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Guides to the cities of the World Cup: what to see in Kazan?

Our huge country will very soon open its doors to football fans from all over the world. And we continue our story about the most interesting places in the cities hosting the 2018 FIFA World Cup so that you can competently plan your summer trip. Next in line is the sunny capital of the Republic of Tatarstan - the city of Kazan.

How to get from the airport and the railway station in Kazan?

The railway station in Kazan is located right in the center cities: leaving it, you will be taken to the local Central Department Store. Go to the Kazan Kremlin, as well as to the station. Metro Kremlin - 20 minutes on foot.

As for the airport Kazan, you can get from it in three ways:

Route taxi №197 Follows to the stop Agro-industrial park Kazan (issue price: 60 rubles)
Train that goes to the train station Intervals - 1.5 hours.
Taxi Lifehack from local residents: Yandex.Taxi in Kazan is considered the most expensive service. The most budgetary one is RuTaxi (the difference with Yandex can be up to 100 rubles), so most local residents use this service.

Where to live in Kazan?

Again, Kazan is no exception, and here, like in other large cities of the world, the best way book accommodation - use the service of booking apartments for rent Airbnb . Prices for good housing - from 1 thousand rubles per day.

An option with excellent reviews, 5 minutes walk to Bauman Street and 15 minutes to the Kazan Kremlin. Watch.
Large studio 10 minutes walk from the stadium and water park. Watch.
Apartment directly opposite the stadium, the most budget option. Watch.

If renting an entire apartment is not your option, let's go over what the hotel booking service Booking.com offers us.

Hotel 200 meters from the railway station. Watch.
Hostel 5 minutes walk from the Kremlin, free cancellation. Watch.

In Kazan, as elsewhere, the cost of living in a hotel will cost you more than renting an apartment. The most convenient way for both you and your wallet is to go with your friends and rent an apartment.

How to get to the Kazan Arena stadium?

You can get from the railway station to the stadium by bus # 74 or # 10.

How to get to the stadium, you can learn more here.

Transport network

In Kazan, as well as almost anywhere in the world, they will help you with transport2gis and Google Maps applications. The most common types of transport are buses and metro. The price of a ticket for public transport (both ground and metro) is 25 rubles. The intervals of metro movement differ from those in Moscow - during rush hour it is 6 minutes, the rest of the time - up to 12-15 minutes, so it is more convenient for local residents to use ground transport.

Recommended for visiting

  • Wedding Palace. This place is considered to be the main place for the gathering of tourists, and for good reason - the huge and unusual palace in the form of a bowl, which appeared in 2013, attracts even foreigners. Many couples come here from other countries to seal the knot in this particular palace. In the upper part of this cauldron (at a height of 32 meters) there is an observation deck - the entrance is only 50 rubles. Address: st. Sibgata Hakim, 4, st. m. Kozya Sloboda.
  • Kazan Kremlin. Perhaps one of the must-see places in the city. The residence of the President of Tatarstan, the National Historical Museum, and the famous Kul-Sharif Mosque are located there. To visit each place in the Kremlin, you need to buy a separate ticket - the prices can be found here. Address: Kazan Kremlin, st. m. Kremlin.
  • Local Arbat - Bauman Street. Became a pedestrian street in 1986. Now this street is a 1.5 km long entertainment center with cafes, restaurants, souvenir shops and even a monument to Fyodor Chaliapin. In local cafes you can try all the delights of Tatar cuisine: chak-chak, echpochmak, peremiach, vak-balish and other dishes. Address: st. Bauman, Art. metro Kremlin, Tukay Square.
  • Embankment. Another place that will not leave you indifferent due to its beauty. The embankment has a length of about 1.5 km, originates from the Kazan Kremlin and ends near the Kazan National Cultural Center. There are 2 walking paths along the embankment, a wide lane for rollerblading and cycling. There are many cafes, bars and pavilions under the cascade of the embankment, there are also illuminated fountains. Address: st. Fedoseevskaya, 1. You can familiarize yourself with everything that happens on the embankment here.
  • Riviera Water Park . Perhaps the main water park in the country is located in Kazan. If you come to this city for a few days and can afford to allocate a whole day (or at least half) to visit the water park, do not hesitate! More than 50 attractions, a spa area, a summer corner - it seems to be the best way to unload after a hard trip. A ticket to the Riviera can be purchased for 2 hours, 4 hours and the whole day - depending on this, prices for adults vary from 550 to 1050 rubles. Various promotions and discounts are constantly held in the water park (for example, birthday people are given a 30% discount on admission). Address: ave. Fatykha Amirkhan, 1, st. m. Kozya Sloboda. Learn more about pricing here.
  • Millennium Park. A huge park in the center of Kazan, which was opened in 2005 for the millennium anniversary of the city, is the main place for walks for local residents and guests of the city. The huge area with fountains, green trees and monuments is an ideal place for summer selfies. Address: st. Ostrovsky, Art. m. Tukay Square.
  • FUN24. If museums, monuments and palaces are not for you, and you just want to have fun, you will like the main indoor amusement park of the Volga region. The main advantage of this entertainment center is that you pay only for the entrance (299 rubles for the whole day) and for this cost you get unlimited entertainment - bowling, billiards, rollerdrome and much more. Address: st. Mazita Gafuri, 46, metro Tukay Square. Read more about prices and entertainment here.

