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Got it: what are athletes spending millions of dollars on?

Recently, once one of the most promising football players in the world, and now Fiorentina's player Kevin-Prince Boateng, in an interview with the Italian edition of La Repubblica, said that as a Tottenham player, he once bought three cars in one day. He bought himself a Lamborghini, a Hummer and a Cadillac at once.
But a football player is by no means alone in his ability to throw money away. Some athletes have such a large income that they can buy almost anything they want, and sometimes they make really crazy expenses. We have collected a few more stories when athletes shocked everyone with their purchases.

Shaquille O'Neal: 3 Bentleys at a time and barrels of money

Four-time NBA champion and one of the most popular basketball players in the world Shaquille O'Neal has earned about $ 292 million during his career (not counting advertising contracts, business and other income). In his best years, he received over $ 20 million per season. It is not surprising that at one fine moment Shak had nowhere to put his savings, and he began to show off. In his autobiography, the former basketball player said that he once bought three Bentleys at a time and how he kept money in barrels.

I bought my first Bentley by accident. Once after training - in flip flops, tracksuit, all sweaty - I was driving past the salon and decided to look there. I looked at the cars, chose a beautiful Bentley and asked: How much does it cost ?. An old salesman, a white man of the classic plan, looked at me skeptically and said: Boy, are you sure you can afford such a car ?. It pissed me off. I was actually offended. When I was standing there, I suddenly heard a familiar voice: I turn around and see Mike Tyson. He also buys a Bentley. He took two at once. Since he took two, do you understand what I did? I couldn't help but buy three. I do not remember how much they cost, but I think that each cost me 200 thousand dollars. In general, I spent 600 thousand on cars that I could not even get into. I also had to pay to move the chair. And, of course, it was a complete nightmare when we tried to sell them after I got tired of them. It happened about a year later.

When I started living in Orlando, I invested in car washes where I could wash my car myself by throwing a couple of coins. The business went off with a bang, we earned a lot, but once my manager called me and said that the accounting did not work out. The amounts in the bank did not match the income that we received. Relax, Lester, ”I reassured him, but he panicked anyway. And even flew to Orlando to discuss this situation with me. He calculated that almost a quarter of a million dollars was missing. It took me a while, but I ended up confessing everything to him. I showed Lester my bedroom, where there were wooden barrels filled with quarters. Lester said:

- Shaquille, what the hell is this? This is the moneys not enough?
- Yeah, - I admitted. “Lester, I can't help myself. I like to see my money. Come here, put your hands in the barrels. It feels incredible!

Lester called the bank and said he needed to deposit $ 250,000 in quarters. It took several weeks to do this, since they did not have enough machines to count the coins.

In 2008, Shaq spent $ 70,000 in one evening at a Walmart store. After being traded from Miami Heat to Phoenix Suns, he arrived at a new, completely empty apartment in Phoenix. Shak had to buy everything he needed to live in a new place. The check was so large that American Express decided that the basketball player's credit card was stolen.

Got it: what are athletes spending millions of dollars on?

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Got it: what are athletes spending millions of dollars on?

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Mike Tyson's Tigers

Veteran boxing fans remember the days when Mike Tyson was at his peak: championship titles, increased media attention, millions royalties and, as a result, crazy spending on the most luxurious things. Tyson loved cars, alcohol and girls. He spent a lot of money on all this entertainment. Gradually, the fighter's lifestyle ceased to amaze people, but one purchase by Tyson became a real sensation.

One day the youngest world champion bought himself three Bengal tigers. In February of this year, in Joe Rogan's podcast, Tyson told how he came up with this idea:

I was in prison at the time, talking with my agent. He said that he now has several cars borrowed by our mutual acquaintances, who does not pay for them: If he does not pay for the cars, then I am going to sell them and buy myself a few thoroughbred horses. I then asked him: What, you can just take horses and exchange them for cars? Since I had a lot of cars, which were already pretty tired, I also wanted to get some thoroughbred trotters. And he said: Yes, dude, we can get not only horses, but also cougars, lions, tigers ... Then I asked: This is not a joke ?! Can you get me a couple of tigers then? The guy replied: Yes, of course! Imagine how cool it will be? You get out of your Aston Martin or Ferrari and there’s a tiger next to you, man. It's so cool! And I, then a very young guy, screamedinto the phone: Wow, that's so cool! Get me a couple of tiger cubs, dude!

In the end, Tyson had to sell his four-legged friends. According to him, each Bengal tiger cost $ 70 thousand, and about $ 4 thousand was spent on the maintenance of one animal per month.

Now Mike recalls this purchase without much pleasure and cannot believe that he really ever he was capable of such madness.

Jack Clark's Cars

Baseball player Jack Clark, nicknamed Jack the Ripper, was one of the best outfielders in MLB in the mid-1980s. During his professional career, Clark earned more than $ 15 million.

However, in 1992, the baseball player declared that he became bankrupt. The reason Jack was left at zero is a passion for expensive cars. Clark owned 18 luxury cars at once. His last purchase was a Ferrari F40 for $ 717,000. To get out of the situation, Clark had to sell his house for $ 2.4 million.

The baseball player was so obsessed with cars that he invested in drag racing. Due to bankruptcy, he also had to sell his racing business. But despite all the hardships, it is reported that by the end of the 1990s, Clark was able to improve his affairs.

Gilbert Arenas Aquarium

Arenas is one of the brightest and most talented basketball players in the NBA 2000- x years. Despite the fact that Gilbert really shone for only 3 seasons (Arenas is a participant in the 2005-2007 NBA All-Star Game), in 2008 he signed a six-year contract with the Washington Wizards for $ 111 million.This agreement is still called the worst in the NBA ... Due to numerous injuries and disqualifications, Arenas gave up and was eventually traded to Orlando Magic, and then to Memphis Grizzlies, where he soon ended his career in the NBA.

During that season, Arenas received $ 22 million, of which he decided to spend a million to build a complex of a pool, grotto and aquarium for sharks. Arenas spent $ 6.5 thousand a month on the maintenance of toothy pets: $ 5 thousand for feeding and $ 1.5 thousand for the caretaker. When Gilbert's contract was canceled under an amnesty, he had to put the mansion and sharks up for sale. After that, Arenas moved to a Chinese club with the symbolic name Shanghai Sharks.

Got it: what are athletes spending millions of dollars on?

Gilbert Arenas' house with a shark aquarium


Snickerhead Jarrett Jack

Basketball player Jarrett Jack has earned over $ 47 million in his NBA career. He loves sneakers and is arguably the NBA's biggest sneakerhead. In 2013, it was reported that his collection contains more than 1.5 thousand pairs, for which Jarrett paid a total of over $ 375 thousand! It's scary to imagine how many modelsaccumulated in the player to date. Such an incredible amount of shoes will not fit either in the closet or in the hallway, so Jarrett has set aside a separate room for his sneakers. This is true love!

Got it: what are athletes spending millions of dollars on?

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