What to see in Samara, Russia. Top 10 interesting places to visit in Samara, Russia.

Guides to the cities of the World Cup: what to see in Samara?

The long-awaited 2018 World Cup is just around the corner. Tickets have already been purchased, the vacation has been approved, and a group of friends and fans are looking forward to your trip together. In our series of guides, we have collected the most useful information about the cities that host the World Cup: life hacks from local people, unusual places and the most recommended sights to visit. We'll tell you how to remember this trip for a long time and what to see outside the stadium.

Today, Samara is in the center of attention - its historical center, eternal problems with traffic jams, a metro that you can't get anywhere on, and a beautiful embankment. We promise not to forget about the brewery, the legendary bar "On the bottom" and places for buying souvenirs.

How to get from the airport and railway station in Samara?

First, let's shoot straight away about how to get to the city from the railway station. The instruction is incredibly simple and therefore ingenious: get off the train, get out of the station building and ... hurray, you are actually within walking distance of the historic city center. And here, as in a classic fairy tale, whether you go to the left or to the right, you will still come to the bus stop, and if you go up a little higher, you can reach the tram tracks.

Now let's figure out how to get to the city from Kurumoch airport. Don't even count on a sensible Aeroexpress, electric trains do go to this area and even stop near the airport, but two (!) Times a day. The pleasure is worth 150 rubles. So if you are lucky enough to arrive at the desired intervals, you can use it.

  • The same train. Samara - Kurumoch Airport (8:56 and 15:40) and Kurumoch Airport - Samara (13:04 and 20:20).
  • Bus.
№78 Near the exit from the arrivals area (200 meters away) there are ticket offices where you can buy tickets for bus No. 78, which provides passenger traffic between Samara airport and the city center. Transport runs approximately every hour, depending on the workload, time of day and traffic situation. Opening hours from the airport - from 6:50 to 21:20, to the airport - from 6:00 to 20:20. The final stop of the bus is Barboshina Polyana. The ticket price is 20 rubles, the ticket can also be bought from the driver.
№652 Approximately every 20 minutes from the airport to the center of Samara and Togliatti buses No. 652 leave. Travel time - 1 hour 15 minutes-1 hour 30 minutes (depending on the destination). Buses run to Samara from 6:50 to 21:45, in Togliatti - from 7:45 to 21:25. The cost is about 60 rubles. You can buy a ticket from the driver.
  • Minibus. In addition, every 15-20 minutes from the air gate to Samara, minibuses # 392 can take youand 406. Issue price: 50-60 rubles.
  • Taxi. I don't think it's worth explaining that a taxi directly at the airport will cost you 2-3 times more than if you pre-order it online. Of the services that are available in Samara - Get Taxi / Uber / Yandex.Taxi. In my experience, thanks to Yandex.Taxi, you can get around the city at the lowest rates. Alternatively, you can use the local taxi Leader . You can make an order through the application, on the website or by phone number: 0807 (MTS) / 0271 (Megafon) / 0585 (Beeline). The cost of the trip can be calculated using the calculator on the website.

Where to live in Samara?

Nothing human is Samara alien, so if you are not yet puzzled by the search for accommodation, then you can safely go to the popular service for booking apartments Airbnb . True, every third apartment on request will be called approximately as “Accommodation for guests of the 2018 World Cup” and most of them look as if the owners are ready to move in with their parents and friends for a week, leaving you with their permanent home.

Not cheap, but really new apartment near the Arena Watch.
Apartments near the center and the waterfront Watch.
Not a bad option for location, you can get to the center by taxi in 15-20 minutes, in half an hour by tram Watch.

The price list varies from 1000 rubles for a room and from 3000 for a whole apartment.

Advice: you shouldn't settle too close to the stadium, since getting to it from anywhere in the city will not be so expensive, and depriving yourself of the opportunity to walk along the evening central streets of Samara (the stadium itself is located on the outskirts) would be stupid.

Now let's go over what the booking service offers us - Booking . In fairness, I will immediately warn you that there is not much of a hotel in Samara, and numerous hostels were built in a hurry for the World Cup, so I can't say that these options should be considered in the first place. Here are some good hotels we found in our search:

Not far from the station, but far from the Arena, on the other hand, you can walk to the embankment and the center on foot Watch.
Not a bad option, equidistant from the Arena and from the railway station Watch.

On average, the price tag for hotel accommodation in Samara will be slightly more expensive than for an apartment. If you are traveling with a group of friends, renting an apartment is a good way to save money.

How to get to the stadium in Samara?

The bus traffic map can be found here. The guests of the championship will be able to get to the stadium in two ways: by bus and byfast tram.

Transport network

Now let's figure out the transport inside. Locals, almost without exception, use Double Gis, and I must say that it really does not fail in Samara. With the help of this simple application, you can find out how to get from one point of the city to another using public transport, find the nearest stop, find out how long it takes to get the bus or tram you need. I hope they will update the World Cup, as a significant part of the city will be closed for the World Cup headquarters.

