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Guides to the cities of the World Cup: what to see in St. Petersburg?

Beautiful sunny Peter has already opened his arms for all guests of the 2018 World Cup. What can I say, a trip to St. Petersburg in the summer is already a great plan, and if you add to all this a football match at the newly built St. Petersburg Arena, it becomes absolutely perfect.

Contrary to the common stereotype that Peter can only drink, as Cord bequeathed, in this material we will go through the most unusual and interesting things that you just need to add to your checklist. And do not forget that you are in the cultural capital, which means that there are curbs under your feet, there is a front door in front of the entrance to the hostel or apartment, and around every corner on Nevsky and Ligovsky there is a shawarma waiting for you.

How to get from the airport and from the railway station in St. Petersburg?

Unlike the complex Moscow system with several airports that lead to the city, in St. Petersburg everything is much easier. There is only one airport here and it is called Pulkovo. Inside, in fairness, the building is divided into two terminals: Pulkovo-1 (for domestic flights) and Pulkovo-2 (for arrivals of international flights). In general, this information may seem useless, but it will help you a lot when ordering a taxi.

Let's analyze several possible ways to get to the city:

  • bus # 39. In Pulkovo-1, opposite the exit from the arrivals hall # 1, there is a stop for city bus # 39, which goes to the Moskovskaya metro station. The interval between flights is 12-20 minutes, the operating time of the route is from 5:30 to 01:30, the travel time is about half an hour;
  • bus # 13. Opposite the arrival terminal of the Pulkovo-2 airport there is a bus stop for bus # 13, which also goes to the Moskovskaya metro station. The movement starts at 5:40 on weekdays and at 6:00 on weekends and ends at 0:47. The bus runs every 13-20 minutes. Travel time - 20-25 minutes;
  • fixed-route taxis K39 and K13 duplicate the routes of buses, but they do not leave according to the schedule, but as the passenger compartment becomes full and move a little faster. You can also get from Pulkovo-2 to the city by minibuses K3, K213 and K113 ;
  • round-the-clock transfer. Express buses run between the airport and Vladimirskaya Square (metro stations Vladimirskaya and Dostoevskaya): from Pulkovo-1 - K800 , from Pulkovo-2 - K900 . They can take you to the metro stations Moskovskaya, Technological Institute, Vladimirskaya and Dostoevskaya (the final stop). Sent every hour without interruption;
  • taxi. A taxi will cost you from 600 to 1500 rubles, depending on the direction where you are going to go. In addition, Yandex.Taxi in St. Petersburg often has discounts on current orders if there is no high demand for a car. We recommend that you book your car online and in advance.
Important to remember: night rate- more expensive than daytime, but not much.

As for the stations, they are all located in within the city, so you shouldn't have any problems finding transport.

Where to live in St. Petersburg?

If you are not puzzled yet with the choice of housing, we advise you to pay attention not to network, and for small local hotels within the city center on Booking or rent an apartment using the popular service Airbnb.

How to get to the stadium?

There are several ways for fans to get to the stadium:

  • by metro to Novokrestovskaya station (5-7 minutes from the metro) or Krestovsky island (25 minutes from the metro);
  • by shuttle buses S3, S4, S6 - see detailed timetable;
  • on foot along the Yakhtenniy Bridge. Visitors to the match can reach this bridge by tram # 19 from the Staraya Derevnya metro station and # 48 from the Chernaya Rechka metro station.

What to try in St. Petersburg?

Of course, at the beginning I would like to advise you to try to meet Shnur or Boyarsky and make legendary selfies with them as a keepsake, but this paragraph will focus on the joys of gastronomic. We answer the question: what to eat to taste Petersburg?