What to try in Kazan?

Tatarstan is famous all over the world for its unique dishes. We have collected for you the most famous and must have to try them:

  • Chak-chak. Kazan is impossible without chak-chak, and chak-chak without Kazan. You can buy this sweet delicacy in almost any store - everywhere it will be fresh and locally produced. If you are strongly hooked on this dish, you can even go to the Chak-chak Museum, where they will take you on a tour and have a tea party (all information about the museum can be found here).
  • Echpochmak. The second most popular national Tatar dish is triangular pies with meat. You can try almost any cafe, for example, in the Tea House on Baumanskaya Street.
  • Peremyach. Another national dish is an analogue of our belyash. You can try it in any cafe with national cuisine.
  • Katlama. We have, perhaps, no analogues of this dish - katlama is a steamed meatloaf. You can try in the same House of Tea on Baumanskaya, or in the Medina cafe in the Old Tatar settlement.

Where to eat in Kazan?

We have collected for you the best places to try local cuisine and more:

  • A chain of stalls Skullcap - there you can take with you a couple of echpochmaks, peremiachay and other pastries of Tatar cuisine.
  • Alan Ash is a chain of cafes with national cuisine. According to local residents, the best cafes of this chain are located in the Old Tatar Sloboda (Mardzhani St., 8), as well as in the gallery of cuisines of the peoples of the world (Butlerova St., 43).
  • Cafe Chak-chak is a cozy and inexpensive cafe on the pedestrian street Bauman, one of the favorite places of local residents. Learn more.
  • The Good Dining Room is a favorite place for all students. A network of cafes where you can have a hearty lunch for about 150 rubles. Learn more.
  • Craft bar Top Hop - if you alreadyIf you have tried everything from local cuisine and just want to drink some delicious craft beer with burgers, then go to Top Hop on Bauman. The average bill is up to 700 rubles. Learn more.

Souvenirs: what to bring from Kazan?

  • Skullcap is the main souvenir for all guests of the capital of Tatarstan and at the same time an element of national dress. Where to buy: railway station, souvenir shops, Bauman street.
  • Chak-chak - we have already mentioned this dish more than once, which will also look great as a souvenir. Where to buy: any supermarket, Chak-chak Museum.
  • Kazylyk is another national dish. Kazylyk is a horse meat sausage that locals simply adore. If you want to surprise your loved ones, this souvenir is what you need. Where to buy: Central Market.

We hope that you have learned a lot from our guide and now you can correctly plan your future trip so that only positive emotions remain from it.

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