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Go ahead: 5 most interesting and useful mobile apps for running

Running training becomes truly effective when you have a reliable assistant at hand. We're talking about mobile running apps. With their help, you can track your own progress: they can display how much you ran, how many calories you spent, what your heart rate was, and so on. In short, a trainer and a doctor in one bottle.

There are a lot of running programs today. They are all similar, but of course there are differences. It's time to figure out which popular app best suits your needs.


User Rating: 4.8 out of 5
Available for iOS and Android
RunKeeper has free and paid versions. In the second case, the application has more functions.

What RunKeeper offers:

  • Work not only with running and walking, but also with swimming, cycling, rowing, skiing;
  • Detailed analytics;
  • Running shoes function (how long did the sneakers last);
  • Broadcasting from training in real time;
  • Create training plans manually or use programs prepared by Asics to achieve different goals (available in a paid version);
  • Heart rate tracking by connecting various sensors;
  • View statistics about distance, pace, time;
  • Track your route with GPS;
  • Listening to statistics and mentor tips during training;
  • Performing special tasks with prizes;
  • Find friends.

Nike + Run Club

User ratings: 4.8 out of 5
Available for iOS and Android
The NRC app has all the features you need for running training. It is similar to RunKeeper, but users note that the NRC is much easier to use.

So here's what Nike + Run Club has:

  • Personalized training programs;
  • Weekly and monthly distance calls to stay motivated;
  • Running data (distance, time, route using GPS);
  • Ability to track heart rate;
  • Find Friends and Competitive System;
  • Friends' audio commentary while jogging;
  • Honorable Mentions & Badges;
  • Supports Apple Watch Series 3 and integration with the Apple Health app.

Zombies, Run!

User ratings : 4.6 out of 5
Available for iOS and Android
There are people who dislike running for its monotony. Especially for them, there is the Zombies, Run! Application, which captivates the game process. This program has its own storyline, in the development of which you areyou are. You, as a superhero, are encouraged to complete certain missions, and for this you need to work hard.

What opportunities do Zombies, Run !:

  • Can be used for running and walking;
  • Standard set of analytics: distance, route, time, pace and so on;
  • Combine your own playlist with app sound effects (for example, if you hear zombie sounds, you need to speed up);
  • Compatible with some other applications (e.g. Apple Health);
  • There is a paid version with a lot of features. In particular, it features more missions.

Endomondo Sports Tracker

User ratings: 4.1 out of 5
Available for iOS and Android
This app is said to be very easy to use. This program also has a paid Premium version, but the free version will be enough to access the necessary functions.

What's available to Endomondo users:

  • Tracker and analysis of not only running and walking, but cycling and more than 60 (!) other sports using GPS;
  • Standard statistics (distance, time, speed, pace, heart rate, etc.);
  • Manual training diary;
  • Audio trainer assistance in achieving the set goals;
  • Exchange audio messages with friends;
  • Official Challenges and Prize Competitions;
  • What's available in the premium version;
  • Personal training plans;
  • Detailed statistics for the month / year;
  • Interval training;
  • Receive expert answers to your questions by email.

Charity Miles

User ratings: 4.9 out of 5
Available for iOS and Android
Another option for those who constantly need additional motivation. The essence of the application: you choose from the list the charitable organization you are going to help, and you walk, run, ride a bike. Thanks to your activity, the organization receives donations. No, money is not debited from you - it is paid by the sponsor. Accruals are made for every mile (1.6 km).

  • The application uses GPS;
  • All necessary indicators are recorded (distance, route, time, pace).

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