Grandfather blows turnstiles: new prank from Islam Badurgov

YouTube blogger and workout athlete from Kazakhstan Islam Badurgov is best known for pranking, during which he took to the streets of Los Angeles in the guise of UFC fighter Conor McGregor. Most of the people on the street have never seen the athlete, so they did not notice that there was a double in front of them. In addition to the hairstyle and facial features, the stylists also completely copied the tattoos of the Irishman.

Grandfather blows turnstiles: new prank from Islam Badurgov

Prank. Worker from Kazakhstan turned out to be McGregor's double

Islam Badurgov made up a UFC legend and made a splash in Los Angeles.

In May of the same year, Islam published a video in which he in the guise of an elderly man, he came to the site to the local workout workers. To create the image of an aged man, he had to spend more than two hours on makeup.

At the beginning of the rally, he performed a somersault, which has already caused the delight of several bystanders. After that, he, accompanied by his granddaughter, came to the site. Before the first run, he asked one of the athletes to put him on the horizontal bar, pretending that he himself was not able to climb. But immediately after that, he performed several tricks, including pulling up on one arm. Another workouter could not repeat this.

The greatest sensation was caused by the episode when the grandfather asked him to fasten a pancake from the barbell to him. Eyewitnesses were at a loss and asked the prankster several times if he was sure of his actions. At that time, a lot of spectators had already gathered around, and they all were delighted when Islam not only did not fall off the horizontal bar, but was able to pull up several times with a serious weight.
After the horizontal bar, the blogger went to the uneven bars, where he again called a general delight.

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