How do champions cope with life after sport?

Game over. What do athletes do after retirement

In the life of every athlete there comes a moment when he has to part with his professional career and move on. In the past, these people could be successful and eminent athletes, have championship titles. And in the present tense they become deputies, try themselves in acting and even put on the robe of a priest. Let's talk about what former professional skaters, hockey players, fighters and other sports stars are doing now.

George Foreman: from heavyweights to priests

One of the most famous heavyweights of the past after completing professional sports activities became a pastor of one of the religious movements. The American traveled throughout the United States for ten years and even built a church in Houston. However, the ring turned out to be a more attractive place for him than the pulpit of the church, and he put on his gloves again. In 1994, Foreman, at the age of 45 years and 299 days, won a fight with Michael Moorer and became the oldest champion belt in boxing history.

Game over. What do athletes do after retirement

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Vladislav Tretyak: goalkeeper and deputy

The legendary athlete has defended the gates of CSKA and the USSR national hockey team for 15 years. During this time, he achieved tremendous success: he became a three-time Olympic champion, as well as a ten-time world champion in the national team.

After completing his professional career, Tretiak could not completely leave the work of his life. He became a successful coach, president of the Russian Ice Hockey Federation, and also decided to devote part of his time to government and political activities.

Gordon Ramsay: From the Football Field to the Kitchen

The Briton is now better known as a scandalous and ingenious chef, but in his youth he showed great promise in football. At 18, Ramsay was even invited to the Rangers, but due to a meniscus injury, he was unable to pursue a professional career in sports.

Today Gordon skillfully twists his feints in the kitchen in numerous author's shows. As prizes for success, he does not receive cups and medals, but Michelin stars: Ramsay has already received 16 such awards.

Game over. What do athletes do after retirement

Camera , motor! Sports stars in advertising for famous brands

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Julio Iglesias: guarding the gate and Spanish music

In his youth Iglesias was the goalkeeper of the reserve team of Real Madrid and due to hard work in training and discipline claimed a place at the base. But he never succeeded in realizing his sporting dream. At 19, Julio was in a car accident that almost caused his death. Iglesias injured his spinal nerve and was paralyzed to the waist for two whole years, but this did not break him.

The Spaniard's desire to become famous and successful led him to the stage. It was thanks to music that he was able to overcome all difficulties and gain worldwide fame. The singer has released 80 albums in 14 languages ​​and 300 million discs, which have been sold worldwide.

Oleg Taktarov: fighter and actor

Taktarov appeared in MMA when this sport was just gaining popularity. Then Oleg had to spend several battles a day with representatives of completely different schools. And no one was embarrassed by the difference in weight categories.

After Taktarov's victory at the UFC tournament 6 in 1995, he began to offer cameo roles in films. And, having completed his sports career, the former fighter decided to fulfill his childhood dream - to become an actor. In the United States, he played bad Russians or people from the USSR. His most famous roles were in the films Officer Injured, Predators and 15 Minutes of Fame.

Today Oleg Taktarov has a sufficient number of works on account, and his filmography is only growing.

Game over. What do athletes do after retirement

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Alexey Yagudin: from the ice to the stage of the theater

2002 Olympic champion, four-time world champion and pupil of Tatiana Tarasova retired from his sports career due to numerous injuries.

Today Yagudin conducts television projects related to figure skating: Ice Age. Children, the ice is melting. The former athlete also manages to act in films and take part in theatrical performances. For example, in 2008 he played the President of the Russian Federation in the satirical play The President's Vacation at the Satire Theater. In addition, Alexei plays in the entertaining performance Panic, or Men on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown based on the play by Finnish playwright Mullyaho.

Game over. What do athletes do after retirement

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