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Healthy lifestyle by blood group. What loads and nutrition are effective for you

An interesting experiment was described in one of the books I recently read. In response to students' conversations about new technologies of the 21st century that could change the future, the professor asked those who know their blood type to raise their hands. The hands of exactly half of the audience reached up. Not bad. But the lecturer asked one more question: Who knows his zodiac sign? Not surprisingly, everyone in the audience reacted positively. Does it then make sense to talk about scientific and technological progress? But knowing your blood type can not only save lives in an emergency, but also help you adjust your diet, choose the right type of physical activity and even find out the characteristics of your temperament.

What is a blood type?

This concept appeared at the beginning of the twentieth century thanks to the research of Karl Landsteiner. As a result, the presence of certain protein substances (group antigens) in the plasma and membrane of erythrocytes was revealed. The researcher found that when healthy blood is transfused into tubes containing the blood of patients, clots form in some of them. That is, there are compatible and incompatible types of blood. According to this principle, the scientist divided people into three groups, and later his Czech colleague Jansky added a fourth. For his discovery, Landsteiner received the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine.

What blood groups are there?

As a result of all these studies, four groups were identified:

  • The first (zero - 0) - is a universal donor for all other groups, but only 1 group can receive blood.
  • Second (A) - can be a donor for groups 2 and 4, but can only take blood from 2 and 1.
  • Third (B) - is a donor for 3 and 4, can take blood from 3 and 1.
  • Fourth (AB) - can accept any blood group, but can only be a donor for 4.
Healthy lifestyle by blood group. What loads and nutrition are effective for you

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How does blood type affect character?

It is believed that this or that blood type of a person has a different effect on his temperament. For example, the owners of the first group are considered the most emotional, purposeful and optimistic. Those who got the second blood group are creative and sensitive natures. At the same time, they do not always easily get to know people, are prone to stress and often restrain emotions, which does not always have a beneficial effect on their health. People with the third blood group are quite sociable and energetic, but they are prone to mood swings, with the fourth they are good organizers.

How to choose a training according to the blood group?

Based on some characteristics of character and body people with the first blood group, aerobic exercise, swimming, dancing and gymnastics are ideal for them. If you are a beginner, try to gradually move from a light load to a more difficult one.

It is believed that the owners of the second blood group will best show their skills in yoga, running, martial artswah and dancing. You have a high need for physical activity, so you can safely train daily, but not too intensely. Also check out team sports.

Healthy lifestyle by blood group. What loads and nutrition are effective for you

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Athletes with a third blood group usually prefer individual training. You have good stamina, but try not to overexert yourself. Alternate strength and aerobic exercises, yoga and running.

Any type of workout is suitable for the owners of the fourth blood group, here it is worth focusing only on individual preferences. The slowest will like low-intensity exercises like yoga and Pilates.

How to choose a diet by blood type?

The Championship expert, nutritionist and endocrinologist at Osteo Poly Clinic Ekaterina Ivannikova.

For the first time they started talking about a diet by blood type in the early 00s, when American physician James D'Adamo published his book Nutrition by blood type. The author of the idea believes that the type of food could affect the functioning of the digestive and immune systems, which led to a change in the group, depending on the change in diet.

Healthy lifestyle by blood group. What loads and nutrition are effective for you

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So D'Adamo claims that the most ancient blood group O (I) was in the Cro-Magnons who hunted. Accordingly, its carriers must eat a lot of animal protein (meat, fish, poultry). They need to limit the amount of carbohydrates, grains and legumes.

Gradually, as people began to engage in agriculture and eat plant foods, blood group A (II) appeared. Accordingly, the author recommends plant foods to its carriers: vegetables, fruits, legumes, gluten-free grains. Exclude lactic acid foods, meat, coffee and alcohol.

Group B (III) arose from the milk diet of nomads migrating from the Middle East and North Africa to the Himalayas. You can eat vegetables and fruits, milk, most types of meat, except chicken. Exclude wheat, corn, legumes, tomatoes and some other products.

A blood group AB (IV) is the result of a mixture of Caucasian (group A) and Asian (group B) gene pools. Its carriers were born relatively recently - 15 centuries ago. It is assumed that the formation occurred as a result of mixing groups II and III. This means that people with IV blood group are suitable for both plant and animal food. Exclude beans, corn, beef, alcohol.

Healthy lifestyle by blood group. What loads and nutrition are effective for you

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Does such a diet make sense?

Referring to a large meta-analysis of 1,455 studies of its effectiveness published in 2014. Dr. Ahmed El-Sokhemi, Associate Professor, Department of Nutrigenomics Research, Research Team Leader reported thatthen they did not reveal reliable data on the effect of diet by blood type on weight loss.

Each of us is an amazing mechanism, the work of which depends on a huge number of factors. Yes, you can be a member of group B (III), but at the same time have lactase deficiency, in which products based on cow's milk are prohibited for consumption. If you want to lose weight, are concerned about the presence of obesity in close relatives and want to avoid this, then the best and most effective way is to get tested and discuss the results with an endocrinologist-dietitian. Such a scheme can understand nutrition issues and select an individual diet.

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