So far, however, all meetings are being held at the temporary stadium. By 2022, the club's management plans to open its own 25,000-seat arena. It is planned to develop infrastructure around it so that there can beo spend time with the whole family.

The design of the stadium was presented last April - it was an aesthetic delight. Beautiful, stylish, original. The home arena of the team will become part of a huge complex, where there will be a place for both commercial fields and football fields with a public park.

How Beckham bought Inter Miami and what awaits fans after his MLS debut

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