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Glamor Award. For which Zagitova was given the title of athlete of the year

Glamor magazine's annual Woman of the Year award ceremony took place on November 12 this year. Among the nominees for the title of Sportswoman of the Year were swimmer Yulia Efimova, athlete Maria Lasitskene and fencer Sophia Velikaya. However, the victory went to the young figure skater Alina Zagitova. And this is by no means her first achievement. In professional sports, Alina is spoken of as a legendary single skater, and she already has several world records. We will tell you what Zagitova managed to achieve and how she managed to become the athlete of the year at the age of 17.

Red ballerina: Olympics, European and World Championships

Alina was first talked about in 2016: in August she made her debut at the junior Grand Prix stage in France, and immediately took first place. And the very next year she began to compete in the senior category, reaching the age of 15. In September 2017, at her first adult competition, the Lombardia Trophy tournament, Zagitova took gold. And in November she performed for the first time at the Chinese stage of the Grand Prix in Beijing, where she also won. Two weeks after her debut in the adult Grand Prix, Zagitova confidently won the fifth stage, held in France, and then the final. By the end of 2017, the skater did not slow down, and in December she became the champion of Russia for the first time.

In 2018, Alina won the title of European champion, ahead of another talented Russian woman - Evgenia Medvedeva, two-time world champion. At the Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang, Zagitova became a silver medalist in the team event and a gold medalist in the individual event. It was then that, because of the bright red dress in which the girl performed in the free program, she received the nickname Red Ballerina.

Glamor Award. For which Zagitova was given the title of athlete of the year

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Of course, Zagitova's sports career does not consist of sheer luck , and there are difficulties on its way. So, the 2018 Russian Championship turned out to be not entirely successful for Alina. Despite the fact that she managed to win in the short program, the skater made a number of mistakes in the free program, which is why she took only fifth place in the overall standings. As it turned out later, there was an objective reason for such an unexpected result for fans - Alina had to perform with a severe burn of her leg.

In March 2019, at the World Championships in the Japanese city of Saitama Zagitova, she managed to conquer one more peak of single figure skating. In the short program, Alina showed the best result of the season - 82.08 points. Having scored 155.42 points for the free program and 237.50 in total, dEvushka took first place and became world champion.

Glamor Award. For which Zagitova was given the title of athlete of the year

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Breaks all records: the first Russian woman to hold all titles

Alina became the first figure skater in Russia and the second in the world who managed to win all the significant titles in single figure skating. At 17, she is the champion of Russia, Europe, the world, as well as the winner of the Olympic Games and the Grand Prix final. Before her, only one figure skater could boast of such an achievement - Kim Young Ah from South Korea. However, this is not the only record set by Zagitova.

Alina is the first figure skater in the world to perform all the jumps in the second part of the program. Moreover, both in short and free. In figure skating, such a performance is considered difficult and is rewarded with additional points. Only in the 2018/19 season did Alina change her usual tactics and added jumps to the first half of her performance. It seems that such elements, in principle, are well given by Zagitova. One of her trump cards is a complex cascade of triple lutz and triple rittberger.

In 2018 Zagitova became the first and only skater who managed to score more than 82 points in the short program according to the old judging system. She also set records in a new way: in the short program, the girl became the first to score more than 80 points, and in the free program - more than 150. To date, Alina has managed to break the world record four times in a short performance. Her best result - 82.92 points, which she received at the Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang.

Glamor Award. For which Zagitova was given the title of athlete of the year

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Second home: Zagitova in Japan

Figure skating is not Zagitova's only passion. According to her fans, the girl is fond of the culture of Japan, including Japanese cuisine, and is even thinking about opening her own restaurant. This is Alina's second favorite country after Russia. This is not surprising, because the skater spends a lot of time in Japan: she performs on tour and collaborates with foreign brands. So, in 2020, one of the cosmetic brands will release a lipstick in the color Alina Red - Red Alina. The characteristic shade has become a kind of calling card of the skater: she not only dyes this lipstick in performances, but also uses the same color for her costumes.

The Land of the Rising Sun responds to the Russian woman with complete reciprocity. Zagitova has many fans in Japan, and in 2018, Prime Minister Shinzo Abe gave the girl an Akita Inu puppy she had dreamed of for a long time. The ceremony was held in In the summer of 2019, the skater paid a return visit to the Prime Minister's residence in Tokyo, where she also presented him with an Akita Inu - only a plush one. Alina named the dog Masaru, which means victory in Japanese.

At the age of 17, Alina Zagitova has something to be proud of, but she is hardly going to stop there. managed to win the most significant titles in world skiing, there is still no limit to perfection.With each next competition, Alina improves her performance technique, creatively approaches the preparation of the program and never ceases to delight her fans.We can only wish her good luck and new sports accomplishments.

Glamor Award. For which Zagitova was given the title of athlete of the year

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