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Girls who could: fitness babies before and after

This is definitely not material about the fact that, losing excess weight, anyone can become incredibly happy. This material is about strong girls with iron willpower, who created themselves, their bodies and their lives. Looking at them, you involuntarily charge yourself with motivation, you want to postpone everything and immediately go to the gym.

Natalia Soboleva - @nataliasoboleva

Recipe for success : fitness and correct food.

Beauty from St. Petersburg. Photos - before Natalia's passion for fitness and proper nutrition.

Now Natalia is not just a breathtaking beauty, but also a mother of two charming daughters, a fitness trainer, founder of an EMS studio and creator of Nutrition Diary and Postpartum Recovery.

In the Nutrition Diary application, you can keep track of calories and exercise schedule, select recipes and exercise, as well as monitor compliance with the drinking regime.

Svetlana Shidlovskaya - @svetlana_shidlovskaya

Recipe for success, quote from Svetlana's personal blog : “How have I changed so much this year: I trained in the Frenzied Drying project for 4 seasons, in the 4th season in September a gym was added , tre I got along with trainer Alisa Bystrova, and since November I started to prepare for a fitness bikini with @iveta_fitness and Alice. There are no secrets. Sports, nutrition, nutrition, regime, discipline. 1 year scales, containers, Fatsecret app and banned only in cheat meal. And that's not every weekend. There were no breakdowns. There were no jams. She didn't cut her skin. ”

In addition to motivation, Svetlana's page contains a lot of tips on how to nutrition (# shidlovskaya_ plates), exercises for training both in the gym and at home (# shidlovskaya_shows) and even completely free to get acquainted with the nutrition plan that led the girl to the result (#shidlovskaya_diet).

And yes, we remind you, the photo is not just a fitness model or a guru of advice on social networks, the photo is a mother of two children.

Vicky Patisson - @vickypattison

Another incredible transformation and over 3 million followers on Instagram.

Recipe for success : intense gym workouts, intuitive nutrition.

This beauty trained and worked a lot on herself, but despite this, she flips through old photos every Thursday to make a motivating collage and charge her followers for an overweight fight.

Now Vicky is dizzy with Hollywood beauties, conducts her author's consultations on nutrition and often appears on television.

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