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Great plan: 8 perfect reasons to go on vacation

Support London Marathon Runners

When: April 28

The annual London Marathon is a special event that attracts crowds of athletes, enthusiasts and who doesn't want to miss this great event.
There are many famous athletes among the runners. For famous athletes, participating in a marathon means not only enjoying sports, but also the opportunity to contribute to the development of social programs.

Thunder of drums, street performances and the shouts of a cheering crowd accompany the participants in the street passage of a marathon distance of 42, 2 km. The trip is worth at least to see all this action right from behind the bar of the nearest pub, as most locals do.

Congratulate the finishers of the Tour de France in Paris

When: July 6 to 28
The Tour de France is a legendary multi-day road cycling race. The most famous and prestigious race in the world, held in France for over 100 years. In 2019, the start will take place in Brussels, and the participants will finish right on the Champs Elysees in Paris.

This year's route will become the highest in history, it includes 30 passes, three of which will pass at an altitude of over 2000 m. The peloton will reach Paris through the Vosges, Massif Central, the Pyrenees, the plains of the south of France and the Alps. The length of the entire path will be 3460 km.
You will definitely not do without famous riders at the finish, so plan your summer vacation in July.

See the skaters in Japan

When : March 18-24

Already in this month in the Japanese town of Saitama will host the World Figure Skating Championships. You don't have to stop there to watch the graceful ice dancing. You can also settle in Tokyo, admire the beauty of the capital and take the train to Saitama in 30 minutes.

For those who just look is not enough for a long time:

Have fun in the French Alps

When: From 24 to 31 March
A real Winter Games will be held at one of the French ski resorts Club Med and World Class ... Those who join will be expected not only by the premium all-inclusive program, but also by a special entertainment program: tastings of French wines and cheeses, an excursion to an alpine town, competitions for adults and children and a gala dinner.

The organizers have already taken care of everything. Your task is to come and enjoy your vacation.
Learn more.

Conquer the Gulf in Montenegro

When: May 18 .

For those who do not want to rest at all, whose soul and body require new challenges - the May open water swim from X-Waters. It is not only difficulttest, but also enjoy the magnificent scenery of the Bay of Kotor.

Distances 7 and 4.5 km pass between two rival islands: St. George and Gospa od Shkrpela (Madonna on the Reef), the only man-made island of the Adriatic. In addition, there is a distance of 1852 m (one nautical mile) and a children's swim (50 m and 200 m).
Registration for the swim.

Take a ride with friends on Rosa Khutore

When: From May 29 to April 7

This year the largest sports and music festival in Russia celebrates its 10th anniversary. The organizers promise something particularly impressive. It will be a great party with mountains, snow, good music and bright emotions. You can't miss this!

Book a tour.

Getting ready for summer

By the way, Rosa Khutor has a special offer for those whose plans do not fit a vacation in the spring months. The resort has opened an early booking of summer tours 2019.
Already in the official online store you can book a Summer package tour to Rosa Khutor at a bargain price.

In addition, there you you will be able to purchase a voucher for a child to the children's international camp Rosa One! Camp, which this year will be held at the resort for the second time.

Run along the Markhotkh ridge

When: April 14

Weather in Novorossiysk at this time is very unpredictable. So we don't give promises that it will be easy. In 2018, gusts of wind almost demolished the starting town. If it rains the day before, the track will be blurred, several elements inherent in obstacle races will appear. The only thing the organizers can guarantee is that it will be greener, greener than anywhere else. But fog is possible. In general, it all depends on the disposition of the spirit of Markot. Call accepted?

Distances: 86 km, 42 km, 21 km, 4 km and relay.
Register for the race.


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