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Guys, don't do that. Synthol or life?

Many guys dream of biceps like Arnold Schwarzenegger's, but not everyone is willing to spend time and train in the gym to achieve their goal.

Unfortunately, some people seem to resort to a simpler method : begin to use drugs that, although they help to increase muscle mass, have a negative effect on health. One of these drugs is synthol. Synthol is a substance that increases muscles, but destroys health.

Synthol. How did it all start?

One of the first synthol users was the German strongman Klaus Doring , who called himself the owner of the largest arms in the world - 68 centimeters in volume. Over time, pumping up a couple of inches with synthol has become commonplace. Now he is injected not only in the biceps and triceps, but also in the calf muscles, quadriceps, deltoids and pectoral muscles. Synthol was created in the 1990s, but only became widely known a couple of years ago.

What is Synthol?

Synthol is an oil (fat) with added painkillers. The drug is injected deep into the muscle and spreads between the muscle fiber ligaments. With repeated injections, the volume of oil in the muscle grows, increasing its size, just like a balloon stretches. About 30% of the drug is metabolized in the body. The remaining 70% of the substance remains in the muscles for more than 3-5 years and degrades very slowly. Many doctors claim that synthol is retained in muscles for much longer - at least 8 years.

Why is it dangerous?

Any injection, even if it is done correctly, is potentially dangerous to the body. With intramuscular injection, it is quite easy to damage one or another nerve, causing paresis (impaired sensitivity) or paralysis of the innervated area. Despite all the danger of the substance, many continue to use it without thinking about the consequences.

Who is Kirill Tereshin?

In Russia, perhaps, one of the most famous syntholsters is Kirill Teryoshin . A 21-year-old young man, risking his health, pumped up his biceps with synthol. Now on social networks, he brags about the result, increasing the dose of the drug more and more each time.

As Kirill himself admitted, his role model is Romario Dos Santos Alves from Brazil. However, the guy himself clearly does not know all the details about the life of his idol.

History of Santos. On the verge of amputation

Romario Dos Santos always wanted to be like his favorite superhero - the Hulk, but even more he dreamed of becoming a professional bodybuilder. At first, the young man trained in the gym to achieve his dream. However, he later decided to resort to drastic and began to inject synthol into the muscles. As a result, his arm was nearly amputated, and many people began to call him a monster. Romario is a believer, he often went to church. One day a woman approached him. She admitted that her 12-year-old daughter does not want to go to church because she is afraid of him and thinks that he is a monster. These words influenced him, but another case helped him completely get rid of the drug.

Romario had constant pain due to injections, in addition to this, he felt bad due to criticism from others. He lost his job, became depressed, and even nearly committed suicide. In addition, Romario learned that due to the regular use of the drug, he could lose his arm. The doctors told him they would have to do this.

Romario stopped using synthol. Only once after the incident, he decided to try another drug to increase muscle, but stopped in time:

Moreover, Romario admits that the use of the substance is addictive.

Now Romario still dreams about a bodybuilding career, but admits that he is still far from fulfilling his dreams, as synthol has negatively affected his health. Romario was able to give up synthol and stopped using the drug since 2013. He realized that it was not necessary to use drugs to achieve a dream. However, Kirill Teryoshin probably does not know about this. Recently, the young man admitted that he had almost pumped up his arms to the size he needed, and in turn his shoulders, legs and even eyes.

Undoubtedly, he should think about what he does with his body, what harm he causes his health and refuse injections, like his idol, before it's too late. Synthol is a dangerous substance that not only will not make you a real athlete, but possibly destroy your health forever.

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