  • Donuts, for which it is not scary to stand in line. If you have been to the Northern capital and have not tried this dish, then you do not know what this city tastes like. Round hot buns with a hole in the middle are usually sprinkled with powdered sugar and washed down with coffee. Undoubtedly, the best crumpets in the city are prepared at Bolshaya Konyushennaya, 25.
  • Fried smelt. Smelt, without exaggeration, is a real culinary symbol of St. Petersburg. A small but very tasty fish is found in local waters, therefore it has always been used as food by the townspeople. Again, you have two options: order a dish in a restaurant or go to the market, say at Sennaya or Vasileostrovsky, choose the one that will look the most piercing at you, and cook it yourself.
  • Shot Boyarsky. Drink and shriek A thousand devils after that. A strong, traditional shot for Peter, you can find in almost any bar.
  • Shawarma. Someone will say that this is shawarma, and they will be absolutely wrong. You just try and you will understand everything. These are, as a Jewish grandmother would say, two big differences. Look for the most delicious one here: Liteiny prospect, 64. Issue price: 140 rubles. Or in Pitas at 32, Gorokhovaya Street. Price: 195 rubles.
  • Beer Nevskoe. Despite the million options of foam craft in all bars and cafes, you still need to try local beer. Look in stores and supermarkets on the shelves.

Where to eat?

  • You can try smelt in restaurants - starting from an inexpensive establishment Apartment , where you can enjoy fried smelt for 370 rubles. (250 g), and ending with the prestigious restaurant ' Smelt' on Hare Island overlooking the Neva, where 100 g of fried fish will cost an immodest 500-600 rubles.
  • Fragrant crumpets can be tasted in the establishments of the Pyshechnaya chain (they wrote about it above), pies melting in your mouth - in Stolle and Pirogovy Yard , and openwork pancakes with fillings - in Teaspoon or Teremka .
  • You can buy cakes and pastries in the branded pastry shops Boucher, Sever and Metropol.
  • Have a snack on the go in St. Petersburg - buy pies and pies with various fillings, pastries are sold in stalls. Delicious pies at Gostiny Dvor cost only 23 rubles.
  • A simple lunch in a St. Petersburg canteen will cost 200-250 rubles, those who lose weight fit in 150 rubles, the rest - 300 rubles. Look for Canteen # 1 and check the availability of the restaurant
  • In addition to those listed in my personal checklist, there are establishments 40-degree laundry (bar-laundry), Kostya Kreuz's apartment (by appointment, you can even rent a room there) and a restaurant Cococo (one of Matilda Shnurova's projects) .

What to see?

Let's not torture you with a banal list standard attractions. You will definitely not miss both the Hermitage and Isaac, because it is simply impossible to pass by. The walking guide for St. Petersburg can be viewed here. Here are just a few ideas for those who want to get to know and experience the city from all sides:

  • Find courtyards-wells is such an architectural feature of St. Petersburg. They, of course, are sometimes found in other cities of the world, but in St. Petersburg there are most of them. Wells are called courtyards of houses, surrounded by walls on four sides.
  • Look at the drawbridges is perhaps the most commonplace attraction of St. Petersburg, however, arriving in the Northern capital and not seeing this fascinating process is like returning from Egypt without photos of the pyramids.
  • Go to the Gulf of Finland. Pines, sea and sand are the science of St. Petersburg Zen. And all this is less than an hour's ride by train from Finland Station to Solnechny, Sestroretsk, Zelenogorsk.
  • Eat or drink on Rubinstein Street. The key restaurant artery of the city offers scenarios for every taste, budget and occasion.
  • Ride a boat along rivers and canals.
  • Climb to Isaac. Or have a coffee in the Singer or Starbucks opposite, enjoying a stunning view of summer St. Petersburg.
  • Buy a book or postcards at Singer. House of Books, or House of Singer. The famous bookstore, one of the centers of the city's cultural and intellectual life. Among other things, there you can find souvenirs for every taste and color.

We wish you not just to spend these few days in St. Petersburg profitably, but also to be imbued with the mood in which the city is shrouded. Walk, have tea in cozy cafes, chat with locals, take photos, enjoy our summer and our championship!

Saint Petersburg - Russia

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