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Hardening: a relic of the Soviet past or the most affordable spa?

Get hardened if you want to be healthy! Everyone knows the lines from the song, but few dare to try it out in practice. But maybe not everything is so scary? After all, it is hardening that is the surest way to increase immunity in a natural way.

So it's time to start weaning from heated apartments and warm sweaters for a more resilient and healthy body.

Why hardening is useful for the human body. ?

A huge number of cold receptors are located on our skin, irritating them can affect the entire body. Correct hardening procedures help to strengthen the immune system and improve thermoregulation. Also, hardening stimulates metabolic processes in the body, tones blood vessels and the heart, strengthens the nervous system. Hardening helps to reduce weight, increase skin tone and give a boost of vigor to the body.

Only an absolutely healthy person can start hardening.

Colds and viral diseases (for example, acute respiratory infections, ARVI, flu), purulent wounds on the skin will have to be healed before hardening procedures. Also, the procedure is contraindicated for those who suffer from increased eye pressure - with a temperature drop, the pressure can become even higher, which will provoke retinal detachment. Ischemic heart disease, heart failure, tachycardia are diseases in which hardening of the body is strictly prohibited.

Hardening: a relic of the Soviet past or the most affordable spa?


You need to harden gradually

To relieve your body of stress, it is best to start hardening with washing with cold water. You can start with water at room temperature (20-22 ° C), lowering it by a degree every day. When the face gets used to the cold water, you can start partial dousing (we will return to them later).

Regularly, systematically, without interruptions

The main thing in hardening is not to stop the procedure. A birthday, business trip or vacation should not interrupt what you started. Sometimes hardening can cause a runny nose - even this is not a reason to stop the procedure. But a rise in temperature may be an exception!

Of course, you can go in for winter swimming, dive into the hole, but there are more affordable, but no less effective ways.

Air baths

Air hardening should be started in a well-ventilated area at a temperature not lower than 15-16 ° C. At the initial stage, the session should last 3 minutes. Take your clothes off and do some warming exercises. You can start taking outdoor baths after a month of such preparation. In the cold season, outdoor sessions (on the balcony, for example) can only be performed after a year of preliminary preparation.

Hardening: a relic of the Soviet past or the most affordable spa?

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The easiest way is partial dousing. The best time for the procedure is in the morning. Take in cold water in the evening, until the morning it will warm to room temperature. In the morning, pour over your hands, feet several timesand and the neck and rub them dry with a towel. After 2 weeks of partial drenching, you can start pouring over the whole body. Reduce the water temperature by 5 ° C every 10 days.

Hardening: a relic of the Soviet past or the most affordable spa?



Rubdowns are useful for everyone who has no disorders on the skin. The procedure consists in vigorously rubbing the body with a towel soaked in water. Within 2 minutes, successively rub with a wet towel until the neck, chest and back are reddened and warm, then wipe them dry. Start by wetting the towel with 33-34 ° C water. Once every 10 days, the temperature should be lowered by 5 ° C.

Contrast shower

The contrast effect of water strengthens the heart and blood vessels, starts metabolic processes in the body due to the rapid flow of blood to the organs. The simplest and most understandable procedure scheme from the existing ones: 10-30 seconds - hot shower, 10-30 seconds - cold shower, repeat the cycle three times.

It is recommended to start with 10 seconds, after 2 weeks increase the time to 20 seconds , after another 2 weeks - up to 30 seconds. Water temperature in the first 2-3 weeks: hot - 40-45 ° C, cold - 28-30 ° C. You can then lower the cold water temperature to 15-20 ° C.

Hardening: a relic of the Soviet past or the most affordable spa?


Walking barefoot in the cold

Feet hardening is a method available to everyone. Pour water at room temperature (20-22 ° C) on the bottom of the bath, stand in it for 2-3 minutes and alternately shift from foot to foot. Reduce the water temperature by 1 ° C every 2-3 days. Gradually you will reach the temperature of cold tap water. This method of hardening the body not only helps to increase immunity, but also serves as the prevention of flat feet and excessive sweating of the feet.

Scientific opinion: is it useful or not?

Today, experts have officially recognized the positive effect of hardening. But do not immediately run to get an ice bath. Before you decide to start hardening, you should consult a doctor. He will tell you about the characteristics of your body and advise the most acceptable way for you!

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