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Gym for the face. Is it possible to change the appearance without plastic

Expert of the Championship wellness coach Andrey Semeshov - on the effect of changes in weight on facial features.

The fact that extra pounds leave a visible imprint on our figures in general, in the course. You can try to disguise the increase by a competent selection of wardrobe. And if you are not going to the beach, it can turn out quite well. However, few people think that the advantage is reflected in the face. And in the most radical way.

Austrian researchers conducted a full-scale study in order to establish for certain what exactly can be expected by increasing body weight due to body fat.

For experiments, they are detailed and based on Many parameters were digitized photographs of 22 adolescent girls, measured weight, percentage of fat, waist-hip ratio, and established body mass index. And then, using computer technology, they created models that changed their appearance depending on the increase or decrease in the percentage of body fat. The results of their research are, of course, impressive. If you compare the photo with the status of thinness and obesity, it is difficult to guess that this is the same person.

And this happens not only on computer models, but also in real life. To be convinced of this, it is enough to look at photographs of the times of service in the army or the first year of the institute and compare them with the reflection in the mirror. Yes, after 20 or 30 years, wrinkles should noticeably increase, but the lion's share of the rest of the changes is, let's say, accumulated. Men, of course, are a little easier. For them, they came up with delicate formulations such as matured or matured. Society is more demanding for female beauty, so no similar comforting epithets have been invented.

Let's return to the results of the Austrian experiment. What should be prepared for those who are not ready to oppose the onslaught of the food industry and the dominance of fast food? If you are overweight, your facial features are likely to change. The following usually happens:

  • The oval of the face visually becomes more rounded, especially the lower part becomes heavier.
  • The eyes visually decrease, but the lips, on the contrary, add in volume (the latter, I suppose, will please many).
  • The nose shortens and becomes more flattened.
  • A cheerful expression is more difficult as the corners of the lips are pulled down.

Fortunately, as you can imagine, these changes are quite reversible. The only thing left is to start eating less and move more.

Gym for the face. Is it possible to change the appearance without plastic


How else can you fix the situation?

Home face fitness

The now popular trend will allow your face to pump up without cosmetology. To do this, you just need to use the right muscles daily. The main goal of such exercises is to improve the conditionskin and give it its former tone. They are not time consuming and can be easily done at home in the morning for 10 minutes.


Another correct approach to facial care is massages. Taking five minutes a day to increase the blood flow to the skin, you will be able to admire the tightened oval of the face for a long time.

It is important to approach this training method correctly. You might be surprised, but just like in the gym, the muscles in the face need warm up, cardio, and recovery. If you don’t want to figure out all these complexities on your own, trust the professionals.

In Face Fit studio you can get an irreplaceable workout for the face, which will solve a large list of problems that we face at any age and weight. The course of procedures will tighten the facial muscles, eliminate double chin, improve skin color and reduce wrinkles. Each such workout lasts 40 minutes and consists of several main phases: warming up the face with a roller; working out the oval of the face, cheekbones with the help of Guasha ridges; warm-up of the facial muscles; cardio training of facial muscles; sculpting.

Is face fitness only for women?

Of course it is not. And from the examples above, you can see that absolutely everyone faces loss of facial muscle tone. However, the approach to training for men and women is different. The specialists will tell you about this best after the analysis performed before the procedure. Men have a different skin structure, mimic wrinkles may be pronounced. The anatomy is also different - the zygomatic, cervical-collar zone.

Face fitness and massages are ideal for those who want to lose weight in certain parts of the face, for example, reduce the cheeks, correct the oval and remove the second chin.

The correspondent of the Championship Polina Inozemtseva and a regular client of the studio Pavel Gruzdov shared with us their feelings from the muscle pumping procedure.

Polina: Facial massage is at least a very pleasant feeling. I liked that the master, even before the procedure, tried to learn as much as possible about my skin type and individual characteristics in order to build on them in her work. For example, my skin is prone to allergic rashes from drying products and bruising. Therefore, they immediately explained to me what kind of moisturizing products and creams would be used.

Another nice bonus is that I was given a universal massage not onlyface, but also the head, neck, shoulders and even a little back. And after the procedure, the master advised other types of massage, more narrowly focused, suitable for my skin type. For example, honey massage that tightens pores and unclogs them.

Pavel: I've been training in the studio for about three months. First came here out of curiosity. I really love body massages, and when I heard about a new place where facial massages are done, I was really very intrigued. I didn't really understand how they would massage the beard, it even stopped me a little. But after the first visit, I was completely delighted. Despite the fact that the massage is very intense - I even managed to doze off, I still do not understand how this is possible, but it happens with every visit.

I noticed the result immediately. A nice, healthy glow and a feeling of being trained on the face, if I may say so. The puffiness went away, the oval pulled up very well. Now I also take a buccal massage, I especially liked it.

By the way, you can also try the procedure on yourself. On December 2, the third Face Fit studio opens in the Metropolis business center. On the opening day, everyone will receive an express face-fit service, and season tickets can be purchased with a discount of up to 40%.

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