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Guides to the cities of the World Cup: what to see in Rostov? (not Great)

Rostov-on-Don. Each person will surely have their own association with this wonderful sunny city. Someone will certainly say: Rostov-dad, someone will remember that this is, by the way, the homeland of both Caste and Basta at the same time, someone will immediately talk about food and legendary crayfish and fish for beer as a snack.

Very soon, Rostov will host the guests of the World Cup at the new stadium Rostov Arena. In our selection, we have collected several cool must-see places.

How to get from the airport and from the railway station in Rostov?

There are several ways to get from the airport to the city:

  • The cheapest and most convenient : minibuses # 700, 285 or 286. Issue price: from 75 to 95 rubles.
  • Taxi: using the website you can calculate the cost of your trip online. Issue price: from 300-400 rubles. If you decide to use the well-known applications for ordering a car - Uber or Yandex, we advise you to compare prices in advance and learn about the existence of fixed rates.

As for the railway stations, they are all located within the city, so you shouldn't have any problems finding transport.

Where to live in Rostov?

There are only a few days left before the 2018 World Cup, but if the issue of housing is still on the list of unsolved cases for you , we advise you to hurry up. Try to find an apartment for a large company or a place in a hostel using the popular services Airbnb and Booking . We have selected several options for you below to make it easier for you to navigate the pricing policy.

Good option for city guests, with reviews, within walking distance from the stadium. Watch
Small cozy apartments in the city center, you will have to get to the stadium by public transport, but in the evening you can walk around the cozy evening Rostov. Watch
A calm and quiet hostel in the city center. Watch

How to get to the stadium?

Rostov Arena stadium is located in the southern part of the city. Fans will be able to get there in several ways: by public transport (buses); on special shuttle buses: S2, S4, S7; by train (station - Zarechnaya).

  • How to get there on the bus?
Bus number 39 (from the main railway station) Stop City beach or Shalash.
The interval of movement is 10-15 minutes.
The fare is 24 ₽.
Bus No. 516 OsTanovka City beach or Recreation center Dynamo.
Movement interval: bud: 20 min.
Fare - 24 ₽.
  • How to get there by shuttle buses?
Shuttle S2 Goes from pl. Gagarin to Rostov-Arena. Intermediate stops on the street. M. Gorky and st. B. Sadovaya (RINH).
Shuttle S4 Goes from Pryvokzalnaya Square to the western passage of the stadium, as well as from Gagarin Square.
Shuttle S7 From the intercepting parking lot on Sholokhov Avenue with an intermediate stop at the Olymp-2 stadium to the eastern passage of the Rostov Arena.

The shuttle bus routes start at 15:30. Travel for all fans on match days will be free upon presentation of a match ticket and FUN-ID.

  • How to get there by train?

From the southern districts to the stadium can be reached by train, the nearest railway station is Zarechnaya, it is located in two bus stops. You can also walk from the station.

Transport network: in a nutshell

The city is easy to get around using popular land transport. Buses, trams, trolleybuses and fixed-route taxis will always come to your aid.

What to try in Rostov?

  • Sweets Mishkino happiness. Under this name, the local factory Mishkino produces delicious sweets, kozinaki, halva. Several branded kiosks of the brand operate in Rostov.
  • Cossack souvenirs. A hat, caftan or even a whip - in the shops of the city such things are very popular among tourists who like to buy authentic souvenirs.
  • Fish. A lot of different fish are caught in the Rostov region. Carp and dried fish are in special demand among the guests of the city. If you want to bring a treat home, it makes sense to visit the central market or any supermarket.
  • Ukha. Many local restaurants and cafes prepare this fish soup in the best traditions of Russian cuisine.
  • Local wine from autochthonous varieties. It is believed that Peter I himself had a hand in the development of viticulture on the Don. By his decree in 1706, vineyards were planted near Tsimlyanskaya and Razdorskaya stanitsa. You can find good wine in local shops now.

Where to have a bite?

When we imagine a southern feast, our imagination naturally draws us tables that are bursting with various delicious dishes, hospitable hosts and endless jugs of local wine. But we are sure that in order to catch the atmosphere of Rostov-on-Don it is not necessary to ask for dinner with the locals, it is enough to visit one of the pleasant and not crowded (if you are lucky) cafes or restaurants with local cuisine.

By the way, if you do planIf you had a luxurious feast in a rented apartment, you should remember that alcohol in Rostov can be bought until 23:00 and not earlier than 8:00 in the morning. Fortunately, you can always order a beer or a glass of wine at the cafe without time limits.
  • Cafe Kazachiy Khutor. Here you can taste excellent kebabs made from mushrooms, vegetables, fish, liver and of course pork. Learn more.
  • Donskaya Ukha. This is where you can and should go in order to try that very legendary rich ear.
  • Yalla. Traditional southern dishes intertwined with traditional Russian cuisine. Ossetian pies and assorted khachapuri. Chicken broth, khash, Ukrainian borscht, gazpacho, lagman and royal fish soup. Forshmak, jellied meat and carpaccio. Each of the guests will find something for their gastronomic taste.
  • For delicious foam and snacks we go to Harat's Pub . Tasty, inexpensive and certainly with the opportunity to watch current football matches and broadcasts. Learn more.
  • Another Rostov pub with German cuisine that keeps the level - Schneider Weisses Brauhaus . For connoisseurs of something like that, we recommend ordering pike dumplings. Learn more.

What to see?

It is impossible to have time to see all of Rostov in a couple of days, but walking along the main key sights and feeling the hot temper of local residents and the flavor of the city on the banks of the Don is already much more real. In our selection, we have collected 5 places that will not leave you indifferent.

  • Bolshaya Sadovaya street. Local Arbat, a beautiful street with a lot of shops and souvenir shops. Perfect for an evening party with friends or family.
This is interesting: hard to imagine, but once Bolshaya Sadovaya was the outskirts of Rostov: until the middle of the 19th century, garbage and all kinds of sewage were brought here. But by the beginning of the twentieth century, beautiful gardens were already laid out on both sides of the street, luxury shops and important offices were open, tram tracks were laid.
  • Don River embankment.
  • Paramonovskie warehouses. The symbol of the Rostov merchants. Since there were no refrigerators in those days, they were cooled by springs that gushed out of the ground.
  • Pushkinskaya street. Most of the street is a boulevard, ideal for walking. That is why in 2010 it officially began to carry the status of a park zone. In addition, it is one of the first streets in Russia with free Wi-Fi.
  • Cathedral of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary. Cathedral of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary. The Cathedral of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary is the main temple of the Rostov diocese and in its external architecture is similar to the Moscow Cathedral of Christ the Savior.

Rostov-on-Don can rightfully be called a city of contrasts. Here you want to live, see off the day and watch the stunning sunsets on the embankment, stroll along the most beautiful central streets, where every house is owned by some famous merchant's estate. In Rostov you want to eat delicious food: local fruits, fish, washed down with Tsimlyansk wine or a glass of cold foam.

Rostov is, first of all, the unhurried south of our country, which you need to have time to enjoy, joining the rhythm of this city. Plan your trip in advance, and may this trip bring you only positive emotions!


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