Hernandez, Neymar and Messi: Unique Fan Hairstyles by Rob Ferrell

The 2018 World Cup, in addition to a purely football show, showed the world the most creative approach of football fans to sickness. Someone wore a national team jersey, someone painted a flag on their face, and someone decided on something crazy ... A new trend among fans is a drawing of their favorite athlete (!) On their heads.

One of the most popular hairdressers who paint similar portraits of famous actors, singers and, of course, athletes - Rob The Original Ferrell . To do this, the artist only needs a few things: his favorite trimmer, regular scissors and a pair of color pencils.

The championship together with Head & Shoulders has compiled a list of the most striking hairstyles featuring athletes from a hairdresser Rob Ferrell. Perhaps inspired by them, you too decide to go to the hairdresser. Among the portraits that Rob painted for his clients are popular fighters, basketball players, racers. For example:

Floyd Mayweather

Conor McGregor

However, the most popular portraits are, of course, football ones. As Rob admits, during the World Championships, the demand for football orders increases several times. One of the most popular images of a soccer player that customers ask to draw Rob is a portrait of Lionel Messi.

Lionel Messi

and Neymar

Besides them, Rob also drew other famous footballers, in this list:

Javier Hernandez

Tim Howard

Guillermo Ochoa

If you are not ready to walk with a portrait of a football player, then you can find an alternative replacement. For example, just write the initials of your favorite player:

make a hairstyle like your football player national team:

dye hair in team colors:

Or you can remember the past and do the hairstyle that legendary football players once did. For example, like Ronaldo.

The most important thing here is to contact a professional to get it as close to the original as possible:

But even if you live in Moscow, you don't have to fly across the ocean for your dream hairstyle. Have you decided on a radical change of your image, inspired by the atmosphere of the World Cup? This summer you can get a cool soccer haircut at Chop Chop barbershop with 50% off! To do this, you just need to buy any Head & Shoulders 400ml and upload the check to the chatbot.

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