Hero of today: 5 facts from the biography of Kirill Kaprizov

The Russian national ice hockey team won the Games for the first time in 26 years. Forward Kirill Kaprizov became the author of the winning puck during the match with the Germans in the final of the Olympics. Let's get acquainted with some facts from the life of a young athlete that may surprise you.

The influence of his father and training with girls

The 20-year-old hero of the Olympic Games in Pyeongchang was born in Novokuznetsk, but spent his childhood in the village of Kuzedeevo. His father gave the boy to hockey. It was he who constantly motivated his son, coached him at home and taught him to set ambitious sports goals. Father did everything to make little Cyril train more. He even sent the boy to train with girls who were older than him and therefore played better.

Change the puck to the ball

Kirill has an older brother Anton, whom his parents also sent to hockey. However, this sport did not attract him as much as Cyril. Anton liked mini-football more, and now he plays for Sibtranzit. And Kirill is also not averse to changing the ice arena for a lawn, and the puck for a ball as a leisure.

Path of the Champion

At the very beginning of his career, the future Olympic champion was part of the Kuznetsk Bears, and in 2013 he became a player in Novokuznetsk Metallurg. Three years later, Kirill ended up in Salavat Yulaev's team, and in 2017 he started playing for CSKA Moscow.

To be the best

A year before the Olympics, Kirill became the top scorer at the World Youth Championship. Then he hoped that he would soon be able to try his hand at the main team. But he said that he did not set big goals right away and that he needed to go to everything gradually, step by step. But Kaprizov's steps turned out to be wide, and so the 20-year-old guy walked to the Olympic Games gold.

Dramatic struggle

Kirill admitted that the final match with the German national team was dramatic play in his life. But the feeling that he did something supernatural, Kaprizov does not. He just did his job. Qualitatively, confidently, selflessly.

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