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GoBro: the other half of me always knew how to run well

Start running and set records, choose a distance on the other side of the world and without thinking to give up there for a couple of days, run a marathon on a par with professional athletes? The very path of Fedya and Danila, known online under the pseudonym GoBro, at first glance may seem unrealistic. In fact, as the guys themselves admit, sometimes it is very important to just get up and start doing, but it is better to get up and start running. And then, who knows what brilliant idea will come to you during your next run?

GoBro: the other half of me always knew how to run well

Half Marathon in Kazan


- Guys, tell us how it all started?

Daniel : My passion for sports began much later than Fedya's. As a child, we went to the pool, then a little later - to fitness. But it was all so, not serious enough and, most importantly, not exciting for me. Four years ago I went to the kickboxing section, and this became, perhaps, one of my few sports hobbies - I practiced regularly for a year and a half and with pleasure. And just after a year of kickboxing, I went out for my first run, which was pulled by Fedya, who had just returned from New York.

Fedya : For the very first time together we ran 10 km along the embankment. It was not easy for me to catch up with Danila (U is smiling. )

Daniel: And then I still did not understand anything about running, I was just sure that if I signed up for something - you need to bring the matter to the end, even if a couple of kilometers before the end your feet turn to stone! But overall, I was delighted, we ran the top ten in 55 minutes, which I immediately wrote a post about on Instagram. In the comments to it, the guys who were already running at that time began to write that this was a really good result. It inspired me so much, and the sensations after the run were so vivid that I immediately concluded for myself: running is really cool! Since then we have had a joint hobby. Feels like the other half of me always knew how to run well.

Fedya : I also remember that day, I then pulled Danila to training, and he asked me how long we would run. I didn’t even know what to say, because when you call a person to his first training session, he doesn’t understand anything and always asks many questions from the series: How long will we run? And how long will it be? And how will we run? and so on (Smiles.) I deliberately lowered the bar, but at the same time I wanted Danila to run more than he expected. And he took it and ran without me. And I ran much faster than I expected.

GoBro: the other half of me always knew how to run well

Preparing for the Colorful Run


- What happened next? Did you start training together?

Daniel: On the second run an idea came to me (and it just so happens that most of the brilliant thoughts come to ust just during a run) - create a separate joint Instagram account. Also, the name, concept came to mind quickly and easily and off we go. This is how my real passion for sports began.

- Fedya, how did you start running? After all, at the time of the first joint training session with Danila, did you already have experience?

Fedya : It was a little different with running for me: I worked as a model and understood that I always need to look good and keep myself in shape. At work, I had to travel a lot to different countries, and I often came across interesting neighbors who, in fact, were just the same ordinary guys like me. We all needed to wake up in a good mood, keep fit and look good. At that time, I drew a lot of information from the people who surrounded me: I just watched who eats what, who does what, who adheres to what rules. As for running, I started doing it back in school, at the age of 12. Since then, I went for jogging with some frequency. I just felt and continue to feel the need for it. If I do not move, then my head starts to ache and, in general, something is wrong. Sport has always been a pretty big and significant part of my life.

- How did it happen that you decided to invite your brother for a run?

Fedya : I just came from New York, so elated. In fact, the rhythm of life in this city is very different from that of Moscow, and it is very difficult to enter it. It took me, probably, at least two months to feel how and what the locals live. Upon returning to Moscow, it was hard, because getting up out of habit at 6 in the morning, and not just getting up, but running down the street at 6 in the morning - this is strange for Muscovites, it is not customary in our country. Nobody understood why and why I was doing this. I knew. Waking up early gives an incredible amount of free time, you become more productive several times over. And then I came from New York, ran to myself, ran ...

Daniel: And at that time I worked at Lavkalavka and had nothing to do with running and sports hobbies ...

Fedya : And at some point there was a great desire to share this with someone close, and I decided that I needed to invite Danila for a run. This is how it all began.

