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Girlfriend Hulk: what one of the most muscular female bodybuilders looks like

Once fragile Natalia Kuznetsova weighed 40 kilograms. But one day she sacrificed femininity to professional bodybuilding. The girl made such a choice deliberately and does not regret it at all. We will tell you how an athlete came to such a muscular physique and how such large muscles can harm health and quality of life. Wellness coach and Championship expert Andrey Semeshov helps us in this.

Who is Natalia Kuznetsova?

Natalia Kuznetsova is a Russian athlete who became professional powerlifter, bodybuilder and international master of sports in deadlift and armlifting. The girl masters weights that men can envy: chest press - 165 kg, and deadlift - 240 kg. The athlete set three world records in deadlift, bench press and became the owner of 12 European and national records in these disciplines.

With a height of 168 cm, a Russian bodybuilder weighs 90 kg, her bicep is 47 cm, hips - 72 cm, waist - 76 cm. The girl used the services of a plastic surgeon, explaining that a woman's breasts cannot be pumped up in the gym. Kuznetsova believes that girls who try to do this are doomed to fail.

Girlfriend Hulk: what one of the most muscular female bodybuilders looks like

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Girlfriend Hulk: what one of the most muscular female bodybuilders looks like

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How did Natalia Kuznetsova come to such a physique?

The girl was born in Chita and started bodybuilding as a teenager. The Russian woman did not dream of a sports career. But Kuznetsova's father decided that physical exercise would raise his daughter's self-esteem, and sent 14-year-old Natalia to the gym. As a teenager, she weighed only 40 kg, now - almost twice as much. In one of the interviews, the athlete admitted:

Kuznetsova received the first offer to participate in bodybuilding competitions already six months after the start of classes. And at the age of 16, she became the absolute champion of the Trans-Baikal Territory and showed good results in powerlifting. In 2009, the girl moved to Moscow and continued to train with renewed vigor.

Now more than half a million people follow the bodybuilder's Instagram. Some of them admire the body of an athlete, others are horrified by the impressive size of female muscles.

Strength training , steroides and fatty foods

Before the competition, Natalia follows a strict diet. The athlete also uses protein and nutritional supplements. She does not hide the fact that she uses anabolic steroids, therefore she competes in the category without doping control. Kuznetsova claims that she resorts to substances only before competitions and especially in small doses. The girl also allows herself junk food.

Usually Kuznetsova trains 5-6 times a week. The bodybuilder devotes her classes to strength exercises that pump the back, chest and other muscle groups.

Girlfriend Hulk: what one of the most muscular female bodybuilders looks like

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Girlfriend Hulk: what one of the most muscular female bodybuilders looks like

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Life outside of sports

Natalia is married, they met her lover Vladislav Kuznetsov in Odnoklassniki. He is also an athlete, master of sports in freestyle wrestling. According to the bodybuilder, she doesn't care that her husband has less biceps than hers. Now the couple not only train together, but also run a joint catering business.

In 2017, director Dmitry Polyanitsin decided to shoot a documentary about Natalia, which has already been released.

Kuznetsova managed to conquer the theater stage as well. She took part in a production of Manon Lescaut at the Bolshoi Theater with the star Anna Netrebko and her husband. Director Adolph Shapiro decided to introduce into the opera the image of a muscular woman who would symbolize strength and a desire not to give up.

Why is Natalia Kuznetsova's example far from being healthy and positive in society?

Andrey: Personally, I do not approve of two phenomena: body positivists and attempts to impose standards on everyone.
True, by body-positive I mean calls from the series yes wave your hand at yourself, be fat and even try not to be what you like best.

The principle my body is my business is one of the few where we are we can afford to be absolute egoists without noticeable, with rare exceptions, harm to society. How we look - or want to look - should only concern ourselves. And trying to imitate patterns will not lead to anything good. Only to nervous breakdowns and running around closeddebility diet - zazhor - debility diet # 2 - zazhor.

Only by groping in any area, something different, you can achieve harmony. Speaking of the figure, the worst thing is to try and buy yourself a body from Instagram, blindly copying scraps of information. You won't be able to come to an expensive boutique, take off a suit from the hanger and then flaunt it at social events. Alas, someone else's standard of appearance will not fit the figure. Yes, you can tie it up, pin it up with pins, but right after the threshold of the store, such beauty will inevitably fall apart. If you want to change your appearance, you will have to master two professions at once - both a designer and a dressmaker, in order to get an outfit just for you. Or go directly to a professional - a trainer, nutritionist. In the first case, you will have to spend more time, in the second - money. But the effort is worth it.

Natalya Kuznetsova, obviously, has found for herself a design and style that meet her internal needs and aspirations. This is far from what is generally accepted as the norm. Surely the girl has to deal with the negative in everyday life. We are so arranged that at the level of instincts we try to reject someone else's, which is out of the general mass. You need to have a lot of courage to literally fight for your right to wear the appearance you want.

Of course, I very much doubt that many readers of the Championship will be inspired by Natalia's example. However, those who see this as meaningful for themselves should carefully weigh everything. This is an example from professional sports that has very little to do with health and wellness. Incidentally, this is equally true for men. Extreme muscle volumes and a low percentage of adipose tissue are absolutely not physiological for our body. To achieve such results without consequences, the price of which can be unpleasantly high, will not work for anyone. No matter how glossy and cool it looks on social networks.

Girlfriend Hulk: what one of the most muscular female bodybuilders looks like

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Girlfriend Hulk: what one of the most muscular female bodybuilders looks like

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