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Girls who motivate: 10 fitness bikini models from Russia

We have collected 10 of the most interesting fitness bikini models from Russia. They are beautiful, athletic and love to post their photos on Instagram. Well, aren't they perfect? ​​

Ekaterina Krasavina

Katya has a bunch of titles both in Russia and abroad. The girl has been working as a fitness trainer for over 10 years, which does not prevent her from constantly winning various competitions.

Yana Kuznetsova

Yana has collected a decent collection of awards at home in a short time and won three professional tournaments over the past year. So far, no one has broken this record in Russia.

Ekaterina Lapteva

Katya came to fitness from rhythmic gymnastics. She received a serious hand injury and found herself in a fitness bikini. She has the Arnold Classic and Mr. Olympia.

Diana Volkova

Diana burst into the world of Russian fitness bikini and immediately became one of the most popular representatives of this category. The girl has many awards in Russia and at international competitions.

Ekaterina Usmanova

In Russia, Katya is considered the pioneer of the phyto-nyasha style. She has a silver medal at the World Championship and a whole bunch of victories at home. Now Katya is rightfully considered the most popular fitness bikini model in the country.

Olga Putrova

Olya doesn't need a long introduction - she's just the absolute world champion. Period.

Ekaterina Shokhina

Katya had to spend half a day to list all the awards. She is one of the most awarded fitness bikini models.

Ksenia Sheveleva

Ksenia has won numerous awards and has one of the narrowest waists in Russia. Now the girl is thinking about whether to continue her sports career. Hopefully it will continue.

Anastasia Zolotaya

The youngest member of our top, but from this she is no less titled than the rest of her colleagues. Nastya is confidently gaining popularity and is now leading her own fat burning project.

Anastasia Davletova

Gained popularity thanks to her radical diet - you can eat anything. Nastya by her appearance proves that her diet works. Well, the girl's international cups and awards are another confirmation of this

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