GoBro: the other half of me always knew how to run well

Race at heights - Elbrus

Photo :

- Where do you usually run? Are there any favorite routes?

Daniel: Of course, the best thing for me is to run down the street. This winter, I discovered training in the arena, which previously seemed to me wildly boring, but still, whatever the weather, for me the street is the best place for jogging. If we talk about Moscow, then I will not discover anything new here: I like to run along the embankment in Luzhniki and Vorobyovy Gory.

Fedya : And I really like to return to the place from which started whenhis first run. This is in the area of ​​Krasnopresnenskaya embankment. It's so funny that I still clearly remember the whole route and always run to the same turn, turn around there and run back. From time to time I am very inspired by the thought of how I started running here and what I have come to now, after a while.

- Do you have any rituals or running traditions?

Daniel: I have one favorite: when leaving for a new country or city, take jogging shoes and a uniform with you and plan in advance to release one morning to be there run around. This helps to see the city from a different angle, many places are still closed, you see how the streets are gradually reviving, people go about business, to work. I manage to get to know better and see how the city lives, it becomes alive.

Fedya : Yes, and again: you can always walk less than you can run.

GoBro: the other half of me always knew how to run well

Rosa Run


- Tell us about the coolest places in which you managed to escape?

Daniel: The coolest are the places in which I I would never have visited, and, perhaps, would not have known about their existence, if I had not gone there for a race, like the city of Pietermarinsburg in South Africa. A small town, during the days of our stay in which we went on a Safari, ate local food and had a very cool weekend. And also Johannesburg, where we ran the top ten in the evening city, a race in Shanghai, on Elbrus, and my favorite Teriberka - a village near Murmansk, the place where the Leviathan movie was filmed. These are probably the most incredible places I've ever run.

Fedya : And for me it's Bangkok. It was not easy, because there is, of course, a specific climate: very warm, high humidity. It was an interesting experience: watching how you react and how your body reacts.

- You often fly to run a marathon or race on a new track in a new part of the world, how you recover and acclimatizing?

Fedya : Every person's body reacts differently. Usually we arrive a few days early in order to acclimatize and get used to the new area.

Daniel: The most difficult acclimatization for me was on Elbrus. On the first day I had a severe headache, but after a day everything went away, my body got used to it.

Fedya : We often come for only a few days, and in these 2-3 days we try to accommodate as much as possible. Including in our plans acquaintance with local cuisine. If you do this on the eve of the start, then it can make itself felt during the race. Therefore, it is better to postpone experiments with food for a while after the competition.

Daniel: Yes, this is also very important, before a race in a new place or for a long distance there are only familiar and tested products and do not overload the body at all.

GoBro: the other half of me always knew how to run well

Adler Running Festival


- Do you run in the morning? And in general, when is it better to run: in the morning or in the evening?

Fedya : There is no such thing that running during the day is more useful or vice versa. Regardless of what time of day, the most important thing is understand why you are doing this, what result you want to achieve, what the goal is for you.

Daniel: It's easier for me to run in the evening. But there can be no one piece of advice, that's all depends on the person and his biological, internal clock. In the morning to run cool - you tune in to a new day, start it with a sense of accomplishment and are charged for new achievements. accumulated energy. And then it is easier and more pleasant to sleep.

Fedya : We already said this, but it's true: can't you find a solution? Go run! This recipe always helps me!

GoBro: the other half of me always knew how to run well

One of the first photos from the race from Instagram guys


- Why do you continue to maintain your Instagram account? Why is this important for you?

Fedya: Once we created our account for ourselves, without having a clear goal and understanding of what this will lead to. We just discovered something new and shared it in Go Bro - with each other, with friends and acquaintances.

Daniel: And now Go Bro is raising someone with bed and makes you start doing something. Realization of this gives inspiration and an incentive not to stop!

Fedya : This is such a chain reaction. If every person understood that something important is inherent in our every action, and took a responsible attitude to what he does, we would probably already live in an ideal world (Smiles.)

Daniel : It's important to believe and run.

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