Girls can too: how Veronika Hawlik became the 14-time world karate champion

More than 100 thousand people have subscribed to the Instagram account of 30-year-old Veronica Hawlik. On the page, the 14-time karate world champion talks about fitness and shares moments from her life. In addition, the girl has a YouTube channel where she shows her favorite workouts, exercises for specific muscle groups in the gym and at home. The champion's difficult history of achievements inspires confidence to go forward to dreams. We talked with Veronica and found out what place sports occupies in her life, what helped her achieve her goals and how she maintains her shape.

- How did you get carried away with karate and why did you decide with this sport connect your life?

- Once I learned about karate and incredibly wanted to try myself. As soon as I started to study, I could not stop. I loved the combination of art, passion and emotion in this sport. I've never felt so good in any other business. Thanks to karate, I have become strong physically and mentally.

Girls can too: how Veronika Hawlik became the 14-time world karate champion

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- The 14-time world champion sounds incredible to people who are unfamiliar with the world of karate and its competitive system. How did you achieve this number?

- In karate, you can win several titles in a year. The point is that there are different categories in which you can compete. Some of my victories: traditional kobudo, freestyle, extreme with and without weapons.

- What was your most memorable victory?

- My first world championship medal. I knew that I gave my best and deserved it. I will never forget this feeling.

- In one interview you mentioned that the school was badly treated by teachers. How did this affect you and what helped you to achieve your goals without giving up?

- In childhood, it is especially difficult to understand why people behave this way towards you. Of course, this affects the perception of the world and the formation of personality, but it is important to continue to think optimistically and always believe in yourself, despite the words of others.

- You are not involved in sports professionally now. What made you interrupt your career?

- For several years I have been coaching children in my home country, but due to an injury I had to finish both professional sports and teaching. Once I was knocked out from behind and showered with punches when I fell to the floor. My neck was injured, my whole body ached, and for a long time I could not resume training. I had to deal with recovery with the help of special exercises. A few years later I moved to Mayaand continued to do fitness for myself.

- Why sport is important ?

- I can't imagine my life without sports. It not only keeps my body in good shape and makes me stronger physically, but also helps with mental health. I still love karate, but I also love heavy weight training.

- What is the main lesson you learned during your sports career?

- Each loss adds strength on the way to the goal.

- In social networks you are constantly in sports form ... What do you like to do in your free time from training?

- I spend my free time with my boyfriend Simon and our beloved dog - a French bulldog named Yaska. I don't care where I am if these two are next to me.

- How do you keep yourself in shape now?

- My secret is very simple: don't try to exhaust yourself with diets, just change your lifestyle - eat balanced and don't forget about movement.

Girls can too: how Veronika Hawlik became the 14-time world karate champion

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What is your life motto?

- Don't listen to negative people. Just stay strong and make your dreams come true.

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