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His Air is Michael Jordan. 5 rules of a basketball legend

We are told: Michael Jordan . We hear: Legend. That's the whole point.

At the beginning of his journey, he was just Michael Jordan, an ordinary teenager from North Carolina with a dim future; after leaving school, he reflected on a career in the Air Force. The beginning of the 80s turned into his transformation into Michael, the archangel of basketball rings. Not so long ago, the book by Roland Lazenby “Michael Jordan. His air ”, shedding light on the dark and not fully explored sides of the legendary basketball player's personality. In our material, we have collected five rules that Jordan adheres to in his life to this day. In them he is all: his irrepressibility, thirst for victory and desire to live at the limit of his capabilities.

From the book : “Professional basketball has always struggled with its unsightly image: adult men run around the court in something a lot like underwear. But Jordan rose above it all. ”

All or Nothing

Sports Psychologist George Mumford was stunned to see for the first time how energetic 32-year-old Jordan was at workouts. The psychologist heard about Michael's huge appetite and that he slept very little, and therefore, just starting to work at the Bulls, he immediately suspected that the main star of the team had manic-depressive syndrome or bipolar disorder, or maybe even and more at once.

From the book : “He was on a rampage, his hyperenergy was everywhere,” Mumford recalls that training session. - I thought: “He just won't be able to withstand this for a long time.”

In the following time, Mumford watched Jordan for a long time, hoping to see signs of depression in him after the end of his hectic activity. But after studying Michael's behavior, the doctor realized that excitement and an incredible desire to fight were simply characteristic features of the player's behavior.

Compete and Win

Jordan spent most of his early career finding a way to tame these talents of his and learn how to use them for the good of the team, because, among other things, he desperately needed victories. And if at first the audience drew attention to him because of his “flight”, then later it was something else that allowed him to keep her eyes on him - an incredible thirst for struggle and victories.

From the book :“ In matches, he was always in the very epicenter of the hurricane, ”Mumford said. “The more madness and chaos was around, the more calm he became.”

Remaining a mystery

Jordan will never be fully understood and understood by us. This awareness fell like a stone on his fans in 2009, when Michael, giving his speech at the ceremony of his induction into the Basketball Hall of Fame, sharply criticized so many significant people in his career, including the team coachs University of North Carolina Dean Smith. Former colleagues, sports commentators, fans all expressed surprise and discontent with Jordan's statements. He turned out not to be who they thought he was all these years, during which his image was so impeccable.

From the book : “Michael Jordan will forever remain a mystery man. Then in 2009 they thought they knew him. They were wrong. ”

Take every chance

Jordan has always received a lot of offers and contracts during the offseason. From the book: “When I first heard the words“ Air Jordan ”from Phil Knight ( founder of Nike. - Championship note ), I laughed,” the legendary basketball player said in one of his interviews. But in less than three years, the brand has become an unprecedented marketing unit, with some sales of sneakers and other products its collaboration with the Nike brand earned over $ 165 million.

From the book :“ At first I thought it was someone’s pipe fantasy, ”Jordan said, recalling his first reaction to the launch own line of sneakers. “But now this brand has grown to a much larger size than before. The numbers are amazing. ”

Always in the game

After completing his professional career and becoming the owner of the basketball team Charlotte Bobcats, Jordan hired his old friend Charles Oakley as assistant coach.

From the book: “He's a good guy,” Oakley said of Jordan one time after another defeat, adding that modern NBA basketball players are spoiled crybabies who have no idea what it means to shut up , grit your teeth and work. Jordan smiled at the witness of this monologue, and then quipped, saying that if Oakley can do 10 rebounds per game, then he can come back and start hammering in packs.

Already in 2010, Michael Jordan was well aware that once again he had embarked on a long and winding path to success, leading the NBA team from a small market - on this bumpy road respect had to be earned gradually, step by step.

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