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Health from the inside: 5 reasons to go to an osteopath

In the evening after work, do you come home with aching back pain, lower back and neck pain? Or maybe old sports injuries have reminded of themselves again after intense training ... Each of these problems is a good reason for visiting an osteopathic doctor. But sometimes it also happens: the symptoms that tell us about the necessary intervention of a professional doctor are not so obvious. They are still in their infancy.

Personal experience: how it was with me

To an osteopath at the Clinic of Osteopathy and Classical Medicine OSTEO POLY CLINIC I complained of constant aching pain in the back and neck-collar area. Naturally, like any meticulous patient, I made the diagnosis myself, via the Internet, long before visiting the clinic. I attributed the pain to frequent work at the computer, intense strength training and, as a result, curvature of the spine. The back slouched on its own from time to time, so the reasons for my problem were obvious to me.

Health from the inside: 5 reasons to go to an osteopath


Naturally, like any patient with a fantasy, I also thought of a treatment in advance. In my head it was like this: I go in, go to bed, the doctor crunches something in my back, I feel better at once, I leave happy, everything is gone. In reality, everything turned out to be a little different.

Preliminary diagnostics

And when I was already getting ready to go to bed so that, as you already understood, something was put in my back in place under the sonorous crunch of vertebrae, the doctor stopped me and said that first we would need to fill out my card. There were many questions, and they were connected with absolutely unrelated, in my opinion, facts about my health. The doctor inquired about what medications I had been taking recently, how I was sick, whether there were any complaints about the functioning of any internal organs. Later, I really became convinced of how much everything is interconnected.

Health from the inside: 5 reasons to go to an osteopath

Photo: Yulia Kovalenko, “Championship”

It's not the back

It's not the back, the doctor summed up. I was greatly surprised by this statement. Well, what about not in the back, if your back hurts? After the examination and filling out the card, the doctor told me that my pelvis was very twisted. It is because of this that all other parts of the body are overloaded, including this problem could greatly affect the state of the internal organs, which in my case did not happen. Partly, I suppose, due to the fact that I did not crawl to the osteopath, but came on my own two feet. My problem, according to the doctor, was eliminated in just two visits. Each session took about 50 minutes.

After an osteopath

After visiting an osteopath, you will need to follow a few rules. They will help you achieve maximum results. Firstly, it is necessary to exclude intense strength training for the next three days, because after the session the joints will acquire high mobility. Osteopathonly starts the process of movement, pushes the body to change, and the real magic happens to you in the next three days. Secondly, do not overcool. Third, try not to lift heavy objects.

Health from the inside: 5 reasons to go to an osteopath

Alexander Makarov

Photo: Yulia Kovalenko, “Championship”

Don't panic: this too will pass

I remember that right after the session, on Friday evening, I returned home with a smile half-face, captured by thoughts of the placebo effect. The next day, everything hurt me (well, almost), this stage proceeds differently for everyone, someone will not even notice the discomfort, and especially sensitive comrades will definitely have an unscheduled day off. As I said above, our joints acquire increased mobility during this period and continue to gradually fall into place.

Final stage: relief

And then one fine winter day after visiting the clinic I I caught myself thinking that my neck stopped hurting, my back was tired and my lower back ached. The lightness that appeared in the body is beautiful and palpable to this day.

When is it necessary to visit an osteopath?

Alexandra Makarova , member of the Russian Osteopathic Association of Physicians tells osteopaths, osteopathic practitioner:

● you are worried about old injuries, and this is not necessarily about professional athletes. Almost every average person has injuries that sometimes remind of themselves;
● you are worried about pinpoint and aching pains;
● you have insomnia. Perhaps you cannot sleep in any way due to the fact that your body cannot find a comfortable position;
● you have just installed a bracket system;
● your newborn baby has some concomitant diseases;
● a newborn child has suffered a difficult birth;
● you need to start the recovery process after intense training.

Are there any age restrictions?

Absolutely not, young children can attend a session with parental consent.

Consultation with a doctor in numbers

An appointment is conducted by: 1 doctor.
Session duration: 50 minutes.
Issue price: from 4000 rubles.

Conclusion: editors recommend.

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