Hydration Tips For Runners | Everything You Need To Know About Water When Running

Have a question: should I drink water while jogging?

A sports water bottle is an indispensable attribute of every athlete. During training, the feeling of thirst increases significantly. However, many have been told that drinking while exercising is harmful. Why is this not so and how much you need to drink during training - let's figure it out together!

Why do you need water at all?

Everyone knows that water is the main substance in the human body. It removes toxins from the body, carries oxygen to cells and improves the condition of the body. When running, the importance of H2O becomes even higher: the body actively removes moisture through sweat, so it is necessary to replenish the water balance in order to maintain a normal body condition.

When is it worth drinking at all?

If you just you start your workouts and run short distances (1-5 km), it is better to drink water after jogging so as not to be distracted from the process. However, if you are running cross-country or marathon, then you can start replenishing body fluids after 15 minutes of running.

Have a question: should I drink water while jogging?

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Have a question: should I drink water while jogging?

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How often should you drink?

The main thing is to stay hydrated! Train yourself to take a few sips from the bottle every 7-10 minutes. There is no need to stop, otherwise breathing will be lost and the rhythm and pace of running will be lost. We advise you to buy a special belt bag for sports bottles.

Which water is better to drink?

Carbonated water is less digestible than usual and causes irritation of internal organs. It is better to drink plain clean water. For a refreshing drink, add lemon or mint. If you choose water in a store, we advise you to pay attention to mineral water without gas with a high content of magnesium and potassium - these trace elements will help your body. Many athletes-runners prefer this option to expensive isotonic.

Have a question: should I drink water while jogging?

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Have a question: should I drink water while jogging?

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What happens if you don't drink while jogging?

During training, a person loses water, as a result, the fluidity of blood decreases. This affects the work of the heart and breathing. In the absence of water in the body, oxygen is delivered worse to working muscles. As a result, stamina decreases and fatigue appears. To avoid discomfort, increase your results and prevent dehydration, it is still better to replenish the body's water supply during training.

What does a professional think?

Sports coach Ekaterina Stazaeva told, it's worthWhether to drink during exercise:

Have a question: should I drink water while jogging?

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Nutrition for Runners: Water

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