Healthy Summer Drinks Stop Motion Compilation - 15 Refreshing Drinks!

Healthy drinks for a hot summer: cooking to go

More and more people are taking a course on mindfulness and prefer to carry their favorite drink with them in a reusable bottle, rather than go to a cafe or store for it every time. Firstly, this way we consume less plastic and take care of the environment. Secondly, it saves a lot of money and time. The main question: what is better to take with you in this bottle? A universal option is water. If you want something useful, but more interesting, we have prepared for you the top simple and refreshing recipes for the summer.

Cold green tea

In stores now many analogues of ordinary homemade tea. Yes, many people like the taste, but can it be called natural? Hardly. Plus, these drinks are sold only in plastic containers, and the sugar content is off scale. It is much easier to make yourself tea in the evening, add lemon and mint to it, send it to the refrigerator, and in the morning enjoy the freshness without preservatives.


Where there is tea, there is coffee. Ice bumble is just a cold espresso, but with the addition of orange juice.

P.S. If you really don't feel like cooking at home, keep in mind that many coffee houses have switched to a summer menu, which has many options for this drink. To help the environment, use a kip-drip, a reusable coffee cup. Paper ones take a very long time to process!

Nitro hibiscus

Another variation with tea: brew hibiscus, cool it and add a tablespoon of strawberry jam, but you can dilute everything half a glass of soda. And, of course, don't forget about the ice.

Fresh watermelon

Summer is the time of year when the market is filled with these black and green beauties. The fresh recipe is simple: use a blender to punch the watermelon slices well and add lemon juice to the drink. It turns out very tasty and not cloying. But be careful: we recommend buying ripe watermelons in August, that is when the season is right.

Citrus-banana smoothie

Smoothie is generally a very popular drink among adherents of a healthy diet, but in the summer it is much easier and more likely to prepare a truly tasty and vitamin-rich one. Just combine the orange, banana and grapefruit in a blender and add ice before serving. Thirst is gone

Strawberry lemonade with basil

This drink is often served in cafes and restaurants, but there is no need to make it at home. complexities. Using a blender, we get puree from strawberry, lemon zest and basil. Add sugar, fill with water and send to the refrigerator to infuse, preferably overnight. This will make the taste even brighter.

Healthy drinks for a hot summer: cooking to go


Vegetable lemonade

Refreshing drinks can not only be made from fruits. Vegetableand is an excellent source of vitamins. And choose the ingredients for lemonade based on your own preferences and imagination. The choice is great: cucumbers, bell peppers, tomatoes. The main thing: do not forget about greens, such as mint. Add lime juice for sourness.

The Best Summer Drinks To Stay Away From Soda

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