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Haftor Björnsson. Too tough guy for you not to know about

Haftor Björnsson - the actor of the popular TV series Game of Thrones, strongman, the strongest man in Europe and the strongest Viking on the planet. The other day Haftor arrived in Moscow to attend the V International Festival of Sports and Healthy Lifestyle SN Pro 2017. Before signing autographs and taking pictures with his many fans, the actor talked to journalists. During the dialogue with the press, the famous athlete and actor managed to show a photo of his daughter, raise two girls in his arms and, of course, answer questions about both filming a famous TV series and the athlete's professional career.

Mode the most powerful person on the planet

- Haftor, please tell us about your daily routine. How many hours a day do you train?
- Let me tell you how it happens when I am at home in Iceland. I get up around 7 o'clock and start with active recovery - cardio training. At 8 o'clock - breakfast, then sit down at the computer. I work all day. I eat every two and a half hours, this determines my schedule. At two o'clock I have my next workout, it lasts about an hour and a half. During the day, there may be more meetings or workouts. I am attentive to my health, as I am a professional athlete. So in the evening I go to the bathhouse.

- Have you been invited to a bathhouse in Russia?
- No, I have heard about Russian baths, but not yet.

- How did you manage to maintain your diet while filming?
- You can get carried away while filming, because a lot is happening. I have to set an alarm that rings every two hours to remind me of food. I cannot afford to deviate from my diet. With my weight of 180 kilograms, if I do not eat, then I will lose weight, if I start to lose weight, I will lose strength. I have helpers, but it's my responsibility to keep track of food.

- Do you smoke or drink?
- I don't smoke. A couple of times a year I can afford a few glasses of red wine. I have a vodka factory, I tried it. It helps to fall asleep very well, a few glasses - and you fall asleep like a child.

- What motivates you during training?
- I have a plan to increase my working weights every week. This is how I gradually raise the working weight. For example, this week I have a light workout. Yesterday I did deadlifts - 350 pounds, five waste for five reps. This week is easy, next week will be more difficult. But everything will depend on how I feel, what is happening in my life. There is no key to success, you need a certain balance, balance. Sometimes it's important to just do your job.

- You are quite tall and well-built, for sure it creates certain inconveniences.How difficult is it and would you like to get smaller?
- No, I love my size, I like being tall. Already in his youth, it was difficult to find shoes and clothes. This may be a problem, but I love who I am today. I chose this path myself, chose to become huge. But you're right that it's easier when you are your normal size. Maybe in the future, to stay healthy, I will need to lose weight. Because when you're big and heavy, you can't always put it somewhere. For example, I have a big truck at home, but I still feel cramped in it. But this is life.

- What kind of music do you like? For training and free time?
- I train with heavy metal, but I listen to everything.

- Are you more an athlete or an actor?
- I started my career as an athlete, all my life I was an athlete. Therefore, first of all I am an athlete, and then an actor. My acting career is not that long, I started in Game of Thrones, and it was not that long ago actually. But I like sports and acting.

- You participate a lot in competitions. What title or sports achievement are you most proud of?
- Yes, I have broken several world records and I am proud of it. In 2015, in Norway, I managed to break a record that stood for 1000 years. The wooden log weighed more than 750 kilograms, I lifted it on my shoulders, took five steps with it. My predecessor took three steps and his back broke, unfortunately he passed away. I managed to take five steps and my back is fine.

- Have you had any difficult injuries in your career?
- Yes, there were. It hurts everyone throughout their careers. I had a quadriceps injury before the World Championships, but I didn't tell anyone about it. I had difficulties, but I am not proud of it and do not brag about it. I was injured two and a half weeks before the competition. In the finals, we had a squat task, I was not able to perform well due to injury, but I did not tell anyone about it.

About participation in the TV series Game of Thrones

- Do you have any difficulties with combining the career of an actor and a professional athlete?
- Sometimes it's very difficult because Game of Thrones takes 12 hours a day to shoot. The day can sometimes be very long. At the same time, I need to provide my diet, that is, maintain a diet and exercise, so I have to train after filming. After such a long day, of course, it's hard to find the motivation and go to train. I have a specific goal - I want to be the best in sports. It is because of this that I cannot relax and go to workout every day.

- Describe your emotions when you were offered a role in Game of Thrones.
- I didn’t believe it at all, I thought someone was playing me. When they sent me a message by mail, didn't even answer it. It was just incredible since Iwas an athlete and a fan of the series. When I realized that everything was really happening, I was very worried. I thought it was too good to be in the most popular TV series in the world. I had no acting experience back then, so I was very nervous. Emotions went off scale.

- What makes you related to your character from Game of Thrones ?
- We are strong, very tall, both with a complex character. That's all we have in common.

- What was the most memorable scene for you during the filming of Game of Thrones?
- By far the most memorable moment while filming is the battle I had in Season 4 of the series.

- What is your favorite Game of Thrones character and who do you think is worthy of the throne?
- This is an easy question: Cersei and Cersei.

- Do you keep practicing sword fencing?
- Yes, I continue to appear in the series, so in the future I will have to use the sword. I will practice more ball fencing.

- Tell us, in what other projects would you like to take part?
- My schedule is set until the end of the year. 2018 is also scheduled, including filming for Game of Thrones. I would like to star in another movie in 2018, but I'm not ready to announce its title yet.

Reasoning about Russia

- Which of the Russian powerlifters can you single out?
- Yesterday I worked with your champion and record holder in bench press Kirill Sarychev. You have many wonderful athletes, for example Mikhail Koklyaev.

- Do you watch movies? Have you seen some Russian film?
- I am traveling all the time, so there is no time for films. I like TV shows better because you can watch them before you fall asleep. I'm a big fan of The Sopranos, and I'm watching it now. And, of course, the Vikings.

- Tell me, have you received any proposals for filming from Russia and have you agreed to be filmed here?
- No, I have not received any offers to shoot in Russia, but I would gladly agree. I really like the country and people.

- What did you manage to visit in Moscow?
- Yesterday I managed to see the Kremlin and Red Square. It was very nice to walk, but that's it.

- What amazed you in Russia?
- I love Russia, I think it is a wonderful country. It's hard to say what exactly impressed me here, since I haven't been here for long.

- What is your impression of the Russian people?
- Positive. Everyone is very polite, I will definitely come back here. I wish I had the opportunity to come here again and stay for a few weeks!

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