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Healthy lifestyle instead of chocolate bars and whiskey every night. How do you like that, Elon Musk?

Elon Musk is a model of success. His innovations boggle the imagination and change the world. Typically, such wealthy entrepreneurs try to be perfect in everything. Including in lifestyle, promoting healthy values. However, Musk is an exception to the rule.

For a long time he was not proud of proper nutrition, but, on the contrary, proudly declared his love for sweets, fast food and alcohol. And he encouraged everyone to sleep as little as possible and work 100 hours a day. Over the years, Elon has slightly changed his position and is looking more towards a healthy lifestyle.

Healthy lifestyle instead of chocolate bars and whiskey every night. How do you like that, Elon Musk?

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It is better to eat tasty and live a little

Yes, with such a radical motto Musk lived for the last few decades. And this despite the fact that his mother has been working as a nutritionist for 50 years. But even the advice of a loved one could not convince an entrepreneur who sincerely believed that it is better to live a little and beautiful than a long and painful one.

In his student years, Elon carried out severe experiments on himself. He managed to eat on one dollar a day by buying inexpensive groceries from wholesale stores. Cheap sausages, bread, pasta with tomato paste and so on. And he actually managed to fit into $ 30 a month.

Musk did this experiment not only because he was on a budget. Of course, he could afford to eat more. But the point was to see how much money he needed to exist. And he realized that he didn't need a huge salary to live a normal life. The question was not about finances, but about freedom, which gave him much more in the search for the really important things in life.

Healthy lifestyle instead of chocolate bars and whiskey every night. How do you like that, Elon Musk?

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Chocolate bar in the morning and a glass of whiskey in the evening

Of course, at some point he got tired of cheap and monotonous food and began to eat -other. But differently does not mean right. Musk's morning began with a chocolate bar, he didn't care at all for lunch, and he ate what the courier brought him. The reason was that he always worked hard during the day and never enjoyed the food anyway.

But for dinner, Elon preferred French cuisine and barbecue. At the same time, a glass of whiskey was an obligatory attribute. Musk even wrote on social media that alcohol is a solution to problems. With a glass of whiskey, he came to popular evening shows in the USA, for which he received criticism.ku from NASA. Musk, in response to this, always cited as an example one of the record holders for longevity, Frenchwoman Jeanne Calment, who drank wine every day.

Healthy lifestyle instead of chocolate bars and whiskey every night. How do you like that, Elon Musk?

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Don't sleep or exercise

The entrepreneur honestly said that if there was an opportunity, he would never play sports at all. He did not like running, jumping, participating in team games. They say that such a dislike came from childhood. Musk was then living in South Africa, a weak child who was often beaten after school.

He also has an interesting relationship with sleep patterns. For a long time, Musk was convinced that sleep is the most useless thing in a person's life. His main motive was that people limit their working hours to 40 hours a week.

But if you work 100 hours a week, then the project can be completed not in a year, but in four months. This is a completely different productivity. He compensated for the lack of sleep with tons of coffee and Diet Coke.

Change of position

By the age of 49, Musk still realized that he needed to change his habits. He does not say what exactly served as the catalyst. Apparently, the understanding simply came that it is necessary to monitor health more. No, he did not go on rigid diets, does not participate in marathons, but he still changed something.

Elon tries to minimize the consumption of sweet food, drinks more water. And he considers the key point that in no case should you eat or drink 3 hours before bedtime. By the way, he also changed his attitude to sleep and now sleeps for at least 6-7 hours. He found that in the long run, not getting enough sleep lowers performance.

A even Musk began to play more sports. He has hired a personal trainer and trains at least twice a week. Elon is still not a fan of activities, but he already refers to the process without disgust. In the past few years, he has become completely carried away by martial arts and even sent all five children to Jiu-Jitsu classes.

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