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Healthy lifestyle and sports on Instagram. 10 accounts worth following

The amount of useless information on the Internet can sometimes go crazy. But in such a global and flexible resource, there are some things that really deserve our attention. For example, the blog format on Instagram has long gained popularity - and for good reason. After all, with the help of personal pages, experts from different fields and even entire communities can share knowledge, news and experience. We'll tell you which online accounts to subscribe to if you lead a healthy lifestyle, love sports and are looking for motivation.

Nike Run Club

How to find: @nikerunning

The Official Nike Running Community Account is a story not only about training. Here you can track the releases of new sneaker models with their detailed descriptions, find motivation in videos with the participation of successful athletes and learn the news from the world of running. Believe me, if Eliud Kipchoge once again breaks the world record, then with Nike Run Club the news will not pass you by.

Base Body Babes

How to find: @ basebodybabes

Felicia and Diana are charming fitness lovers from Australia. They knock you off your feet not only with their spectacular appearance, but also with the intensity of personal training. Online, the girls talk about weight exercises, give advice on how to perform them and regularly share recipes for healthy dishes. And for those who lack self-confidence and the right attitude, Base Body Babes will help you find them with inspiring reflections under the photo.


How to find: @mindbodygreen

Don't forget that there is a huge amount of progress in any endeavor depends on knowledge. According to the account creators, they try to combine soul and science in their work. Mindbodygreen publications speak in extremely simple language about important and interesting things. For example, what vegans get their protein from or how to increase the nutrient content of their diets. But the main distinguishing feature of the page is illustrations in pastel colors, which make information clearer and more pleasant to read.

Healthy lifestyle and sports on Instagram. 10 accounts worth following

Eliud Kipchoge. Why is he a legend, even if his record is not counted?

The first person in history to run a marathon in less than two hours.

Healthy lifestyle and sports on Instagram. 10 accounts worth following

Motivation through Instagram. Who to subscribe to on the Web?

In our selection we have collected the top 5 accounts of people who will motivate you day after day. Subscribe and get inspired!

Kevin Curry

How to find: @fitmencook

This smiling chef will teach you how to eat healthy, but no less delicious foods. His dishes will seem appetizing even to the most dedicated fast food lovers. Usually Kevin shares recipes right in the process of cooking. He posts them in short videos IGTV rollers, and of course, doesn't forget to spice up your food with some jokes!

Adidas Runners

How to find: @adidasrunners

This large community unites runners from all over the world. On the official Adidas Runners Instagram account you can follow for all the latest information on community life and running events. Not so long ago, the creators of the page launched the regular column Holistic Monday, which comes out on Mondays. In each episode, experts in sports and healthy lifestyles talk about such things as nutrition before and after training, work with injuries, correct posture and while running, stretching and more.

Andy Speer

How to find: @andyspeer

Andy is a person who does not get hung up on one type of workout. In his account you will find strength training with weights for the gym, and a training program without equipment, and tips on running. In addition, Speer regularly shares her own exercise schedule. This will help those who have doubts about what time of day is best to exercise and how much time to exercise.

Healthy lifestyle and sports on Instagram. 10 accounts worth following

Adidas Run High: mountains obey hot girls

10 thoughts during adidas Run High.

Healthy lifestyle and sports on Instagram. 10 accounts worth following

Intuitive nutrition ... How to keep fit without dieting and calorie counting?

Eating what you want and not getting fat is real. Learn with an expert.

FT Trainings

How to find: @fttrainings

The FT Trainings page has put together a large library of soccer training. The guys publish them in video format and hone the exercises for accurate passing, reaction and dribbling. And in the current account stories, everyone can take a football IQ test, find recommended literature on the topic or a motivating quote of the day from a world-famous player.

Albina Komissarova

How to find : @doctor_komissarova

Albina says with confidence that she is the slimmest nutritionist-endocrinologist on Instagram. And probably deservedly so! The doctor leads a healthy lifestyle, informs subscribers about the benefits of fruits, useless medical tests and measures for high insulin. By the way, with the professional help of girlsand many of her subscribers have already lost weight. Albina posts their results in a before and after format.

Stephanie Williams

How to find: @stef_fit

Stephanie loves to spend time in the gym and share her experiences with her audience of more than a million people. The girl prefers to train with weights (dumbbells, kettlebells, barbell), in a crossover, using a hemisphere, fitball and TRX. Williams' page contains dozens of workouts that work both the whole body and individual muscle groups.

Healthy lifestyle and sports on Instagram. 10 accounts worth following

Relaxation is essential. Why do you need recovery training?

Whatever the goal, you are unlikely to achieve the desired result without it.


How find: @championat_com

Let's not be shy, this is the account remains the last word in sports. Subscribe to the Championship on social networks and always be aware of current events in the sports world. Live, exciting and even sometimes funny photos and videos will not keep you waiting!

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