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Horizontal bar instead of medicine. How Hannibal King became king of workout

Millions of people around the world are equal to the workout guru with the big name Hannibal Four King, but the king of the horizontal bar himself never aspired to popularity. For more than 20 years, he has been improving his skills every day, throwing himself ever new tough challenges. And the real glory came to Hannibal after 30. Once someone posted videos of his amazing workouts on YouTube, deciding that the world should know how cool this man is. The world knew and was delighted.

Training without a goal

A dark-skinned guy from New York's Queens district owes his unusual name to the great African commander Hannibal. From childhood, the father taught his sons to sports. The youngest, Hannibal, boxed and played American football, but the coaches did not see the boy's great talent. His love for horizontal bars did not appear immediately either. The older brother became addicted to exercise in the fresh air, serving time in prison, and after his release, he retained a useful habit and began to introduce Hannibal to training. The workout guru recalls that at first he practiced through strength, but gradually got involved and could no longer live a day without push-ups and pull-ups.

After some time, my brother stopped studying, but for Hannibal it didn't matter anymore. The hobby for training on the horizontal bar and parallel bars absorbed the guy so much that he dropped out of school and focused entirely on sports. At the same time, he did not set himself any professional goals, but simply did an exhausting one and a half hour workout two or three times a day.

From Homeless Shelter to Global Glory

For almost 10 years, Hannibal lived on unemployment benefits and often slept in homeless shelters. The short, lean athlete preferred to train alone and did not want to compete with anyone but himself. According to Hannibal, street training helped him cope with depression and find inner peace. He trained in any weather and believed that the horizontal bar is the best medicine for any disease. Every day the guy challenged himself and became stronger and more resilient than he was yesterday.
At the same time, the pseudonym Four King was added to the name Hannibal, in which the athlete encrypted the endless striving for perfection.

Horizontal bar instead of medicine. How Hannibal King became king of workout

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Gradually to standard exercises - pull-ups, push-ups from the uneven bars and from the floor - more and more complex elements were added, including from gymnastics. Hannibal fundamentally did not careXia weightlifting and did not go on diets to gain weight, but years of daily training on the horizontal bar made his body phenomenally pumped. Without knowing it, Hannibal Four King became one of the founders of street workout and calisthenics - the direction of training with your own body weight without a barbell and simulators.

Rumors of an unusual athlete were spreading all over New York, and dozens of people gathered to watch his training. Nevertheless, Hannibal still did not monetize his talent in any way and at the age of 29 did not have a penny in his heart. That all changed thanks to his buddy, who filmed Four King's workout on video and posted it on YouTube. Hannibal's exercises and the results he achieved made a huge impression on users, and the little-known African-American turnstile instantly gained hundreds of thousands of followers in different parts of the world.

Horizontal bar instead of medicine. How Hannibal King became king of workout

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The principles of training the world workout

For King training is considered a tough test for anyone workout masters. Practicing an average of 3 hours a day, seven days a week for more than 20 years, Hannibal mastered the most complex elements and brought the technique of their execution to the ideal. A man prefers circular training, in which he does 10-15 repetitions of each exercise. At the same time, the number of laps is not limited - Hannibal trains for wear and works continuously for at least an hour. For such a workout, he performs :

  • 275 push-ups;
  • 70 reverse grip pull-ups;
  • 70 pull-ups on the horizontal bar with a straight grip;
  • 165 dips.

Between the circles, the athlete improvises, performing more complex exercises, for example, various hangs and exits.

For beginners, Hannibal King advises to focus on basic exercises. His entry-level training session looks like this:

  • 5 pull-ups on the horizontal bar;
  • 10 push-ups;
  • 5 dips.

This cycle should also be performed for an hour.

What is Hannibal Fore King doing now?

Despite the collapsing popularity, Hannibal Fore King remained true to his philosophy ... In 2012, videos with his participation received more than 20 million views. The unofficial title of the king of street workout helped Hannibal improve his financial situation. He began to travel to seminars all over the world, givinggive private lessons and advertise famous brands. Now one of the founders of the workout is 42 years old, he lives in his own house in New York and takes an active part in raising four children.

Hannibal still trains daily and is in great shape. And even though new stars have lit up in the sky of street training, and Four King is increasingly called the grandfather of the workout, this strong-willed athlete with an unusual name has already taken his place in history.

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