Half marathon lead: how to get in your best shape in two weeks?

The running season started a month ago, and now it's time for the Moscow Half Marathon , which will take place on May 19. The route of the race consists of one circle and will pass along the embankments of the city, past the main attractions. There is very little time left before the start - we are figuring out how to organize preparation in the last weeks before the race.

Half marathon lead: how to get in your best shape in two weeks?


What is eyeliner for

The last stage of preparation for the race is called eyeliner. This is the period when the athlete reduces the load in order to recover from training and reach the peak of opportunities.

During the eyeliner, the athlete's body condition reaches its optimal level: the level of glycogen and antioxidants is restored, which are depleted during training. This will avoid injuries during the race by strengthening muscle strength.

Do not think that eyeliner is necessary only for professional athletes, this stage of preparation will be beneficial regardless of what level you are performing. After all, as already mentioned, eyeliner is recovery after a training cycle, which allows you to maintain physical shape, as well as heal microtraumas, if any.

How long does eyeliner last

The duration of the eyeliner each the athlete chooses for himself individually, but, as a rule, the reduction in the volume of training begins three weeks before the start of the marathon. In preparation for the half marathon, the eyeliner phase begins in two weeks. At the same time, eyeliner does not imply a complete rejection of training. This is only a reduction in mileage, the intensity of training should remain the same. And the closer the start, the shorter the training distance should be.

The main thing during the eyeliner is not to overdo it, many athletes try to improve their physical shape during this period, but this is a big mistake, which may cause injury. After the stage of active preparation, the body needs rest, and therefore in this case the quantity will not turn into quality.

Half marathon lead: how to get in your best shape in two weeks?


Last workout

The last long running workout before the marathon should be done at the first stage of the liner, then every week the distance is reduced by 30%. If we are talking about a half marathon, then the last long training session is usually carried out two weeks before the start, also gradually decreasing the volume.

During the eyeliner, the athlete may feel that his physical form is deteriorating. But this is not the case, you must continue to follow the eyeliner program to get to the start at the peak. It is necessary to drive away such thoughts and learn to maintain a positive attitude and self-confidence.

It will not be better

Everyone spends the last week before the start in different ways, but improve the level of physical fitness in this period is very difficult. Athletes recommend the lastrunning training no later than 24 hours before the start, while the distance should be minimal. The main thing at this time is not to replace some workouts with others, this can only worsen the condition before the start.

Lead-in to the half marathon: what exactly should be done?

In two weeks:

  • it is necessary to do the last hard workout, on the following days the duration of the workouts is reduced to 30 minutes. On days without running training;
  • you can rest, if you want, you can do general physical training, but here it is also important not to get carried away. Finish the week with a 45-minute run.

This week:

  • There are only two 30-minute runs at an easy pace before the start. Rest on other days. It is also necessary to increase the time of sleep and rest in general.

Liner to the marathon

In three weeks:

  • most of your runs should be at an easy pace, you can do one workout at a marathon pace, but avoid slopes with elevation differences. Eat more protein and prepare your clothes, shoes, and meal plan for the marathon.

Two weeks in advance:

  • All jogging should be done at a slow pace, it is necessary to abandon diets, this will slow down the body's recovery. Also during this period, it is necessary to pause strength training, it is better to study the terrain on which the marathon will take place.

In a week:

  • jogging are reduced to a minimum, devote more time to rest, consume more fluids and complex carbohydrates. It is important to completely give up coffee and alcohol.

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