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Give Vanya a ski run!

Last year, after winning the All-Russian competition, the 12-year-old skier Vanya Chupakhin from Krasnogorsk near Moscow received the first adult category. The boy became one of the youngest first-grade athletes in Moscow and the Moscow region. But last fall, he was diagnosed with a heart defect - a hole in the atrial septum. The heart is working with strong overloads, the circulatory system is disturbed, and breathing interruptions have begun. Vanya needs an operation: closing the defect with a special patch - an occluder. After the operation, the boy will be able to return to sports for new victories. But for this, parents have to pay for an expensive occluder. They don't have such an opportunity.

Give Vanya a ski run!

Photo: Sergey Velichkin

The story of Vanya Chupakhin

At the end of February, in the midst of the Olympic Games, Vanya turned 12 years old. During the cross-country skiing in Pyeongchang, Vanya shouted so much, encouraging our skiers, that he was even hoarse. Their medals became the best birthday present for the boy.

Vanya remembers his first victory with a smile, as if it were someone else.

I was little then, seven years old fulfilled. Dad brought me to the competition, and there are only big boys, all older than me. But there’s nothing to do, I ran, came to my senses only near the finish line - there was no one near, I was the first! True, in the last meters one dilda still overtook me. I came second.

Give Vanya a ski run!

Photo: Sergey Velichkin

In the ski section of the Olympic reserve school Varya has been studying in Krasnogorsk since the age of six. The training is serious, the loads are not childish. Little athletes skate five days a week in any weather, even at minus 25. Three times a year there is a training camp. In summer, roller skis are available for 30 km.
- Vanya is great, - the coach praises him, - he is hardy, high-speed, is not afraid of anything.

And their parents ask Dmitry, Vania's dad, everything: What kind of skis does your son have and how does he lubricate them what slides on them so fast?
Skiing is the most common, - dad answers. - It's not about skiing, believe me.

But they don't believe him. How can you win a bronze medal at the all-Russian competition Epiphany frosts at the age of 10, and at 11 go to a competition in Pervouralsk for the prize of the Pionerskaya Pravda newspaper and get the first adult category there, if you have ordinary skis?

Give Vanya a ski run!

Photo: Sergey Velichkin

At the same time, Vanya still manages to study well in a comprehensive school. For excellent studies and sporting achievements, he even received a grant from the head of the Krasnogorsk district and became the youngest scholar in the Moscow region.
Most of all I like our skier Alexander Bolshunov, the leader of the junior national team of Russia, who won four medals in South Korea, - says Vanya. - I also want to win international competitions like him. But last year, doctors forbade me to participate in races.

With such a verdict, Vanya stillsince then can not accept. After all, he never missed workouts, was rarely sick, every autumn he underwent the prescribed medical examination. All doctors, without exception, wrote that the boy was healthy.

Once during a training session, Vanya's lips turned blue, but then it was attributed to the weather - it was cold, ”recalls Dmitry. - And in September last year, after a ski run, Vanya developed severe shortness of breath with wheezing, even his voice changed. We realized that we needed a doctor. Vanya had an ECG and an ultrasound scan and was diagnosed with congenital heart disease - atrial septal defect.
It was impossible to believe that a child with such a defect drove 30 kilometers. But after ECHO cardiography, there was no doubt. The doctor said that there is a high likelihood of severe complications - heart and lung failure. The operation must be performed as soon as possible.

A diagnosis that cannot be tolerated

In January this year, dad and son came for a consultation at the Moscow Regional Research Clinical Institute (MONIKI) named after M .F. Vladimirsky, where children's heart surgeon Mikhail Martakov examined Vanya and said that the operation can be performed sparingly, without opening the chest with the help of a special patch - occluder. The operation is paid for from the state budget. But parents have to buy the occluder themselves.

Give Vanya a ski run!

Photo: Sergey Velichkin

I want it soon to have an operation to start preparing for the new season, - Vanya admits. “But our family has no money for an occluder, and my scholarship is only enough for ants. I already have five colonies, - the boy boasts. - The most interesting thing is to watch how they take care of their babies and save their sick brothers: they all get together and take them to the hospital, where they heal their wounds with their saliva. And I shoot videos about them and post them on YouTube. My page is called the Planet of ants.
Farewell Vanya shows me his miracle skis. Normal skis without wings and even without a motor.
What motor, what are you? - Vanya laughs. - I have a very simple secret: you must always fight for the first place. I dream that our anthem will sound again at the Olympics. I often have the same dream. I stand on a pedestal and watch the Russian flag rise, and my heart beats hard, hard. And it doesn't hurt! '

295,337 rubles are not enough to save Vanya Chupakhin.

Pediatric cardiologist, leading researcher at the Department of Cardiac Surgery of the Moscow National Research Clinical Institute named after M.F. Vladimirsky Mikhail Martakov (Moscow): Vanya has a congenital heart defect - an atrial septal defect, unfortunately, was detected quite late. An increased discharge of blood from the left atrium to the right was noted, the heart was operating in a hyperfunctional mode, that is, with a large overload. There are disturbances in the functioning of the circulatory system and respiratory system. In addition, the diameter of the defect in Vanya is quite large, which leads to stretching of the tricuspid heart valve. Delaying the operation is dangerous: it can lead to insufficientvalve. We will conduct it endovascularly, close the defect with a special implant - an occluder. The operation is sparing, the boy will easily endure it, he will quickly recover and get stronger.

The cost of the occluder: 295 337 rubles

Dear friends! If you decide to help Vanya Chupakhin, do not be confused by the cost of salvation. Any donation will be greatly appreciated. All the necessary details are in the Rusfond. You can also use our electronic payment system by making a donation from a bank card or electronic cash, including from abroad. And owners of iPhones and Androids can send a donation via a mobile application. You can download it here.

Rusfond (Russian Aid Fund ) is one of the largest charitable foundations in the Russian Federation. Created in 1996 as a journalistic project to help people who find themselves in desperate situations. The Foundation regularly publishes requests for help on the pages of the Kommersant newspaper and on the website rusfond.ru, as well as in 176 partner regional media outlets. Since 2011, the Rusfond television project has been developing on Perviy. In total, over 11.145 billion rubles were collected. In 2018 (as of February 22), 210,650,978 rubles were collected, and 293 children received assistance. In 2017, Rusfond entered the register of NGOs that provide socially useful services, received a gratitude from the President of the Russian Federation for his great contribution to charitable activities and a presidential grant for the development of the National Registry of Bone Marrow Donors.

I want to help Vanya Chupakhin .

We are glad to inform you : the entire required amount (295,337 rubles) has been collected. RUB 302 613 collected by championat.com readers and rusfond.ru readers. A total of 302 613 rubles were collected. Hospitalization in March – 2018. Vanya's parents thank everyone for their help. Please accept our gratitude, dear friends. If you have no objections, the surplus will go to the implementation of the Rusfond program. Organizing donations using the mass media and the Internet from individuals and legal entities to provide targeted assistance to people in great need through their letters.

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