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Half Marathon: A Few Tips From the Race Champion In One Breath

At the beginning of June, a race from the Championship and World Class took place, which opened the XVIII Summer Games named after Dmitry Zhirnov. We talked with Sergey Shelapugin - the winner of the half marathon (distance 21.1 km) - about how to prepare for such races, what to avoid, and also found out that it's never too late to start running, and learned what running goals Sergey sets for himself for the near future.

Half Marathon: A Few Tips From the Race Champion In One Breath

Photo: Yulia Kovalenko, Championship

- What time is it today?
- Today: 1 hour 14 minutes and 40 seconds.

- Is this your personal best?
- No, personal best is 1 hour 10 minutes. Now we need to strive for fast seconds ( laughs ).

- How does it feel after the race? How easy or difficult was the distance?
- The distance is hard. Why: firstly, I ran alone, there was no leader to follow. Therefore, I immediately decided that I would run alone, work on the pulse. This is my first start of the season, so it was necessary to decompose correctly, to feel the distance. After 15 kilometers, I began to work, endure. The distance, I repeat, is difficult: a lot of ups, 90-degree turns, oncoming runners - you have to overtake, spend energy on it. The average time at the distance was 3 minutes 32 seconds per kilometer.

- How long have you been running? Let's take a quick tour of your running history.
- I started at the age of 18. Having entered the institute for the first year, I found out that they were recruiting a group in the athletics section, and went to study. 11 years have passed since then - this is what I have achieved: champion of Russia in military triathlon, multiple winner of all-Russian and regional competitions in athletics, as well as in military all-around ( smiles ).

- How long have you been preparing for the half marathon?
- When I found out that there will be Games, in about two months I started to lay the volume, to run - you need to plan your working day very competently.

- How did you prepare?
- Taking into account the seven-hour five-day schedule, you have to get up at six in the morning and do your first running workout. Let's say this is 8-10 kilometers, and in a week it will already be a plus for 60 kilometers to the volume of the week. That is, say, you ran 8 in the morning and did the main work in the evening - 15 kilometers. So it turns out that you have 22-23 km a day, a week, in six days you get 130-140 km.

Half Marathon: A Few Tips From the Race Champion In One Breath

Photo: Yulia Kovalenko, Championship

- What is the most difficult for you in a half marathon ?
- Well, for me, in principle, these distances are difficult, because I have always specialized in short ones. I have to rebuild, my body is undergoing changes, special work has already begun, such a struggle with lactate begins: lactic acid is produced, my body begins to process it. But I doI think that over the years I will only gain momentum.

- What is more difficult for you - physical or psychological overcoming, the search for motivation?
- I always liked the training process itself, you you exhaust yourself, you go to some goal. But I try so that the goal does not take possession of me, that is, I do everything on a whim, at will. I do not force myself. I believe that you need to be in harmony with yourself, with the world, with others - this is the most important thing.

- What secrets do you have for passing such distances, some life hacks that you can share?
- You should always approach long distances as fresh as possible. This is not a sprint, this is not an average distance where you can skip the whole night, roughly speaking ( laughs ). It is necessary for two days to do the maximum rest, some kind of restorative procedures. Eat more, probably, alkaline products, citrus fruits, fresh vegetables, fruits, herbs. Drink plenty of quality water, clean, healthy. And, of course, healthy sleep is the most important thing. That is, go to bed in the early hours. At 10 o'clock already, at 11 a maximum you need to go to bed, since the nervous system - everything is tied to it - is restored from ten to two in the morning. Do not forget about physical training, that is, be sure to use all sorts of exercises to pump your body.

- What advice can you, besides all of the above, for those who want to prepare for their first half marathon?
- Listen to your coach, listen to yourself, your body, feel the response. If you need to run 20 today, but you don't want to, you need to think somehow, maybe break up this workout, break it up. Hard 20 - run 10. The most important thing is to be in harmony with yourself, with your body.

Half Marathon: A Few Tips From the Race Champion In One Breath

Photo: Yulia Kovalenko, Championship

- What would you not recommend doing?

- Maybe start quickly on a long distance. You need to run according to the pulse, to feel. Start fast, finish fast. You need to expand correctly, feel your legs.

- What are your plans for the near future? Are you going to conquer some distances, maybe new ones?
- Yes, it's a marathon. The World Class is also the official sponsor of the Sochi race: IronStar 226 will take place on September 22nd, where I will debut in the marathon with my team. This is Yuri Levinzon, the thunderstorm of bicycle races in Moscow, our swimmer Christina Grinberg. She will swim 3 km 860 m. We will have such a relay. This is my first marathon distance.

- Have you started preparing?
- Yes, in fact, this intermediate start is an indicator of my readiness in the future. There is a certain formula where you can add about 1 hour and 15 minutes to this result in half, and this will be my current result in the marathon. That is, approximately 2 hours 35 minutes is my current readiness.

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