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Hi, my name is Dima and I'm fat. How to pull yourself together and lose weight?

Hi, my name is Dima, and I'm fat, - I would say if I were sitting in a circle of the same guys, like the hero of an American comedy. But with every kilogram I gained, I felt less like laughing, especially when approaching a scale or a mirror. I am 28 years old and have worked in the sports industry all my adult life. Having seen enough athletes, I never thought that I could put my body in the same order. Not completely sure now, but sports experts have a different opinion. So, from today I am part of an adventure called losing weight by summer - once and for all.

This is an editorial project Championship.Lifestyle, within which I and the beautiful girl Maya will work on ourselves day and night. Follow Maya in parallel articles, and I am planning such a transformation.

Hi, my name is Dima and I'm fat. How to pull yourself together and lose weight?

Photo Now - Purpose: when I will be done

Why am I doing this?

From the photo Now you might think that things are not so bad. In fact, everything is very sad. Today I weigh 96 kg. Almost a hundredweight with a height of just over 170 cm is not a tragedy, but the crisis lies elsewhere. You can put up with this weight. When you are fat since childhood, then in the future you may stop reacting to this as a disadvantage. And this is partly correct, psychological resistance to attacks is brought up. You need to accept yourself as you are, surround yourself with the right people - all this is true, that's what I did. However, already in adulthood, you are worried not only about external beauty, but also internal health.

You can come to terms with the fact that you were, are and will be a fat man. Yes, to those who are able to bend over to the laces and not fall. Yes, those who can play football with friends will suffocate, but not after the first attack. Yes, for those who are just a funny guy, why lose weight, and so good. But all this is a compromise that we have learned to make in life. It doesn't matter how tall you are and how many kilograms of excess weight you have. If, approaching the mirror, you honestly say to yourself: I am fat and I want to change this, then it's time. That is why I am now writing these lines.

What was I doing wrong? Don't repeat my mistakes

Of course, I tried to lose weight even before the Championship project. 10-12 times for sure. I managed to do this during the military training in the cadet corps. I also lost a lot of weight after working as a salesman at a sports store. In 2013, I specially lost weight for the summer. Autumn 2015 seemed to be nothing, etc. etc. It is easy to guess that the weight was catching up with me and even threw a couple more kilos on top. I didn’t skip exercise, I loved sports, but I remained fat.

I have had four annual fitness subscriptions in my life! And on the first try I immediately made the classic mistake: I just didn't go to the gym because of laziness. The second subscription and another popular scenario: workouts without a program and unbalanced nutrition. He came at 22:00 after work and worked out on those simulators that were free or I just liked. Everything in bits. In the evening nothing is allowedo is on pain of death. And in general, it is better to consume a minimum of food. The third visit to the hall convinced that it is possible to fight against laziness, but two more problems were added to other problems. I didn't drink water during class. Moreover, he completely stopped working with iron and focused on cardio. I ran for 40 minutes, exhausted, sweated and deliberately did not drink water so that the fat would come out with sweat. I lost 2 kg a week!

Before the fourth time, I became smarter. I read several thematic articles, listened to the opinions of experienced friends, downloaded a couple of applications, gave up amateur performances and took 10 classes with a trainer. He taught the correct order of work in the gym, talked about simulators, adjusted the diet and monitored him. But as soon as the classes were over, my approach became unsystematic, knowledge began to erode, self-discipline dropped to zero, my weight rose to 100 kg. A big new challenge was needed.

Where to start? Where to run?

There is no need to run anywhere. In any important matter, you do not need to rush, but you should look around and understand the starting positions. This is what I did at the very beginning of the project.

Andrey Semeshov, wellness coach, columnist of the Championship: In the first week, your main task is not to burn out. You don't need to run to the fitness center twice a day, seven days a week. As well as if you walked well a day before, if 2-3 thousand steps, immediately wind 12-20 thousand. All changes should be smooth and gradual. The result will be for someone who can adhere to the plan monotonously, day after day, rationally spending energy, including mental. Do not worry, towards the end, when it will not be enough for you to just be slim, but you will certainly want to count the abs cubes, it will come to hard core. But you will be ready for it. All of the above is also true for nutritional issues. If you are used to having breakfast with eclairs, do not start changing them right away for cucumbers with spinach.

The first stage is bioimpedance analysis

Simply put, a method of diagnosing a person's body composition by measuring electrical resistance in different parts organism. As the experts themselves say, there may be questions about the technique, but so far this is one of the most effective ways to learn more about your body. The most interesting thing is that some of your guesses can be confirmed in the results. For example, I always guessed that I have a low basal metabolic rate. Voila: only 1688 kcal, with a rate of 1956-2309. This means I burn fewer calories at rest than the average person.

Hi, my name is Dima and I'm fat. How to pull yourself together and lose weight?

Bioimpedance analysis

Photo: Valeria Barinova, Championship

When working with iron, I always liked to work more on my feet than on my arms. The result of this is clearly visible in the analysis of the lean mass, where the legs exceed the norm, and in the hands the imbalance is in favor of the right. The left one gets tired really quickly and is less developed. And also in the body there is a lot of water (44.6 liters at a rate of 35.7-43.7), proteina (12.1 at 9.5-11.7) and most importantly - fat (35 kg with an optimal 7.6 -15.3). The main figure is known - it is desirable for me to burn 24.2 kg of fat mass! The result is an overall assessment of the composition of body tissues and physique of 63 points out of 100, provided that in a person with developed muscles it can exceed a hundred.

Detailed results - here .

Interpretation of the results.

The second stage is testing the body for endurance, flexibility, etc.

I was lucky to undergo a comprehensive functional study under the guidance of the doctors of the fitness club Crocus Fitness Kuntsevo, which consisted of classical medical tests, stress test under ECG control and determination of body composition on the InBody apparatus. I was lucky, because in more than an hour of comprehensive examination I was examined from head to toe. We measured the pressure on the exercise bike and were not very happy with the recovery of the body. At the same time, the pulse did not disappoint me and did not show terrible numbers. In contrast to the coefficient of flexibility and seconds when holding the breath. Not even one minute, but preferably more confidently. But the most frightening figure in the report is 58 years. No, this is not the maximum age. This is the state of my breathing capacity. At 28 I breathe like a man under 60. This figure is great motivates to develop the whole body.

What's next?

Understand that nothing is impossible. Further, it is worth taking the results of research and going to an experienced coach who has repeatedly turned overweight young people into ancient heroes.

  • Pre-take photographs of the body from different angles. The notorious photos before.
  • In the morning on an empty stomach, measure your waist a couple of centimeters below your navel with a centimeter.
  • Buy floor and kitchen scales. With the help of the first, it is necessary to monitor changes in body weight weekly at the same time. With the help of the latter, you need to weigh the food consumed at least at home.
  • Enter the result into the MyFitnessPal, FatSecret or any other application. This way you can control your calorie intake.
  • In turn, a phone or, even better, a smart watch will help you keep track of activity and calories burned.

These are all important attributes that will simplify and clarify the process of losing weight. But the most important thing is the new menu and training program from the trainer. I have yet to get acquainted with this. The most interesting is how it will be and what awaits next.

Hi, my name is Dima and I'm fat. How to pull yourself together and lose weight?

Exercise bike

Photo: Valeria Barinova, Championship

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