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Horizontal bar games. Exercises for those who want to compete with friends

The news about the lifting of restrictions was perceived by the people with relief. But, although this joyful event happened a couple of weeks ago, some fitness centers are still not working. And not everyone wants to return to the halls for fear of getting infected. The situation forces sports fans to train in the old fashioned way - in the yard on the site. The horizontal bar still serves as an integral sports equipment. Today we will not talk about useful exercises, we will talk about entertainments in which the crossbar will help us.

Not so long ago, we wrote about the worker Anton Marchuk , who, as part of the challenge, did 200 push-ups each day. With its help, we will tell you about playing on the horizontal bars.

Horizontal bar games. Exercises for those who want to compete with friends

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Ladder is considered one of the most popular games on the crossbar. Participants choose the number of repetitions to be performed in turn. As soon as all participants cope with the goal, a new number is set, then another round of repetitions occurs. If the participant does not cope with the required number of repetitions, he loses and is eliminated from the fight.


The game is pretty simple. The participant shows the exercise on the apparatus, which must be repeated by each subsequent player. If it fails - minus point. Each participant has three attempts per exercise. As soon as five penalty points are accumulated, the player loses and leaves the competition.

Horizontal bar games. Exercises for those who want to compete with friends

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Heads or Tails

In this game you need a coin. Each of the participants must complete a certain element, but which one, she decides. The player chooses the side of the coin and the exercise they would like to complete. The opponent does the same. For example, you have guessed the horizon, and your opponent is the sun. If the coin falls on the side you want - do your exercise, no - exercise your opponent. As soon as the exercise fails a certain number of times, the game ends.

Team spirit

Team play, most often 2x2 or 3x3. Participants take their starting position on the horizontal bar. Once the competition begins, players cannot jump off the sports equipment. Edinstvenous - you can rearrange your hands. The teams name the exercise one by one, then everyone must repeat it. The winner is the team whose member is the last to hang on the bar.

Horizontal bar games. Exercises for those who want to compete with friends

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Static B.A.R.Z

B.A.R.Z is very similar to custom-made according to the rules. The competitor must choose an element that the opponent will repeat. But! In this game, you can call only static exercises on the horizontal bar, that is, you are limited in your choice. Unable to complete the specified exercise - the player receives a letter. As soon as the word B.A.R.Z is typed, the participant loses and is eliminated. It is worth noting that this game has a smaller range of exercise choices, and the competition continues up to four mistakes.

You can and should try to diversify your workouts. Connect your friends more often, arrange competitions in pull-ups, push-ups or burpees. The main thing is that at this pace you will see the long-awaited result much faster, and you will also have a great time.

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