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Go to the mountains for a steel press and reboot the body

Only a few days are left until the summer, before the vacation! This means that very soon it will be possible to demonstrate your toned abs, slender legs, and relief muscles. Didn't have time to do this last winter? In this case, you should not panic - you can take care of the beauty of the body and spirit regardless of seasonal trends. Just go to the mountains!

Here, at the year-round resort of Rosa Khutor, there is everything you need for a complete reboot: fresh air, aromas of mountain herbs and flowers, stunning landscapes, long hiking trails and even a private beach in Imeretinskaya valley. But most importantly, there is an amazing variety of fitness programs!

So, let's together choose a suitable format for fitness in the mountains:

Adidas Runners Running Club

If there is desire to move mountains, it's time to get off the asphalt - together with other members of the running community, you can learn safe running techniques, strengthen muscles and ligaments with special exercises.

Running club at the Rosa Khutor resort, meeting place: Rosa square, 2.
Registration for training is available by the link.

Aqua programs

In summer, on the mountain lake Rosa beach, you can not only sunbathe and swim, but also attend group classes on the main formats of aqua fitness.

Scheduled classes, stay tuned on the site.

Health Trail

Route more than 2 km, ideal for trekking and trail running is available to everyone.

OUT & FIT outdoor playground

Out & Fit is a new line of outdoor exercise machines and equipment with a modern exclusive design, developed by HUSSON International (France) specifically for outdoor fitness. The new concept offers modular and combined simulators with comprehensive programs to achieve effective results. The innovative sports grounds are available to all guests of the resort in a 24/7 format.

WorkOut site

The outdoor training site was specially designed for Rosa Khutor by the leader of the WorkOut movement in Russia - Anton Kuchumov. It's time to learn how to do new elements on the horizontal bars in the company of like-minded people!

CrossFit Gym

CrossFit is the world's most popular program for general fitness. Rosa CrossFit is the first affiliated CrossFit gym in the Krasnodar Territory and the first gym in Russia to operate in mid-altitude conditions.

Reebok Parks

All fitness fans will be able to get free training for the races. Become human on Reebok site, which has everything you need tocrossfit and jogging.

Sign up for classes is available from March here.

Fitness Center in the Flacon 1170 building

Classic a room for group programs, which, if necessary, is transformed into two smaller ones, which allows several groups to train in parallel. Follow the training schedule on the resort website.

OCR site

The first obstacle course preparation site in Russia. Equipped with the most common obstacles found in all similar race formats:

  • Ramp;
  • Grip, with the ability to change the type of handles and grips;
  • Low walls;
  • Tires;
  • Slide with ropes;
  • Farm with ropes;
  • Wall - climber;
  • Tall wall with holes for sticks;
  • and more.

Improve, love yourself and your body, and remember that vacation is not at all reason to skip workouts!


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