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Guinness the record: the most athletic and desperate heroes of the Guinness Book of Records

Sports fans have repeatedly observed how professional athletes set new world records. And it seems that you won't surprise anyone with their results. But there are people who, in ordinary life, do strange things and end up not in funny selections on YouTube, but in the Guinness Book of Records. Try to guess the weirdest, most daring and crazy sports achievements.

Afraid not to guess? It's worth at least trying and maybe setting your own record. You can also try it in real time in the interactive Guinness World Records Museum from the amusement park Dive . It contains the most unusual recorded highest results that you can not only read about, but also try to surpass.


You can also take part in the drawing and win a free certificate to visit this or any other room of the Dive project. To do this, you need to leave a comment. I want to quest under this material.

The results of the drawing will appear before the New Year, and you can use the certificate at any time. Good luck!

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