High accuracy of the game: how to learn to control the ball in football

The second week of online football training has come to an end at the Championship. During this time, we managed to conduct two more classes in live broadcast format on the official page in VKontakte. And if until now you did not know about the existence of cool trainings for fans of ball games, then rather join them on Tuesdays and Fridays, from 11:00, and find past sessions in the community videos.

High accuracy of the game: how to learn to control the ball in football

How to train football skills in self-isolation? We find a way out together with the coach

The championship will help improve the quality of the game at home.

We continue to understand the intricacies of football technology together with the coach of our program and the instructor of FC Chertanovo Dmitry Karpov . Today he will tell you in detail how to learn to feel the ball, handle it correctly and start juggling it.

Handling the ball and juggling: how are they useful in the game?

These two workouts were specially conducted at one week, as they complement each other. We tried to talk about the basic skills of handling the ball, passing and juggling. Even a beginner can connect to such lessons without any problems.

Juggling the ball helps to develop dexterity, the feeling of the ball, the ability to control it and control it. Such qualities as strength, accuracy of strikes and passes, speed and lightness of legs also increase. And handling the ball and passing are generally basic skills in playing football. Therefore, if an athlete wants to progress, he must definitely start learning from them.

But before starting the session, it is imperative to warm up. It is necessary to prepare for training the whole body. As a result of an increase in body temperature and warming up of muscles, metabolism is activated, the state of the cardiovascular and respiratory systems changes for the better, and the performance of muscles increases. Before football training, it is imperative to strengthen the ankles and muscles of the hips.

High accuracy of the game: how to learn to control the ball in football

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Passing and accurate shot at home: what is needed for this and how not to make a mistake?

First of all it is important to realize how valuable processing skill is. This is the ability to prepare the ball for subsequent action, such as passing or hitting. In football, this is one of the most important skills. All famous players are renowned for their excellent handling technique. Such a close intimate connection with the ball can only be achieved through many hours of repetition and training.

Improving skills not on the field, but at home is also quite realistic. Moreover, you can handle the ball on the spot, in motion,the inside and outside of the foot. To perform the exercises correctly, you need to focus on the quality of the ball with the ankle. He must be fixed and ready to handle the ball with different strengths.

However, there are mistakes in training, especially in independent training. The most common of them is receiving the ball on the spot and on straight legs. It is better to avoid this, because a football player must be flexible, move and calculate the strength of the ball. To be ready for different broadcasts, it is important to immediately assess with what force and torsion the broadcast is going.

High accuracy of the game: how to learn to control the ball in football


Of course, in words, it all sounds as if at home, especially without a companion or team, classes would be incomplete. But this is not the case. If you don't have a partner, the wall will give you the chance to train skills anytime and for as long as you like. Just stand in front of her at a distance of about 3-5 meters and hit the ball. After the rebound, catch and handle. This exercise gives you the opportunity to work simultaneously on hitting and handling. When you feel confident, start training both legs, try to raise the ball higher and increase the speed, for this move towards it.

In addition, at home it is good to concentrate on performing different hits, but focus not on strength. but on the correct position of the ankle. You can put cones or a chair and try to hit a certain number of ten times by lifting. It is important to fix the ankle and work out the insteps, inside and outside of the foot.

The timing of this training depends on your football goals and capabilities. You need to spend a lot of time on basic exercises so that the skill gains momentum and you progress. A standard session lasts 1.5-2 hours with small pauses and a good pace. This will definitely bear fruit, it is only important not to be distracted by external factors.

High accuracy of the game: how to learn to control the ball in football

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Developing control: how to learn to juggle the ball?

Juggling the ball in soccer is an exercise , in which the whole body is involved, except for the hands. It develops ball feel and control. Last week we took apart juggling with two legs, worked separately with the hips, inside and outside of the foot, and also connected the head.

During juggling exercises, the body must be ready for a smooth pass so that the ball is under control. The toe at this moment necessarily looks up so that the projectile rotates and returns to us. The leg does not dangle and does not make sudden movements. The most important thing in training is to concentrate on smooth gears.e and be ready to make the next pass with your feet.

The length of the juggling session is directly up to you. Here the interest lies in the number of stuffing a football player has. For example, in the exercise we studied, you could set a problem to score 50 times. To do this, start small: let's say 15 times, then go to 20. And as soon as the technique of touching the ball improves, we move to new indicators - 100-150 times. You also need to develop juggling in motion. I think an hour and a half will be enough to complete the tasks.

High accuracy of the game: how to learn to control the ball in football

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Training frequency and recovery

Ball juggling can be practiced before each workout at the very beginning, it will take 10-15 minutes, or you can work in couple. But handling the ball and passing are important elements, so at least 2-3 sessions per week need to be completely devoted to these skills.

Do not forget that after each workout you need to cool down. It is good to add a contrast shower or foot bath and plenty of drinking water to it. Of course, good nutrition and sleep are important too.

High accuracy of the game: how to learn to control the ball in football


The program that we have studied with you has an introductory course. It is mainly created for beginners, but also a professional can discover something new. Progress in football is easy to track: as soon as an athlete understands and sees improvement, it's time to go to the next level - start working in a team or as a couple.

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