10 Things ALL Men Do When They Are In Love

Give an experience: 5 dates for the most energetic couples

Valentine's Day is another great occasion to please and surprise your soul mate. But going to a movie or a restaurant in 2018 can hardly surprise anyone. How you can really please your life partner - we will tell you in our selection.

Idea # 1 - Pair parachute jump

Issue price: from 3,000 rubles

Spending time with your loved one in the literal sense of the word in seventh heaven is a great way to recharge your energy, unleash adrenaline and test your relationship. After a joint parachute jump, nothing is scary in a relationship!

Give an experience: 5 dates for the most energetic couples

Photo: istockphoto.com

Where to go:
Sky Center
Sky as a gift
Flight mania

Climbing wall

Issue price: from 300 rubles

Surprise your soul mate and offer to climb a rock instead of the usual going to the cinema on Valentine's Day! Thus, you will only strengthen and diversify your relationship, as well as bring yourself and your partner a storm of positive emotions.

Give an experience: 5 dates for the most energetic couples

Photo: istockphoto.com

Where to go:
Climbing wall Atmosphere (it is possible to register for a free trial lesson)
Skala City
Rock Zona

Idea # 3 - Wind tunnel

Issue price: from 1,500 rubles

A safer parachute jump is for those who are not yet ready for conquering the sky. But this does not make visiting the wind tunnel less interesting - it is quite romantic and unusual to be together with your soul mate on Valentine's Day.

Where to go:
Aerotube (there are gift certificates with home delivery - https://aerotruba.ru/)

Idea # 4 - Aquapark

Issue price: from 1 990 rubles

A visit to the water park in mid-February is not only an unusual gift for the second half, but also a great way to change the environment. In addition to swimming pools, jumps and slides, you can purchase SPA services in many water parks in Moscow.

Where to go:
Kva-Kva Park (February 13 and 14 for lovers 50% discount)
Moreon (February 14 for 50% discount for lovers)
Caribia (special discounts in honor of February 14)

Idea # 5 - Rope jumping

Issue price: from 1 100 rubles

Such a gift for 14 February will not only make your soul mate admire your decisiveness and ingenuity, but also help her overcome fear and feel euphoria during the flight. And why be afraid when your loved one is flying next to you?

Where to go:
Flight mania
Flight area
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