The two most common modes of transport are trams and minibuses. Nobody will be sure to wait for the bus at the bus stop, because minibuses run more often and more regularly. The price of the issue is 25 rubles (for a minibus), pay at the exit, and similarly for a tram, pay the controller.

Recommended for visiting

  • Quay. Some people compare it to the coast of Cannes, and this is no joke. Walking in the evening along the banks of the Volga or sitting right on the beach sounds like a good plan. In addition, the beach is equipped with football, volleyball, horizontal bar zones and a basketball court, which are in the public domain.
  • Historical center. Unusual facades of that very old Samara: estates, wooden houses and a huge number of cats in the yards.
  • Drama theater. A beautiful and imposing building with postcards and magnets. Be sure to visit and take a photo.
  • Square of Glory. A spacious and beautiful square with a view of the Volga and the embankment. The composition of the square is crowned with a 13-meter sculpture depicting a worker who lifted stylized wings of an airplane on outstretched arms. For many years, since the 40s, Samara has been the center of the Russian aircraft industry, therefore the image of a worker-aircraft manufacturer was chosen as the image of the city's glory.
  • Kuibyshev Square. The largest square in Europe, where the Samara Opera and Ballet Theater is located. An ideal place for cycling or rollerblading, however, to the nearest rental point you either have to go down to the embankment or walk to Leningradskaya Street.
Important: During the 2018 World Cup, it is on Kuibyshev Square that a fan zone for fans will be located, which can accommodate up to 30,000 people.
  • Rook. The opening of the monument was timed to coincide with the 400th anniversary of Samara. The ship is a symbol of the city, whose history is inextricably linked with the great river Volgoy.
  • Zhigulevsky brewery and bar "Na Dne". One of the oldest breweries in Russia, founded in 1881 by a native of Austria A. von Wakano. Here you can taste not only the original varieties of the foamy drink, but also go on an excursion and observe the production process.
  • Local Arbat - Leningradskaya street. Tourist alley in the historical center of Samara. The street appeared in Samara in the 19th century, since then it has changed its name several times. It houses 19th-20th century mansions and modern buildings. Some of these structures still retain their historical names.

What to try in Samara?

If with Samara will definitely not have any problems with what to see, the city is not particularly famous for unique dishes like Tatar chak-chak or Tula gingerbread. But add the following few points to your checklist.

  • Beer. Try and enjoy. We buy on tap in small shops or right next to the brewery in the legendary bar “On the bottom”. By the way, it is so legendary that you will hardly want to sit in it because of the specific setting (these are not craft breweries in Moscow and St. Petersburg), but we recommend you to visit and see. The place is still cult.
You can buy alcohol in Samara from 8:00 to 23:00 local time.
  • Fish and crayfish. If you went for beer at Na Dne, next to the historic building of the brewery you can easily find small shopping arcades with fish delicacies, where you can also try to buy crayfish by weight.
  • Ice cream. For those with a sweet tooth or those who have come to a match with their family, we recommend trying the local ice cream from the SamPo factory. Tasty, natural and straight from the factory. Branded ice cream stands can be found in the waterfront area.
  • Delicious and invigorating coffee. Following in the footsteps of the famous blogger Ilya Varlamov, you can look into one of the coffee houses of the Travelers Coffee chain. In his report on a trip to Samara, Varlamov noted that the coffee there is at the level. We cannot disagree.

Where to have a snack in Samara?

Here are some more tips about where you can eat deliciously and in a nutshell about each of them.

  • Cafe Benjamin is a cozy cafe near the center. Not expensive business lunches on weekdays, burgers, pasta, sandwiches and several breakfast options. See the menu.
  • Nebrugge - delicious European cuisine, not far from Samara Square, good bar list, calm atmosphere. Steaks, beer, comfort. Learn more.
  • Khachapuri is a colorful cafe with Georgian cuisine. Delicious pastries are available, business lunches are available. FROMview the menu.
  • Maximilians is a Bavarian restaurant. They brew beer in their small brewery, daily from 11:00 to 16:00 there is a 30% discount on the entire menu. Live music is played on weekends. See the menu.
  • Three Deer - one of the many popular restaurants, located right on the central promenade. Positions itself as a beer restaurant. All summer when buying one drink the second as a gift. See the menu.

Souvenirs: what to bring from Samara?

  • Attributes of the local football club Krylya Sovetov. Where to buy: at the railway station, at the stadium, at the airport.
  • Beer. Where to buy: at the Zhiguli brewery. See the link.
  • Rodnye Prostory and Samara fondant sweets. Where to buy: in any supermarket.

Plan your trip in advance, we hope that it will bring you extremely positive emotions! In the next issue we will tell you about Nizhny Novgorod and reveal the secret of the most delicious shawarma you will ever taste.

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